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    Multiplayer - who is the player?

    Thank you, Larrow!
  2. So in a multiplayer game, who does the player refer to? I am linking a support requester later in the mission and if I have a trigger with an activation of : sr1 synchronizeObjectsAdd [player] where sr1 is the support module and there are three players in the mission, will they all have access to support? (I would like this) or would only the host player have it (I could live with this...) Thanks for the help!
  3. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Part 4 of the Day at the Office Series...
  4. I searched but couldn't find this specific problem or solution. During certain missions, at certain times, my friends and I will lose the ability to select action menu options with the scroll wheel. The action menu will come up, but will not scroll through the options. You have to choose the first one. So if I wanted to look at the inventory of a soldier, I would first have to rearm at him and then when I open up the action menu the next time, the rearm option being gone, I would be able to look at the inventory as that option would be on top. When it happens, it happens mid-mission, but I can't determine what triggers it. It is also inconsistent: in the mission earlier today, I was able to scroll through the seat assignment for my squad on a truck but not scroll through the options on a search a body menu. Has anyone else seen this or knows of a solution? It's kind of a pain in the middle of a fight... Thank you! RR
  5. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Part 3: It took several explosives charges and satchels just to blow up one Sochor...that seems off?
  6. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Part 2 of the Day at the Office series...
  7. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    The beginning of a new COOP series on the invasion of Altis:
  8. Thank you, I will look into that. If I just wanted to delete everything in an area after the players have left, is there an easy command for that? Thanks again!
  9. No, it did nothing! I made a big trigger that covered half the base, activation radio alpha, condition this and on activation the above code part and triggered it and nothing happened. I was expecting to be Thanos, but I guess I am short a few infinity stones...
  10. I am trying to clean up the base after everyone heads out for the mission to save on resources, so I thought I wanted to use {deleteVehicle _x} forEach thislist Putting that in a big trigger with a radio alpha activation does nothing (Condition:this). Putting it in a big trigger with a Player not present activation and then walking out of the area does nothing... Putting it with a anybody present activation and repeatable will delete vehicles but not the crew (expected) or troops that I order into the area (unexpected). It also does not delete editor placed objects either. So I clearly don't understand how it works or how to get the desired effect. Thank you for any help! RR
  11. Thank you, that works very well!
  12. So I have a mission with three player controlled groups. I want the chopper to wait until all members of all groups are on board before moving out. With one group, I would put a trigger with this in the condition: ({alive _x;} count units grp1) == ({_x in heli1;} count units grp1) for the three groups would it just be: ({alive _x;} count units grp1) == ({_x in heli1;} count units grp1) && ({alive _x;} count units grp2) == ({_x in heli1;} count units grp2)&& ({alive _x;} count units grp3) == ({_x in heli1;} count units grp3) or is there a forEach units [grp1, grp2, grp3] thing I need to do? Thanks for the help! Rick R
  13. rick rawlings

    Selecting from three big groups...

    This! Grumpy Old Man: I did something wrong, I guess, they all showed up each time... here's the virtual test mission and init file (I tried calling it both init.sqf and initserver.sqf) http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=34073374008716392683 http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=80048666435169541602
  14. rick rawlings

    Selecting from three big groups...

    Thank you, will give it a try!