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  1. shataan

    RH Acc pack

    Now all we need is PIP. ;p
  2. I find it odd how I am breathing heavy while running, but my Squadies are running just as much as me and I can`t hear shiz coming out of them. Not to mention the breathing fatique sounds I hear when just using the hold breathe function for steadying weap while shooting. In real life we don`t hold our breathe to anywhere near the point where you`d need to gasp for air. Helloo??????
  3. Wow. I decided I`d try this out.... being as how I used MS GameVoice and a coupla other VACs for the original Flashpoint to control my A.I. squadies. It seems the Key command structure for ARMA 3 to fully control your A.I. is not ready for prime time as of yet. Well, not if I wanna make my own Profile from scratch. And from the looks of it so far, it seems like it`ll tke more effort to make a Profile than it took with Flashpoint. But I`ll try to keep an open mind. Hopefully BIS simplify the A.I. command keys. Once it seems like there is something built in to go with, I`ll revisit trying to make my own Profile.
  4. shataan

    New take on Arma's keyboard control......

    Keyboard NumPad.... or Razer Nostromo ftw!
  5. "and it's discomforting to hear some dude pant and choke in my ear. " Totally agree. There should be a way to tone the breathe volume down. We don`t breathe into our own ears. Not to mention, it should sound more natural, and less gamey forced. The guys who code this stuff should do it less from a gameplay pov fatigue indicator, and make this stuff User tweakable..... so we can set it for LESS obnoxious.
  6. The 1 thing atm that sticks out real bad is the movement animations. A.I. Soldiers look real floaty like they don`t have a realistic positive footfall on the terrain. I am sure many others have noticed this as well. It is like they float over the terrain rather than looking like they are walking solidly on the ground.etc. Hope BIS rectifies this.
  7. shataan

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    I wanna find a way to use my M16/M4 type weaps again. Not really into this whole craptastic future shiz.
  8. shataan


    I don`t wanna bother with d/ling ANY mission scenarios unless they are complete. Buggy WIP stuff ain`t my thing.
  9. shataan

    64-bit executable

    "I remember reading somewhere that an app can address up to 4 gigs even on a 32 bit.' Yup. I use LAA, and it works. http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112556
  10. I can`t wait to see what the general concensus will be from PC gamers who love to play the Alien in the 1st person perspective..... when they are bounced from a beautiful Marine 1st person view, to the Alien forced 3rd person view in mp. And what GearBoxes is answer will be as to why both 3rd AND 1st povs were not implimented to cover all player styles. I know I`ll only be playing the sp campaign, and Co op....... mp won`t see any miliage from me.
  11. shataan

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    I too just upgraded to a GTX 680. My system is ready for ARMA III. If we learned anything from previous ARMAs, it is that it is better to be overkill than be underkill specswise.
  12. shataan

    Voice recognition for AI commands for Arma 3

    I have used 2 different voice command apps with Op Flashpoint. 1 was Microsoft Gamevoice. The other was Game Commander 2.0. I controlled my A.I. squadies by voice alone. Had to, cause all those key commands needed was a total PITA. Both of the above apps were phenominal. But they don`t make them anymore.
  13. shataan

    Downloadable Content

    well then... "You seem to understood how 'our PMC DLC' doesn`t work. ;p
  14. "failed to load file DLCsetup\pmc\pmc-data\addons\air_pmc.pbo decryption of headers failed" Just lovely.
  15. Ok, should we delete this game then since it didn`t install correctly, and red/l at a later date?