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  1. RAKtheUndead

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I've had this problem myself, and I have tried locking onto both the wooden tank targets, along with an OPFOR T-72B. The Javelin never seems to complete its loading sequence.
  2. RAKtheUndead

    What Languages are the ArmA Series Programmed In?

    I think that it is utterly bizarre that anybody would suggest Java as a language to learn before C. As a part of a computer science curriculum, it does not suffice: it doesn't get down to the essentials of programming, unlike Python (or, in the past, BASIC), being too heavy with boilerplate code; it is a resource-heavy language, being bytecode-compiled rather than natively compiled; it is far too heavy with libraries for a beginning language; it ties you inherently to the class-based object-oriented system, and it does not teach certain elements of programming that a language like C does - namely, pointer syntax, which teaches you rather more about what the likes of a segmentation fault actually is than anything else above the assembly language level. Therefore, my suggested progression would be somewhere along the lines of Python, to learn the basics quickly, followed by C, to get a greater insight into the lower-level components of programming, followed by a functional language along the lines of Scheme, Common Lisp, OCaml or Haskell, to teach people that they don't know everything yet, then optionally a course in a "nice" assembly language like ARM for those that need to understand how instructions go through the computer. Only then would I begin teaching the likes of Java/C#/Objective-C and the rest of the Smalltalk-alikes. Java seems, from my limited perspective, to be a sufficient language for application programming, where you need to get things out quickly and be able to iterate quickly, yet have reasonable performance. It, however, is certainly not a perfect language, and doesn't really suffice as a beginning language by any means, and is certainly not a very useful language for programming games in if you want anything substantially more sophisticated than Angry Birds. I recall that the original aim of Java was for embedded devices, so it's not that far-fetched. It is also possible using the GCJ compiler for one to compile Java code into native machine code.
  3. Nah, if this was Stack Overflow, they'd be talking about how Haskell is the ultimate language, and anybody who doesn't learn it is a peon who doesn't understand real programming. Personally, I think Haskell is a toy language and that nothing particularly useful is going to come out of it, but I've got a vendetta against most pure functional languages. Java, on the other hand, is just fine by me!
  4. RAKtheUndead


    An HD 4890 is a superior card to an HD 5770 in terms of memory bandwidth, and I believe performance - I wouldn't be worried about them suggesting the HD 5770 in their specifications sheet, because they've also suggested the older GTX 260, which only supports DirectX 10, rather than the newer DirectX 10.1 or 11 supported by the ATI cards.
  5. RAKtheUndead

    melee combat

    Doubtful. Given the genre and the difficulty of actually simulating hand-to-hand in a first-person perspective, I wouldn't expect anything on those lines from the game.
  6. RAKtheUndead


    Despite having an ATI card, and probably in a state to upgrade to another one, I'm not worried about this. Frankly, it gives me a reason to use that old 8800 GTS I have lying around.
  7. RAKtheUndead

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    It's ARMA 3, people! http://www.bistudio.com/index.php/english/games/arma3
  8. RAKtheUndead

    ArmA II focusing too much on realism?

    The whole appeal of ARMA 2 to most of its players is that it occupies a niche which most game developers - and gamers, for that matter - won't touch with a ten-foot pole. The ultra-realism of ARMA 2 is quite apart from the quasi-realistic shooters which have taken over the market, such as the Call of Duty series. While that type of game has its own merits, sometimes, you just want the difficulty and challenge that comes from a game which doesn't hold your hand throughout. ARMA 2 is very much a game which doesn't hold your hand.
  9. OK, I've got a Six Updater problem now which I can't sort out. I cannot use the GUI version of Six Updater. It does not work, and has never worked. Which files do I modify and how so in order to enable the ACE_RU and ACE_USNAVY sections of ACE to be downloaded using the console updater? EDIT: Never mind. The GUI system decided to finally work for me.
  10. SPAS-12 doesn't have any ammunition associated with it right now. It was removed with the update to 1.5, and will probably be redone in a future patch.
  11. Did the change from 1.3 to 1.5 remove buckshot and the spotting rifle from the SMAW, or is it just me? If they were temporarily removed, are there any plans for their return? EDIT: OK, verified the SMAW spotting rifle removal.
  12. To be fair to Bohemia Interactive, mecha are not exactly realistic options in the world of warfare: WARNING: Extremely long spoiler follows. I agree that the game could use a few not-so-serious addons to really test the limits of the engine, but considering the target market for the game and the genre which ARMA 2 sits in, unrealistic touches like mecha are never going to be a big priority. If you're willing to work on all of the necessary touches to make a mecha addon, go ahead and good luck with it.
  13. Actually, tested with ACE 2 on my system, there didn't seem to be any conflicts anyway, and it worked to perfection. Excellent job - an addon worth waiting for.
  14. Good. One of the best bargains out there in the mid-range of hardware, and it can run ARMA 2 well.
  15. RAKtheUndead

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    I've been trying to find an appropriate racing circuit since Operation Flashpoint. I found some good ones on Nogova, although they're a little boring, and one very good one on Everon. The best car so far for racing is the Jeep in OFP, and the Sedan (saloon) in ArmA and ArmA 2. The problem, as I see it, is that roads have different characteristics for driving. A car which can go 100 km/h on a tarmac road might only go 50 km/h on a dirt road, and good luck getting any specific speed on grass. While it convinces people to stay on the road, the rapid decrease in speed makes it difficult to catch up after even a single diversion from the track. Motorcycle racing is very fun, though, albeit extremely difficult.