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  1. So I wanted to have patrolling squads moving on my mission, and I decided yo use this script from here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3495 After pondering how to use this script,I think I solved where everything needs to be placed, but my problem is in the patrol itself, which just doesn't spawn. At all. This here, is my INIT.sqf <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> handCreateAll = compile preprocessFile "CreateAll.sqf"; handFormPatrol = compile preprocessFile "FormPatrol.sqf"; _handler = [Uralcar1, West, East, [10, 30, 10], [2, 5], "Man", [3, 3], 0.5, ["ACE_OfficerE","ACE_SoldierEB","ACE_SoldierEB"], "aware", "normal", "C"] spawn handFormPatrol; Also in the map editor I have made an object named Uralcar1. Am I missing something? Â Thanks in advance! Â
  2. Raphier

    ennemy shooted me right through trees

    Then hide behind concrete!:p
  3. I've had that enought with Arma 1 and it's mods and addons. :confused:
  4. If it's specially made for your clan, then you better take out Marek's frontpage comment, it's distracting people to believe different. :/ or correct this line "This guide is simply one of a kind and I strongly recommend it to everyone who will be sent to Chernarus!" with This guide is simply one of a kind and I strongly recommend it to everyone who want to join ShackTac!"
  5. Raphier

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I dont understand what publisher wouldn't take Arma II, I just hope they dont pick a publisher that tries to change the game. Obviously, publishers who tries to change the game, wouldn't take Arma II....(starting from big one's)
  6. ANother review. Kinda in dark shadows this one. Just accidentally found it: http://videogamereign.com/pc-gaming/armed-assault-2-review They call it armed assault 2 and gave Gameplay: 6.5 :rolleyes: Graphics: 8.5 Sound: 8.5 Fun: 8.0 Overall: 7.7 PS. whoa: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/arma2?q=arma 79 is neat!
  7. and that's why it won't look any better than crysis 1 tho. :rolleyes: On-topic: I like 1.02, but I kind of get a feeling that AI just become easier or something. I don't know. They seem less impressive than in 1.01, so until 1.03, I think I'm going back to 1.01.
  8. Raphier

    hand to hand combat/knife mod

    Well what's the point of attacking and going into animation-state, when you know that you have only 50/50 chance of winning. Pure luck based, no skills involved.
  9. Raphier

    hand to hand combat/knife mod

    attack from behind by knife at soldier with ak2000, he fires rounds all around. a squad of teammates hear this, first shot is heard being fired from 200 meters, attacker is dead and so is the opponent. :rolleyes:
  10. well compare it to http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/operationflashpointresistance?q=flashpoint or http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/armedassault?q=arma Then Arma 2 is pretty good,if not as good as resistance.
  11. Raphier

    Quad core testers are needed

    your i7 is NOT 8 cores. You have 4 cores with hyper-threading enabled. Windows will read it as 8 processor threads. I had P4 3.4 HT, it's a one processor, but because of Hyper-Threading, windows lists an extra processor.
  12. Raphier

    hand to hand combat/knife mod

    But not in Arma
  13. Raphier

    I'm Now 100% Onboard With ArmA 2

    I don't think that there are far less tactical games or simulators. I think it's just the point that these markets have propably zero marketing, so only 0.01% of all gamers are aware of such titles. Also, I might agree, that multiplatform titles do pale in comparison against consoles, but you see console gamer buy just anything and pay even extra for DLC and small content, while we PC gamers, we are not into this DLC crap, nor we buy every single released game. On PC, I just believe people have broader taste in games, think of bullet hell shooters, looks like niche, but has huge following around the globe. (Touhou). I mean there are more different genres and Flash games (only-FPS games just won't cut it alone) played daily than any console game to date (they're also free), does that still mean that PC gaming is in decline? or is that PR shit from console companies. :/ Does this decline appear in sales? because of sales? or because majority of gamers play free games :/
  14. Raphier

    moaning and groaning

    I have a problem with this moaning and groaning. :( Most of the time I have to lower the volume, or else my girlfriend starts to think I am watching some pr0n. :rolleyes: the voices sound like part of some p-p-p- act sometimes when you close your monitor and just listen.
  15. althougt, I just looked at this thread, thinking, will this ever be useful? I mean, how many wires are there in Arma 2? what are the benefits in this game? o.0
  16. Raphier

    3rd person view

    I for one have found the 3rd person more immersive that 1st. Heck, 90% of game footage, screenshots I've seen are in 3rd person. I think the reason why I prefer 3rd person is because it looks better and has much interesting animations than 1st person. The body awareness is better in 3rd person and immersion is top of the line. I just don't know, BIS's FPV just doesn't cut it.
  17. Raphier

    Ai thread

    Some suggestion I would like to see in the future.. 1. If the a member is wounded and the area is under heavy fire, AI should use a smoke grenade on the wounded and drag him away to safety and help as first priority. 2. during an encounter with enemy tank, AI should take it as first priority. Should go into safe and send AT-soldier with some other soldiers to destroy the tank, that being using stealthy approach and destroy it from best possible angle, side of from back. 3. Something screams me that AI with armored vehicle should stick with the vehicle whole the time and use it as a cover, most of the time, no lone wolfs. 4. AI should stack to the wall with entire team, while one is peeking and last man is checking their back. They could also use real-life tactics while crossing the streets :) like one is covering the road and second is going to the other side, then covering the road , so the other could cross now. (currently their crossing is totally random, no cm precision here, actually it feels like meters to me) 5. AI, I believe lack priorities. like if theres a waypoint that goes throught the tank, and they know they can't win it, they should avoid the tank. AI should understand between defending and attack. Wounded soldier must become the top priority. 6. Too realistic hopes I have :D
  18. Raphier

    Dynamic conversation system

    coming soon: didn't Maruk say at some point that the voices will be patched in final game :-/ If you get what I did there...
  19. Raphier

    Fast Roping

    who tries to fast rope on a tree? :confused:
  20. Raphier

    Gameplay/Features Improvements

    I would also add few things 1. get rid of that akward swaying during walking (the arma 1 sydrome, back forward scope swaying) It's way too sensitive, especially in scope mode. It's distracting as hell. 2. Little bigger ironsights, aimdot's please? Again I have to zoome my head to the screen to hit the enemy.
  21. Yeah I totally agree, I just received my german copy (lol) and I am quite disappointed. The environment and sound system are pretty much the only difference. To me it's just a Campaign Expansion Pack (what resistance is to OFP1)
  22. Raphier

    ARMA 2 Micro AI Thread

    or vehicles? or corners? ;)
  23. Raphier

    ArmA 2 German Release Thread

    we saw the carrier. It's plain static. It just stands like a house on which rooftops you interact. No doors open.
  24. Raphier

    ArmA 2 German Release Thread

    I just want to actually witness microAI in action. Is it really cm precisious. Does it behave in same manner as it did in 2006 (individual actually crossing slowly from house to house, using corners to check around) simply put, whatever happened to