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  1. Sxep

    Sigma Six Vehicle Pack

    Sigma is there anyway to fire with the Groove Champion - without using the AI / or beeing in the gunner seat? For example the Hummer - there you can go in Manuelfire and do it yourself.. The AI isn't the best driver nor as gunner (when the gun is fixed into one angle) besides that - i love it
  2. Sxep

    Sigma Six Vehicle Pack

    Â omg! Thanks! I miss that game xD very cool Sigma! now all we need is groove champion (Swinger) and Taurus (Stampede) xD For the Fan's http://www.interstate76.com/ Vid any missionmaker in to that? would be more than sweet to have some with this one xD
  3. Sxep

    F-22A Raptor

    Comming along very nicely!
  4. I'm not totally sure .. but i know the KA-50 can fly backwards (what I think he is refering to) without any problem KA-50 - min 0:40 as example Others like the Seaspirite dont seem to have much problem with this manouver aswell example I'll definatly try your tweaks out .. I love flying heli's in Arma  I will post a bit more after some testing ^^ EDIT: ok i tested it with a few helis and compared with and without your mod - their turn stability in flight is really better now, feels like you have more controll over the craft.
  5. Sxep

    USAF F-16C Falcon

    Sweet to see your still around Foot ^^ Nice addon
  6. Sxep

    F-22A Raptor

    Hiya  Tested the new version a while, the AI seems to handle it priddy well in dogfights against the fullback's. Flyingmodel is solid, but somehow the plane feels heavier now...allthough you can manouver it easily (AI aswell) But well to be honest I liked the first version better, because of the turnangle (except for the stall after one of those 180° turns ^^) it felt more dynamic. I don't know if its much of a hassle but i think with an afterburneroption this could be handled very nicely. The overall look on model and tex's is indeed very good! Very well made work here..
  7. I`d rather want to know if theres any progress?
  8. Sxep

    Operation Farmland Mod

    Well, this ones were made for a similar task - fight the zombies, i mean feed the zombies  to be correct hehe, sweat job man! Really like the lil detail like the broken mask glasses Maybe they need a bit heavy support like a hand held Vulcan cannon    i meen, thats what i would take with me when i where out killing zombies, FOR SURE  (<-- maybe make a soldier with more muscles for that task tho GJ man keep it up.
  9. Sxep

    SU39 by TomiD

    Finally a kewl su-39
  10. Sxep

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Hey Foot did you start with the Modern fighters like the X-32, X-.. yet? Or did you throw the idea away?
  11. Sxep

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Hehe, ahh there was a movie with a carrier traveling back to WWII near pearl harbour, where that actually happens cant remember name though
  12. Sxep

    MiG-31 Firefox

    And it is pure fun to fly with! This plane would also very cool to have in OFP. And for the 110% realism freaks, you can use it as an experimental aircraft out of the year 2010. MfG Lee Exactly