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  1. raws

    Annihilation [NATO/DEVGRU]

    Thanks for this mission! My group is having a lot of fun with it, even with only three or four people :)
  2. We're having tons of fun with this! Really glad to see Escape come to Altis. Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to work on this for ArmA 3! This is probably not the ideal fix for the "players not moved" issue, but it's working for me as of A3 Beta 0.77. It takes a similar tack to Meatball's fix from the ArmA 2 thread, in that it trusts the client to move the local player to the new spawn position. Here's the diff and full SQF file as a GitHub gist: https://gist.github.com/raws/6407872 Hopefully someone finds this useful as an interim fix, though I'll understand if not :)
  4. raws

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Sweet! Thanks again, Meatball! I hope you'll be bringing your mission prowess to Altis as well ;)
  5. raws

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Woo! Thanks, Meatball!
  6. raws

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Thanks, Meatball! We'll give 0.70 a whirl on our server this weekend and see what we can dig up.
  7. raws

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    Cool! Honestly, the ending is almost inconsequential compared to the real meat of the mission. I'd focus on expanding on your core concept, which seems to be a real winner. We've found the AI skill and numbers to be a fun challenge. I like that there are some simple options to ramp things up if we start finding things too easy. Also, I'm onboard with the vehicle/repair kit logic. I love how rewarding it is to be able to use a vehicle. Finally, some ideas! A number of possible coastal starting positions in addition to the one near Kill Farm, so we don't take the same route every time. Even just two or three might make things way more interesting. Dynamic enemy attacks which are more situationally aware, e.g. the occasional enemy boat insertion if players are near the coast, or a paradrop. Just some variety to break up the constant stream of choppers setting down to release an enemy squad! Looking forward to playing a bunch more Static Loop!
  8. Those aren't nil variable errors, they're undefined variable errors :) There's an important distinction! The compiler is telling you that you're referring to a variable which it does not yet know about. The fix is simple: tell the compiler about the variable before you use it! Take this error from v008, for example: It's telling you that you're referencing an undefined variable _unit (not a variable whose value is nil) in this code: { if (((faction _x == resistance_fac_1) or (faction _x == resistance_fac_2) or (!(faction _x in resistanceFactions) && (resistance_fac_1 == "NONE")))) then { _unitType = typeOf _x; _unitDisplay = faction _x + " " + getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _unitType >> "displayname"); diag_log (_unitDisplay); _magazines = magazines _unit; _weapons = weapons _unit; _unitEntry = [_unitType, _unitDisplay, _magazines, _weapons]; resistanceUnits = resistanceUnits + [_unitEntry]; }; deleteVehicle _x; } forEach _resistanceMen; The fix is simply to declare _unit (set it to some value) before you use it: { if (((faction _x == resistance_fac_1) or (faction _x == resistance_fac_2) or (!(faction _x in resistanceFactions) && (resistance_fac_1 == "NONE")))) then { _unit = _x; _unitType = typeOf _unit; _unitDisplay = faction _x + " " + getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _unitType >> "displayname"); diag_log (_unitDisplay); _magazines = magazines _unit; _weapons = weapons _unit; _unitEntry = [_unitType, _unitDisplay, _magazines, _weapons]; resistanceUnits = resistanceUnits + [_unitEntry]; }; deleteVehicle _x; } forEach _resistanceMen; The compiler just needs to know that you're planning on using a variable, so you need to set it to some value, even if that value is nil: _unit = nil; if (isNil "_unit") then { // ... }; Note that using private does not declare a variable. It simply informs the compiler that if a variable with that name is declared within the current context, it should be private in scope. This is actually a very basic compiler warning which is used in many programming languages. BIS have likely excluded it from the SQS/SQF compilers for so long to make beginning scripters' lives easier, at the expense of code quality and the ability to perform some compile-time optimizations. Enabling the warning, frustrating though it may seem at first, is a good thing for all of us ;) So by all means, take a breather from working on this mission -- it's a lot of work to keep abreast of pre-release changes. Please don't give up on it entirely, though! :D
  9. raws

    [MP | COOP 2-8 | WIP] Static Loop

    This is a great mission! I'm surprised you haven't received any feedback on it. I've played v0.5 a couple of times now with a group of 3-5 friends on a dedicated server, and we've been enjoying it. The objectives are such that we can try different strategies each time we play, and the random AI offers enough variety that we get into entertaining tight spots no matter how we hit the targets. The AI difficulty/density params work well for adjusting the challenge based on how many people we've got. The teammate revive system and scarcity of usable vehicles really puts a focus on preserving your own life and your ride, which is rad. We've been able to get fun 4- to 6-hour sessions out of the mission, which sends you all over Stratis. We actually finished all of the objectives for the first time last night, and although we got the extraction LZ marked on our maps and the extraction Ghosthawk arrived, it never took off when we piled in :p We ended up taking command of the chopper and crashing it into a cliff, which was just as good an ending as any :cool: We've been wishing we could actually use toolkits scavenged off of casualties to repair our vehicles, because their tires seem to attract bullets, but either way, it's a ton of fun. Great job!