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  1. Stealth3

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    You do realize BIS is one of the main founders of IDEA. Regardless of who's fault it is, it doesn't matter. What matters is that this game needs fixing, staying quiet while blaming other people won't fix anything. Even if is a Publisher issues, its BIS who made the deal with the publisher. Its BIS's responsability to find a good publisher. After all, its their product that will suffer.
  2. Stealth3

    Horrible Performance...

    Well 18 can be classified as playable. Just think of the huge island your playing on. You should be glad its 18 and not 10. I don't want to bring back the HD issue, but I have to add something new to it. I sometiems get horrible lag in towns for about 30 seconds or so where it drops to 2 fps. At that point, the HD light is on... After about 30 seconds, or a minute, it settles and everything becomes playable again. That happens sometimes randomly. I know its not a background program because this only happens to OFP, and I play other games too. I also noticed that compared to other games like Gothic 3, ARMA uses way less memory. Also, I doubt its an 8800 isue for those having 8800 cards. Check to see how other games are playing, and if its only ARMA causing issues, then its not a card problem.
  3. Stealth3

    The Iraq thread 4

    Here's warnerd on Saddam: link removed
  4. Stealth3

    Favorite Mutliplayer Missions

    You want military experience? Go join the army and fight in Iraq, how about that for a military experience. This is a fricking game after all, people need to realize that. You will never get real military experience from your game monitor, controling a soldier with your keyboard.
  5. Stealth3

    Single player Demo

    Campaign sucks too. And no, I'm not being negative, theres a whole thread about it in the single player forum. So unless the single the single player demo comes with the editor, there's no point to it.
  6. Stealth3

    Review of Full version up at U.S gaming site...

    Well, the single player is screwed. Campaign sucks big time, no offence to BIS. The multiplayer is not in a better state either, but it has potential I guess.
  7. Stealth3

    Cheats and griefers out already

    Pasworded, and private servers won't keep the game alive people. And its fair to assume there won't be an admin 24/7. And because of JIP, cheating will increase. Also, on dedicated servers, anyone has any idea how to go back to the missions screen once you play a mission. Or how to vote? It seems all the # commands are gone I haven't played much, so many its just me not knowing
  8. Stealth3

    Old multiplayer maps from OFP popping up

    I don't think you will see anything like "Slash's RPG", "Nogova Virus", "Skye Virus", "Crime City" or "Nogvile" for ARMA till BIS fixes lots of issues. First of all the lag the maps will produce will make them unplayable. If CTI's lag this bad, you can imagine the lag on these maps. So proof of that = CTI maps in ARMA. Second, they need to fix their movement bugs and maybe even tweak them a little.
  9. Stealth3

    CTI Incomplete / Buggy

    I don't think the CTI being unfinished is a bug. I don't know about you guys, but I get no more than 20 FPS with just me on the map. So no point in playing CTI because of the lag. They should focus on the performance problem first. Since even if they fix the CTI and leave the performance as it is, no more than 20% of the people with the game will play it.
  10. Stealth3

    Jets in AA

    Its currently impossible to have any dogfights, even against the AI. I have no idea why they even included a camel dogfight MP mission with the game. Did they even bother to test it? I hope they fix it, but I have low hopes, especially after the chopper fix
  11. Stealth3

    Gun view movement is "TERRIBLE"

    Moderators have to be fair, not biased. You call that trolling or whatever, I call that the truth. And if it makes you feel any better, I barely post here, so don't say I'm trolling.
  12. Stealth3

    Goodbye Placebo

    Good luck in the future
  13. Stealth3

    Gun view movement is "TERRIBLE"

    I agree, its easy to put it in the game. But making it good becomes the hard part. Thats why it sucks so much in ARMA, because the inertia is done half assed. About the vertical take off, whats so hard about it? Mods did it in OFP.
  14. Stealth3

    Gun view movement is "TERRIBLE"

    So you're all telling me BIS tried to simulate inertia when they can't even simulate the harrier taking off like it's suppote to. Nice try
  15. Stealth3

    Horrible Performance...

    Theres you problem, 256 mb. You really need 512 to play it on high.