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  1. sniperandy


    I'm running Ravage v0142
  2. sniperandy


    I have to start getting back into mission editing and I'm getting an "error 73 bad version" apparently related to the gutting knife.p3d.
  3. sniperandy

    OFPwatch for ArmA?

    does this allow to add player names in a buddy list already?
  4. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    1/4 of the world.....??
  5. sniperandy

    Demo Server Manager Available?

    well the thread might be but the tool is in english. We use it as well and it works pretty nice.
  6. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    505 release is still confirmed for the 16.02.2007! Uh yeah, but the 505 doesn't include United States....... So as it stands right now, there is absolutely no news about this game ever being released in the United States. At least no news from BIS anyway. Their refusal to post anything makes me truly believe that this game will not be coming to the United States at all. Prolly for the best anyway, American gamers usually expect that their games work properly. We dont usually settle for buggy games that have had 10 years to work on problems that still aren't fixed. Who needs a US publisher if you have the internet. Stop winging about it and just pre-order the game at one of the X locations it is available and you'll have t around the release date. And your last line is just so wrong.
  7. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    There is enough places available where you can pre-order it. With even better prices then amazon or the other sites. Just check out the community sites and you'll find plenty of links.
  8. sniperandy


    It was already announced last year when that video was shown the first time that the elevators are scripted. If that video would have been never shown nobody would care about them working or not. What is more important to me is that AI patrolling inside the hotel now. And somebody got a good script working that makes it possible and that's great. The elevators would have been nice but never mind them. Do one of the other 1million++ things you can do with arma and forget about the elevator for now.
  9. sniperandy

    What am I doing wrong??

    what if you do this? <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">respawn=4; respawndelay=30; onLoadMission="Survive- version 2"; ??
  10. sniperandy

    Trade-in Czech version for english version?

    Haha, maybe Z-board would let me change my old board for the merc... only, I got that already. Come on guys. think a little before posting stuff like this....
  11. sniperandy

    3D Markers

    Thanks Kronzky
  12. sniperandy

    Demo Dedicated Server

    Try something like this for your server.cfg: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">hostname="ArmaMods.net Demo Server01 (build 5116)"; password=""; passwordAdmin ="aamstaff"; motd[]= {"Welcome to our ArmAmods.net Demo Server01.", "This server runs ArmA Demo build 5116.", "blablabla", "blablabla", "blablabla", "more blabla", "last bit of blabla"}; motdInterval=5; voteThreshold=0.33; voteMissionPlayers=2; reportingIP="master.gamespy.com"; equalModRequired=0; kickduplicate=0; verifySignatures=0; checkfiles[]={}; maxplayers=31; MaxCustomFileSize=50000; disableVoN=1; class Missions { class MPCTF_01 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = M02CaptureTheFlag.SaraLite; cadetMode = 1; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc) }; class MPCOOP_01 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = M01Cooperative.SaraLite; cadetMode = 1; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc) }; }; Tje Server FPS still drops from about 45-50 to about 4-7 if the CTI is played with more than 4 players and CPU load is still to high... As for adding missions. I thought missions could be run from the addons folder now: Seems like that's not what BIS meant with saying this. I created a coop mission in Armed Assault using SaraLite. Soon as that is placed in the servers addon folder it wont launch any more. Returning a data corrupted error....shame but understandable.
  13. sniperandy

    Cannot Create 3D Device D3DERROR

    You found the arma.rpt file yet?
  14. sniperandy

    Possible to turn off grass?

    Take a look at the latest build (5116) of the demo. This will answer some of the questions about the grass.