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  1. AntipopAU

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Everything is pointing toward ARMA Reforger. It will be set in the Cold War, just like the original Operation Flashpoint. It will MP only with scenario editor and the ability to create missions. - 20th Anniversary of Operation Flashpoint on the 22nd of June - Will be a test bed for Enfusion. Allows BI to release this 'ARMA 3.5' game on the new engine and gives modders the opportunity to start working with it and porting across their addons. - ARMA Reforger was leaked in January, and BI has just finalized the copyright claim for it. - Will act as a pathway to ARMA 4 I have a feeling it will potentially be released on the 22nd of June in Early Access. The leaks in January looked like it already was playable and working - that's a solid 6 months of development time after it.
  2. AntipopAU

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Just tried searching this thread, but there's nothing about the ARMA - Reforger leak:https://imgur.com/a/yliFD5v More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/kqfs69/arma_reforger_arma_4/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 Seems to be a Cold War based game in Enfusion. Leaker (current [or ex] BI employee) said it was for PC and XBOX (PS5 later) and MP only with modding and 2 game modes. Seems like it is a test bed to bridge the gap between Real Virtuality and Enfusion. I think it will allow mods to port their stuff over, so when the full fledged ARMA 4 drops, modders will already be familiar with Enfusion's systems. If it is true - I can see it dropping in June for the 20th anniversary of the release of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.
  3. AntipopAU

    Arma 4 discussion

    I think it's nice to see the Devs supporting ArmA 3 and not thinking of ArmA 4... However... I think in occasion it is not ideal to create significant improvements for a game that has already been available to consumers for over 2 years... In saying that, I'm extremely keen for the upcoming updates that will improve the engine. But I definitely believe BIS need to start to consider ArmA 4. They really need to start Engine development, story plans, ideas for what they want to do with a new game (not A3 updates). I believe, although the ArmA 3 Early Access was a success, a more ideal launch would be one commercial launch, not various stages (this could be achieved by planning the game earlier). You can see there are updates for Battlefield 4, however, Battlefield 5 is in development and coming out this year. Obviously BIS isn't the same size of DICE, but I sincerely hope that ArmA 4 is already in the crosshairs of all the BIS employees. Not only significant engine improvements including DX12 and the numerous enhancements that provides, but an improved User-Interface is something I am most excited for; as well as an environment and models/textures that live up to PC machines of the 2010's.
  4. AntipopAU

    forums.bistudio.com PUBLIC BETA

    Yes pleaaaase. Right now I dont like the look of the new forums at all. A general rule would be to make the messages of different people go as close together as then can get. Really speeds up the reading. (and we are good in making lengthy text-threads ) I think these old forums had more or less the perfect layout. Yeah exactly. It is much easier for readability. Also - Can you make it so posts older than 30 days are shown? (i.e All posts shown?)
  5. AntipopAU

    forums.bistudio.com PUBLIC BETA

    Is there any chance you can make all the Posters information (Avatar, Join Date, Rank, Posts etc etc) Instead of being on top of the post, to be to the left of the post, like here. I feel it's much easier to read, and I'm used to that. You can change it in vB, but I can't remember how. If you can, that would be awesome (It's the only annoying thing about vB v3)
  6. AntipopAU

    No Army?

    There has rarely been a military conflict where only 1 branch of the military has performed. And even more so, the military is becoming 1 giant joint unit. More reason to incorporate all 3. All 3 branches of the military server major different roles. The Navy does a good job of trying to be both airforce and army, but it still lacks in man power, and for the most part, the Army and the Airforce both have the newer and greater technoligy and funding (simply because Navy has to use its budget on Air, AND Ground, AND Ships, stretching it thin). I think all military games need to stop forcing a 1 branch deal and make all games Joint Task Force games. THAT is realism. Also, the first to respond, would be the 82nd Airborne Division, even on a country that was in a Gulf (Iraq), The 82nd Airborne landed on the border of Iraq and Turkey before the Marines touched dirt in Iraq. An Airplane from Florida can reach anywhere in the world faster than a Ship can.... for the most part I'm not an American, nor know the US military very well. I was just doing some training and talking to a US Army Major and US Marine Gunnery Sergeant at a LAV course here in Australia, and they agreed that the Marines were the first on the ground in most theaters of war. With quick support from the Air Force and Navy, then finally the Army. I told them about the way both ArmA 2 and OFP2 were set out, and they believed both games were plausible and semi-realistic. Â Also, if you were fighting a full blown enemy (Not Iraqi insurgents) but a FULL military, would you seriously just dropped some dudes off a plane and leave them in there and wait till everyone else gets there? Or would you send the Marines with their own Aircrafts and Armour? I personally would choose the later....
  7. AntipopAU

    No Army?

    BIS have just gone the more realistic way... Say there was a conflict over near where the ArmA 2 island is located, who would be first there from the US? The Marines... It's just the more realistic option... But as people have already said, I'm sure some high quality army units will be made shortly after release for all the army junkies. But for me, the Marines are personally the better option to go with in this type of conflict. The MEU are the way to go with this game. BIS have done their research.
  8. AntipopAU

    Massive Multi Player Online

    This sort of experience can be obtained with a rather large clan. With 30-50 people playing together. 2 Infantry sections, a Armour section, An aviation section and maybe a support section. This sort of conjoined gameplay adds a whole other aspect to the game. I've played in a Joint-Op with 40 people where people were infantry, armour or air support, and broken up accordingly in TS. Being a grunt, I didn't hear specific orders, so when we spotted say 2 T72's ahead, and our officer telling us to halt, and then 3 cobras come flying overhead and destroying the bastards is an absolutely awesome feeling. It's completely different to public gameplay such as Warfare and Evolution. If you were suggesting gameplay such as this, then yes, I would love more of it. So much more realistic and exciting.
  9. AntipopAU

    What do u want in Arma2

    You can't choose only one... But my main ones are; 1. AI Improvement, a big must! Believable enemy is what every good game needs 2. Animations/Weapons improvement - Animations for each individual weapons, new death/movement animations, no clipping on weapons etc etc. 3. Believable Story line, a GOOD campaign that makes you WANT to play it, rather than like...'ahh this is alright, but id rather do something else.. 4. Better graphics - better shaders, better performance, nicer views. Including grass, so it can be noticed at a far distance etc etc 5. Better effects, good solid destructible effects to vehicles, buildings and big trees, abilities for craters etc etc 6. Better GUI, that is easy to use and looks good too That's what I believe everyone in a nutshell wants ArmA 2 to have. Plus, have all the ArmA 1 bugs ironed out. Would make the perfect game.
  10. AntipopAU

    Advanced Combat Environment

    Oooo... exciting! Kinda like FFUR I'm guessing? Can't wait! That explains alot!
  11. AntipopAU

    Advanced Combat Environment

    Okay, sorry if I'm out of the loop here... just need some questions answered. 1. Why is there so much code needed? I thought ACE standard for Advanced Combat Environments - ie island? Why the need for some much code? 2. What will be included in this 'novel'? Just addons and islands? Or something more exciting? 3. What's the size of this kind of mod? Are the alphas 1GB+ or around the 200-500MB mark? Thanks lads, keep going - you'll get there, I know how it fills, the ADF Mod is still chugging along, but we'll all get there. Good luck, but it is always nice to show some of your work, it's not hard to press Alt-PrntScrn every once and a while and upload it to imageshack and post it... Just a suggestion... Cheers
  12. AntipopAU

    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    Thanks for that, hadn't seen that before.... Looking good. Weapon animations need to be fixed, so do the death animations (at the end with the Mark 48, he poped that guy in the head and it had the wock ArmA death animation...) But looking very nice, M4 could do with a bit of a spruce up rather than the exact same model from ArmA 1. That Fire animation, although much better than ArmA 1 still could do with abit of work. Let's hope they worked on these aspects between GC and now, and until Christmas/New Year when the game's meant to go gold.
  13. AntipopAU

    CC:GM Teaser released

    Will they use Real Virtuality for this? Or another engine? Looking good though. Will have to give this a go when it's released! Atleast it's a break for them from combat simulators... lol
  14. AntipopAU

    ADF mod back up!

    Yes. New Wheels are being modelled, and new wheel textures being applied! Thanks for the positive comments lads. And yes, they are a new model of troop with new textures.