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  1. SmallBlackSheep

    A dumb mod: Swim Stratis

  2. SmallBlackSheep

    SO DayZ gets an ACRE in game but ARMA3 doesnt?

    Still, ACRE (even if it's a simpler version) should be in the final game by default. You can always say "Yeah, modders will take care of it...", but this will only split the community due to heavily modded servers. I love Arma's addon system and playing in closed teams, but that doesn't change that BIS should implement as many useful features as possible from the get-go. They can't just update the graphics, add new animations and pbo's and call it Arma 3. This is the chance to make the best game in the series. That being said, the feedback tracker gives me hope that they actually listen to our feature requests.
  3. SmallBlackSheep

    Ladder Animation and Sound

    I agree with this.
  4. SmallBlackSheep

    Stance/Movement Crosshair

    D: brilliant! simple but effective
  5. SmallBlackSheep

    Default fov?

    make sure to change both settings so that they keep the same aspect ratio
  6. SmallBlackSheep

    CO_02 Skirmish at Marina Bay by SilentAce07

    please make this for the normal build
  7. SmallBlackSheep

    Holo sights, zooming and scope sights

    man i always liked that in red orchestra and killing floor!
  8. SmallBlackSheep

    Beta isn't actually that far away

    Altis will probably cut everyone's FPS in half lol
  9. SmallBlackSheep

    100k Sales Soon!

    GUYS, that's the number of screenshots, guides, posts about the game etc., NOT sales.
  10. SmallBlackSheep

    Purpose of ARMA

    It can also be roleplay.
  11. SmallBlackSheep

    Deadfast's Readable UI

    deadfast to the rescue!
  12. SmallBlackSheep

    New take on Arma's keyboard control......

    this thread is quite brilliant! wish the game would ship with more than just 2 presets or let us save as many as we want and import/export it to steam