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  1. SW_Gemenis

    Silent War Mod

    Some small progress, Working hard on Polish Heli pack ( soon we will release some pics of belarusian pack ) http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/8427/sw4al.jpg (119 kB) http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/8697/sw4a1.jpg (120 kB) http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/6836/huzar2.jpg (104 kB)
  2. SW_Gemenis

    Silent War Mod

    To be honest, it depends on time. Our team is growing, but we are still looking for any help. As far as we decided we will try to improve any aspect of the mod, so it means that we will try to make at least new textures to old models, or make them from scrach if we will see that the whole addon doesn\t fit rest of them. Stay tuned we have bunch of new infromation for U. And if U would like to join or help as send me a pm.
  3. SW_Gemenis

    Silent War mod

    NOt dead actualy, i'm the one and only person working on it, just didn't have time to post any news. To many things 2 do. but i'm still working on it, it gives me real fun to do this mod, exept a litlle demo at the end of next mont, ( if ny one is still playing OFP , I do , so meyby they are still some OFP players 2 ) Sory for my poor english. If any one would like to help with this mod send a PM to me, but pls no beta testers needed at his moment, or screen shoots makers.
  4. SW_Gemenis

    Silent War mod needed !....

    I had a break because of my studdies and work, but for the weekend i have time for OFP :P I've been working on belarusians cars : belarusian cars On the screen there are : - Kamaz for now only with tent ( will be also without it, repeir, and with radar ( static object for missions- no screens right now , but i'ts beening almost done ) - uaz 469 ( retetxured version of an addon made by " The Sun", 3 version will be avanible, with tent, without it and with MG - for now only one screen, sry. ( When i'm writing this post i'm not in home :P ) Belarusian Uaz 469 - Uaz 3741 ( remodeled and remade textures of existing addon ( I've made model with proper faces, added lod's ect, working on interior ( no sreens now :P ), there will be also a police and civilian version avanible. Belarusian Uaz 3741 front Belarusian uaz 3741 back And i've started to work on kamaz interior, for now it's look like this ; Kamaz interior I don't know is it real i have only 2 photos of interior :/ I will post more screens of bel armour , planes ect as soon as i will arive home. And meyby last one for a bonus : Highway objects test :P That's all for now have a good night. Cya
  5. SW_Gemenis

    Silent War mod needed !....

    OK here U go, some pics 1) Belarusian Kamaz ( orginal addon made by Strela, i made some changes in the model, added corect distance lods, ect. and of course textures ) i could laso make non cammo version, but i do like best this variant. Belarusian Kamaz I was makeing some other variants, but i decidet to use ORCS Urals, because i on't have much time to work with addons ( studies, work ect . ) i will also make new textures for UAZ (cammo to fit the kamaz ), and mayby use uaz made by some czech addonmaker ( sry don't remeber his nick ). Also i will remodel and made new textures for uaz van or something like this. Moreover for belarus side i will make some changes to soliders ( VDV , specnatz ect. ) and other things, but now i'm working on Polish side. 2) Some star variants : On the sreens the are : star refuel, star repeir, star 994 open and with tent ( last 2 versions are ingame but i didn't have time to make screens ) star refuel star repair star repair other view working on new krab textures Honker losot 4 Screen shows honker losot 4 ehn i will finish textures and lod for it i will add a WKM gun to it. next sreen shows honker wd version ( HQ car for artilery ) honker wd KTO Rosomak Beryl 2000 beryl 2000 other side golf 4 Orginal made by mehanic, i've remodeled first lod, made new textures ect ( it will be in diferent colours, and versions ( combi, bora ect.) next screen shows yamha quad i'm working on :P Yamaha Cocpit view from w3-w sokol w3rm sokol w3wsokol Soliders from 25 dkpl again Soliders from 25 dkpl sry next screens will be avanible leter because i can't upload sreens at imageshack at the moment :/ Theres much more, i'm working on island for the mod ( with objects ect, other soliders, vehicles, theres to many 2 show in one post
  6. SW_Gemenis

    Silent War mod needed !....

    I would like it 2. I was a team lider of this mod, but unfortumetly my HD was dammaged, and most of my work was gone. I'm still working on some addons/ islands ect. for my own plesure, but if someone would like to play this mod i will upload my work. If i will get a beta of this i could continue work to give vehicles better look, add some scrpits ect. BTW if U want i could upload some screens of my curent work, and sry for my poor english