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  1. suchey

    Feedback Thread

    Its nice to be able to use an analog stick for moving between walk and "normal" speed...thanks for allowing analog infantry movement. Please extend the analog stick to include a full sprint when the stick is pushed fully forward.
  2. suchey

    Marine assault pack

    Hey guys...I have been hearing about this from quite a few people. Let me set this straight...for the record...the ONLY pack which will ever be considered "official" will be the one at digitalgrenade...v1.0 that was released by Earl, Myself, Tactician, and Jocko. With that being said, I think its easy to see how confusion may have entered the picture if you read the transcript from the emails we exchanged. I take partial responsibility for this myself as I probably wasn't as clear as I should have been. He did indeed have permission to edit the config, but this is NOT an official addon. (it does sound like he did alot of work on it though, and this it addressed a few issues that some folks had brought up) It sounds like a big misunderstanding to me, so go easy on the guy. He was trying to do something nice for the community. In hind site, I can see where it may be misinterpreted that I was giving a nod for an "official" update. For the record. V1.0 (the original version of the pack) is the last "official" pack that will be released by the original team. Any additions or editing are NOT "official", but many of them are really kewl. (I recommend you try some of them). It has been my plan to some day host ALL of the edits which have or will be made for the package as sort of a one-stop MAP PACK location, but I think now (with all the confusion which this has caused) that I will forgo this plan. (hosting space would have probably limited me on this anyway). Theres still a bunch of stuff out there too (like that armored crew man that blackdog recently dug up) that will probably surface eventually.
  3. suchey

    Ofp 1.5 join in progress "jip"

    JIP would be GREAT! Id probably get it! (of course, Im not a big fan of co-op or single player...so it would be right up my alley). On the other hand, I dont think it would be released as an add-on. I think the original OFP is out of print. (at least I cant find it around my area anymore). Ive tried to turn some friends on to OFP and they just cant buy it anywhere anymore (aside from a few online sites carrying inventory). As a free update/beta test, it might serve to draw a few old school players back to the flock, but I dont think it would revitalize the multiplayer community. I think OFP2 is the tool for that, and Im willing to wait until thats ready to roll. Really looking forward to that day!
  4. suchey

    Pre-ofp to pre-ofp2...

    They probably dont want to "over hype" the game either. (look at how over hype took a big giant crap on Soldner) Theres so many people expecting SO MUCH from this title, that they have to be very careful. Considering the release is about a year away at best, now is probably not the time to be pushing the game. Having said that...I still wouldnt mind some info!
  5. suchey

    Söldner : secret wars

    I finally made it into a server last evening...it was deathmatch so that sorta sucked...but at least it gave me some indication of the game. I posted some thoughts over at my own forums at digitalgrenade.com so I wont go through everything again here (read them on my forums if your interested). Bottom line is that the game seems to be on the right track, but it is NOT ready for release. It is unpolished, clunky and needs ALOT of work. I also posted a link on the front page at digitalgrenade.com that contains instructions on how to connect to servers while bypassing the WingsNet crap that isnt letting people connect. Maybe this will help some of you get in and get a taste of what the gameplay is like. On a side note...although I personally don't have alot of good things to say about the "beta-demo" of Soldner right now...I also remember the early days of OFP...multiplayer was horendous here too. Anyone remember how the servers used to crash when people got in helecopters? It was no picnic trying to play online around here for a many months after retail was released. Crash after crash after crash. Maybe if they fix ALOT of stuff in Soldner it will be a decent game...but like I said, its not read for public release yet by a long shot.
  6. suchey

    Ofp2 this april

    It was posted on March 25th...if he was joking then he did his planning for it Suma already said in an interview some time ago that OFP2 would not even be released in 2004 much less April. My best guess would be mid to late 2005 at the earliest.
  7. suchey

    Winter usmc

    It would be really kewl if someone scripted in the ability to see their breath using a drop function.
  8. suchey

    Congratulations earl !

    Congrats Earl! Im glad the info is finally public! Good luck chief!
  9. suchey

    Marine assault pack

    Theres a good bunch of missions on the MTCO server and a few other servers, there just isnt a central download location for them. Feel free to join the MTCO server and grab them from there. Sorry if this isnt too convenient ...although its easy to figure which are Marine Pack missions as ALL of the missions on the server are for the pack. gs3.mtco.com
  10. suchey

    Lets talk usmc

    The Huey looks fantastic as does the AAV! Really looking forward to these addons! Keep up the great work!
  11. suchey

    Marine assault pack

    The DigitalGrenade link works, but it envokes a popup window. If you have a pop-up stopper or something similar it may interfere. Heres a direct link to the JAM compatable file config: http://www.mtco.com/games/downloads/usmc/c8xjamcompatable.zip
  12. suchey

    T12um1 black eagle released

    Good stuff...I like the tank alot! I think the decision to balance against the in game abrahms was a good one (at least until there is a proper M1 out there). Until then, this way allows for good multiplayer support and finally a tank that can stand on its own against the beast of the field Abrahms in game. Great for multiplay adversarial!
  13. suchey

    Late rhs x-mas present

    Good Stuff Red Hammer! Thanks!
  14. suchey

    Lets talk usmc

    REALLY looking forward to the AAv7! Nice work!
  15. suchey

    Marine assault pack

    I saw the pic and I had actually not checked the desert variety. I think this may be a bug. Thanks for the heads up!