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  1. rick rawlings

    Take a Picture

    I'm trying to set up a task where the SOG team takes a picture of a Mig as part of their mission and the picture taking triggers the task as successful. I used this post as a reference: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/157453-mission-take-picture-of-the-tower/?do=findComment&comment=2528585 and modified it to use the SoG camera with the prairie fire assets. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work like the original rangefinder. while {true} do { private "_id"; waitUntil {(currentWeapon player == "vn_weapon_camera_01") && {cameraView == "GUNNER"} }; _id = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown",{_nul = execVM "flash.sqf";}]; waitUntil {!(cameraView == "GUNNER")}; (findDisplay 46) displayRemoveEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown", _id]; if (!isNil "picTaken") then { breakTo "MAIN"; }; }; and then the flash.sqf if (cursorObject == miggy) then { hint "Got it!"; picTaken = 1; }; flashed = true But it doesn't work. If I replace the vn_weapon_camera_01 classname with the rangefinder and use that in the mission, it works great. So apparently the "firing" of the camera is different than the rangefinder. Anyone know what to fix? I also tried putting a fired eventHandler on the mig but was unable to get it working because my knowsAbout = .1 at best. If anyone could suggest a solution either with the top part or a fired eventHandler, that would be helpful. Thank you, RR *edit: I also tried cursorTarget instead of cursorObject with the same effect
  2. rick rawlings

    Need assistance with Hide Terrain Module

    So I just decided to move that LZ to a clearer spot. Here's the real trick though: I want one of the objectives to be blowing up the bridge near Nong Khiaw. So I put down the Hide Terrain module to remove the center pillar and associated spans of the bridge, replacing them with editor objects so I can detect (and assist with) their destruction. I also added in triggers so that if the pillar is destroyed, it will delete the spans touching it. Just for added measure, I added in a trash pile that if it gets destroyed, it deletes all the editor components of the bridge. This all looks great in the editor. As you can see in the video, it behaves very differently. The "ground" is not completely removed and this seems to block the damage from the satchel charges. I know it can work, because every time I load the mission, that area is a little different and some times there is enough of the entities exposed that the satchel charge will take them out. So I guess my questions are: 1. Is there a better way to get the module to work 2. Is there a way to use addEventHandler explosion or damage to make sure the bridge section is destroyed if a satchel charge goes off near it. I can't quite figure out the syntax for that. Thank you RR
  3. rick rawlings

    Need assistance with Hide Terrain Module

    Thanks! This part of an ALIVE setup, so I am wondering if that contributes to the editor appearance not matching the in-game appearance?
  4. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Alive Khe Sanh series:
  5. Seems to be very sketchy on CamLaoNam. I am using it in a couple of places and it is causing a bunch of problems where what you see in the editor is not what shows in game. Anyone else see this before or have a potential solution? Thank you! RR
  6. Ok, so I just now noticed that I posted in the ARMA mission editing and scripting and not the ARMA 3 mission editing and scripting...maybe a mod can move this? Anyway, I found the answer buried in an old Kylania post. The script should run: sleep 5; [ [ ["Welcome to Khe Sanh"], [(str(date select 1) + "-" + str(date select 2) + "-" + str(date select 0))] ] ] spawn vn_ms_fnc_sfx_typeText; Sorry for the incorrect forum post!
  7. Can't quite get the syntax down and there doesn't seem to be another thread that quite hits this! intro.sqf sleep 5; [ [ ["Welcome to Khe Sanh"], ["<%1 %2 %3,date select 2,date select 3,date select 1>"] ] ] spawn vn_ms_fnc_sfx_typeText; Welcome to Khe Sanh displays fine, the second part does not kick out any errors but does not display the date. Nothing is displayed but the typewriter clack clack is heard. Thank you for any help. RR
  8. rick rawlings

    Multiplayer - who is the player?

    Thank you, Larrow!
  9. So in a multiplayer game, who does the player refer to? I am linking a support requester later in the mission and if I have a trigger with an activation of : sr1 synchronizeObjectsAdd [player] where sr1 is the support module and there are three players in the mission, will they all have access to support? (I would like this) or would only the host player have it (I could live with this...) Thanks for the help!
  10. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Part 4 of the Day at the Office Series...
  11. I searched but couldn't find this specific problem or solution. During certain missions, at certain times, my friends and I will lose the ability to select action menu options with the scroll wheel. The action menu will come up, but will not scroll through the options. You have to choose the first one. So if I wanted to look at the inventory of a soldier, I would first have to rearm at him and then when I open up the action menu the next time, the rearm option being gone, I would be able to look at the inventory as that option would be on top. When it happens, it happens mid-mission, but I can't determine what triggers it. It is also inconsistent: in the mission earlier today, I was able to scroll through the seat assignment for my squad on a truck but not scroll through the options on a search a body menu. Has anyone else seen this or knows of a solution? It's kind of a pain in the middle of a fight... Thank you! RR
  12. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Part 3: It took several explosives charges and satchels just to blow up one Sochor...that seems off?
  13. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    Part 2 of the Day at the Office series...
  14. rick rawlings

    Arma3 Videos

    The beginning of a new COOP series on the invasion of Altis: