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    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    That's the OA AI, I get it without Zeus, including in another mission three of my soldiers on a hillside just not responding to me whatsoever (it was most annoying) And if your troops go into Combat Mode (which they naturally do) with or without Zeus they tend to ignore your move orders, in favour of moving up by fire and movement in pairs ("Go! I'm covering!" "Reloading!" etc etc)
  2. I notice in that video the soldiers seem a bit reluctant to open up on the zombies? (I can't remember that being a problem way back in ARMA, but I could be mad)
  3. ravenholme

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Those look awesome, excellent work StalkerGB :D
  4. ravenholme

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    Works fine for me
  5. ravenholme

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    Can't wait to give this a co-op run through :D
  6. ravenholme

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    I think that it was probably the pilots who died, the chopper just dropped out of the sky and met an impressive and fiery doom when it crashed into a mosque.
  7. ravenholme

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    If you want to fake a Coalition feel to the Op, I could voice one of the reinforcement Apaches, maybe. Edit: Oh! A new version, downloading now :D And a friend of mine just got ARMA II CO.... an idea presents itself, as this is now co-op :D Also, I think you need a new defeat trigger - I was mucking around in 1.3 (Loved the upped enemy density in it, btw), and was on my way to the extraction point having picked up the pilots, had just left their building when the Blackhawk was approaching, he came under groundfire from the positions near the exfil point, and then copped an RPG round right to the cockpit which finished him. I couldn't finish the mission
  8. ravenholme

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    Looking completely mega mate, can't wait to see this update in my own grubby little mitts.
  9. This is amazing Rock, thanks so much :D You've also made a friend of mine who's just away to get combined ops very happy, as he loves the Eurofighter.
  10. But all he was asking for is a better animation system - which is not an unreasonable request, sure he was asking for it in the context of mech mods, but that was only as an outcome of it that he'd find desirable I think you need to go take your own advice, mate.
  11. ravenholme

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    Yeah, sorry, shoulda been more clear - it takes off, flies to the edge of the map, hovers.
  12. ravenholme

    [OA][SP] Operation Black Thunder

    I really enjoyed this mission, but I have one small error - the mission won't finish once we board the extraction helicopter and leave the combat zone (I lost 5 during the course of events due to a facepalm inducing AI screw up, if that helps)
  13. Haha, I can't believe I missed that response from Rock as well... awesome :D
  14. Yep, that was an epic response, wasn't it? And, totally agree with his comments, Rock :)
  15. It would be very interesting to see a Falklands map in ArmA II - I have a new, personal interest in this because my older sister, whom is a Marine Biologist, is leaving for the Falklands next month to become one of their Fisheries Observers.
  16. ravenholme

    The Undead Mod

    Someone needs to remake the classic ArmA 1 game mode, Quarantine, using this.
  17. ravenholme


    Exactly what I was going to ask, though I was going to call them "optional stub wings", since it's been a long time since my days of playing "Comanche Gold" on Win95 (Best Heli sim, ever!) But yes, is a version with the EFAMs planned so it can hold more armaments, and maybe a method of making it stealth?
  18. ravenholme

    RACS Clan

    I'd love to join a proper RACS clan that uses PRACS stuff.
  19. When is testing set to begin? I have university exams through this week, but after that I am a free man.
  20. ravenholme

    RACS based Missions.

    Isn't that a bit unfair, since he's done all the hard work, asking him to do more? I'm sorry Wld427, I'm a terrible mission maker - I can put together a decent SP scenario in a few minutes for myself, but at a decent, cohesive mission I'd be absolutely terrible - otherwise I'd take a bash at putting the wonderful works of the PRACS team to good use.
  21. ravenholme

    Project RACS

    Heh, Wld, if you manage to find a server doing cheap-ish ArmA Dedicated slots, I (and I'm sure many others) would be grateful if you let us know, I'd love to be able to play with the PRACS units with somebody other than the AI. Excellent work as always, and glad to see that Vilas is giving you yet more units (You rock, Vilas!)
  22. I think possibly they took out one of the tracks, and the crew bailed.
  23. ravenholme

    SP Fly Like An Eagle

    Alright, downloaded, will restart the map. Wasn't too far in so it should be fine. (Plus, I love the Helicopter segments, I could quite happily play a mod that just gave me a huge set of those awesome, detailed Heli segments. A progressing battle where my piloting skills go to good use)
  24. Aaauugh! Et tu RockofSL? D: I can understand why though (Forgive my above melodrama), and I truly hope you resolve the situation soon.
  25. ravenholme

    Project: UK Forces

    Yeah, I'm pretty upset about the cancellation of PUKF. I was really looking forward to being able to play with UK Forces in ArmA, but I can understand why you've decided to do as you have done. It's a case of the few spoiling for the many. Good luck mates, in whatever you decide to do from now on :)