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  1. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    My god... Are you so blind to see that LODU's models are used after their expiracy? If you are not able to recognize this soldier is the same in both screen, i can't help you anymore... I add that these screen was not given to us by BI, but we have some contacts ready to send hidden things that appens, just to prove that this story smell like shit... And the fact Maruk and Snipyr are talking about us as if we are liars made me laughin. With their moderators trying to push their opinion. I really want to be a little bug to see what happens in private BI forum, with BI team saying how to deals with this topic to moderator team Ps: maybe we can add that the VAB on screen is used without permission, but some guys will going yo say: "oh SoldierIsnotHistory, you are paranoid! BIS/BIA never stole anything, and the only way FAFw is getting to put thousand hours work to trash is just that they paranoid..."
  2. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    To conclude. I wish the best to good guys I meet in ofp-arma-arma2 community. Bye bye :)
  3. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    Let me translate a post i made on french community forum with my poor english: Fair community? Stolen from inside by ex OFrP member TMB who don't forget to take everything on olf OFrP ftp, to create a contatc network in french army (yes it's easy with french camo on VBS2) and who is now the french official BIA contact. You get it? Stolen from outside like Sarmat, other member, in fact i can write the list because i don't remember but there is some, using work without any care of who made this work. And now going to be the community member 2009 awarded? You get it? Stolen by offical, who saying that they really don't know from who their sources are coming, but conitnue to use unauthorized work to promote VBS2 (here is a french Cadeau bonux). Authorized? Mwa we (as stupid morrons) have arma 2 to play and mod. You get it? Bored to see that some french company are waiting for FAFw release to go adverstising their weel-made solution of VBS2 running french content to french army. You get it? Sceptic while seing ArmA 2 / VBS2 becoming the same game/software, making easier to take ArmA 2 mod and play with it in VBS2 (ctrl+c, ctrl+v). You get it? Bored to loosing more time to find a solution to protect our work instead of doing our addons. You get it? Fair community? Muahahah... I wish you an happy new year
  4. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    I wanna add something before leaving the building. F**k you all guys who don't have enough brain to create their own addons, models, textures... like some guys who are populating this forum, big companys and people, official one or not, who support this kind of behaviour, or closing their eyes and let things appens...
  5. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    Caesar 155mm + VBCI + PVP "Patrol"
  6. SoldierIsNotHistory

    TankFCS & Ballistic (ballisticsComputer)

    It means that you have an idea about ballisticsComputer parameter, and how we can use it :D? PS: i will launch skype this evening
  7. Hi all, We (FAFw) are working on a real TankFCS for ArmA 2, and some times ago, one of our military advisor has reported to me that is possible to compute a ballistic correction to canon before firing, while you have a target in your sight. This can be done by holding right mouse button. I never succeed in having the same effect, but i am pretty sure it's (or will be) possible. Maybe this functionality is not already functional, and will be activated in patch or future expansion, or maybe you need a special mapping command, or a TrackIr, I don't know. But, when i take a look on config.cpp, i see a new config parameter who seems to be the explanation: ballisticsComputer = 0; or ballisticsComputer = 1; So, either i am such a noob to use it, or this functionality is not supported for now (future BI impletation). Cheers, SoldierIsNotHistory
  8. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    Super Étendard Modernisé C-160 Transall EC-665Tigre HAD AMX Leclerc MBT
  9. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    Yep, those units are lodu's creation for OPFOR side :)
  10. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    Russian VDV patroling Tchernarus
  11. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    ISAF patrol training for Takistan
  12. SoldierIsNotHistory

    FAFw - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    Hurricane Zodiac ISAF Soldier