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    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    Well, well, well, so this is where everyone is hanging out! Lots of new screen shots that haven't been shown on Hawknam or OFPNam! Nice work (again... as usual! Ok, some of you guys seem a little unsure about the quality of this Mod. All I can say is... it will be FAN-FUK-IN-TASTIC. I play on their OFP mods and they seriously rock. This will, I am sure, be just as incredible! They are hell bent nutters who love getting all the technical nitty gritty right... even down to whats under crackers a grunt wears. We are all in good hands! YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO SHIT YOUR PANTS. If this is anything like their OFP stuff, you will be living in hell for the 2 hours or so that you play it each time. Charlie will bite your ass if you don't get your shit together! So, you better get some solid tactics worked out... otherwise the next ride out will be a dust-off! KEEP UP THE WORK GUYS. I can see you are determined to scare us all! Twang, click... BOOM!
  2. Reaver74

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    Although I would word it somewhat differently, I kind of agree with Sud. It is a shame such great work will not appear on the OFP scene. I know Sim said he though he had some of Andersons files (Anderson lost quite abit as I understand). Maybe some begging might enable Anderson or others (maybe he would let some trusted souls to use his creations) to unleash his work into OFP. Lets hope so... it looks fantastic! (I bet Hawkins would love to get hold of some of those foliage models!