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  1. Raziaar

    Beta isn't actually that far away

    Wow. Yeah. Arma came without Dayz, Arma 2 came without Dayz. I think Arma 3 was plenty well going to show itself without Dayz.
  2. Raziaar

    Beta isn't actually that far away

    That depends entirely on what kind of occluding techniques/third party software they use. There are some powerful object occlusion techniques that can allow you to render out an entire city with buildings populated with geometry that is occluded from the camera, and thus does not have an impact on framerate. To see what I mean, check out Unity3d.
  3. Raziaar

    Waypoint Conditional Help

    I too have had issues with waypoints not obeying conditional rules at all... always going no matter what. What's the point of the conditional if it doesn't want to work properly.
  4. On patch 1.14 Post-Processing setting set on Low... for all three screenshots above.
  5. Hey guys. I've been using other peoples addons with vehicle reskins and stuff... and the vehicles when on the inside become super bright and it's impossible to drive them as a result and is quite annoying. I'm helping somebody work on his addon, and his vehicle has the same issue. I want to figure out what causes it so I can solve the issue. Here's a standard humvee. Everything looks fine. Here's a modded humvee... it starts out fine... but gets brighter... and brighter... I have downloaded many addons that have this problem and it makes them painful to use. What causes this, and how do I fix it? These are just texture changes, so I don't really know what the deal is.
  6. Raziaar


    I love this mod! I just now downloaded it. And then I made it so that it's compatible with ACE mod. So that the magazines can be loaded and unloaded from rucksacks... weapons with bipods can have them be deployed when prone... range adjustment for sniper rifles, etc. Thanks for the wonderful mod!
  7. Raziaar

    RealTimeEditor 5

    Hello again. I'm having difficulty running my addons properly within RTE. With my normal shortcut of the game, I can see all my special addons and stuff... but launching the same shortcuts from RTE, I cannot see anything. I only see the acemod stuff... which I did change so it is not supposed to hide classes anymore. With RTE running it... it still seems to be hiding the classes with acemod for some reason. EDIT: I'm guessing it's something wonky with how it runs with Windows 7. Either that or just a program bug. It was showing a single profile... but there were two profiles present for some reason, and it was picking my old settings rather than my new settings. I deleted all my profiles and recreated the one I want and it works now.
  8. Hey guys... I'm actually doing this for ARMA 1, but posting here since I figure I can get more responses quicker as the ARMA 1 editing forums are pretty dead, and I'm assuming ARMA 2 is still very similar to ARMA 1. I am trying to add together two arrays... or better yet simply adding to the end of the array. First file... magazines[] = {"blahblah", "blahblah", "blahblah", "blahblah", "blahblah", "blahblah", "blahblah"}; Second file... magazines[] = {"newblahblahnew"}; The second file overwrites the entirety of the first file's array... which I guess is to be expected. I want however to append my additions to that original array without overriding it. I'm not exactly sure how to add arrays together or concatenate them. I could just take all of the contents of the first array... copy and paste them into the array on the second file... and add my other item to it. However that seems like a poor way to do it and I want it to be more flexible. Can somebody help? EDIT; Yeah I need to figure this out... because it's eliminating some objects that it shouldn't be... because it's overwriting what I cannot see in my files.
  9. Hey guys... I'm trying to add the Switzerland mod I downloaded... all of its weapons and magazines to the rucksack system in ACE MOD. However I am running into difficulty because I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Am I able to make an all new config file that modifies the existing ace config files(arrays etc), or do I have to manually do all this right in the ace config file? I need a little guidance on what I'm supposed to do. I have the instructions from the ace documentation, but it's very vague. If anybody has added their weapons to be able to use the ace rucksack system, please let me know what you had to do. EDIT: I figured it out.
  10. Raziaar

    RealTimeEditor 5

    Hello. THank you for the response. My RTE.db file in my appdata/roaming folder is completely blank. No data whatsoever in it. I'll see if I can get back to the chopped line one. Though, I'm using it with ACE mod on the avgani map and I don't remember what other addons. EDIT: these addons... yikes, didn't realize I had so many of them on there... "avgani", "ace_config_men", "cawheeled", "CAWheeled3_TT650", "Datsun_armed_DBE1", "opxmisc", "caweapons", "Hilux_armed_DBE1", "dshkm_mini", "ace_config_weapon", "bk12_nets", "ace_config_vehicle", "cacharacters" But anyway the mission file I'll be sending you works... but the lines all appear and it's... unusual to say the least. The gamelogic error, if you are able to run it... was simply because I accidentally used an acemod movable static gun rather than the other types. This mission file uses a script in the init file to load them all in. When I merged the same information in with the sqm it didn't seem to cause all the line errors. Since my RTE.db was empty... I'll send you the kalevi.database file within my armalib folder that does contain the information I used with my project in the RTE. Inside there, there are two database entries... one called Tim Avgani that crashes... and one called test that worked for me, and is basically Tim Avgani with some stuff cut out from the bottom of it to shorten it and remove whatever bad or excess data there was. EDIT: how do you want me to send this rar file to you? Until you give me another means to send it to you, I will host it on rapidshare first. http://rapidshare.com/files/345956249/Razi_Avgani___Crashing_DB_file.RAR.html
  11. Raziaar

    RealTimeEditor 5

    AGH.... I just started using this... thought it was fantastic. Started making my project and saving it as i went, so I wouldn't lose any progress before I was ready to export. I get around to exporting... doesn't work. Only a few of the items make it to the list. I try exporting them all... nothing makes it to the list. I close my game out, and open it again because it was running slow after all I was doing. Now every time I try to load my project, my game crashes. Hours of work, lost. How can I recover from this? I see all my stuff in the database... but I don't know what's causing the crash. EDIT: Well... managed to recover most of what I accomplished by editing... painfully... the database file. Running into new problems now. My units are being moved quite a bit away from where they originally were, ruining things... and also I can see waypoint lines after it's all merged... but they're all chopped up and broken. also is doStop something that RTE is supposed to do? It seems to be adding it on every unit... and resulting in them not behaving properly... so I have to change it on each unit... repeatedly.
  12. Raziaar


    Hello. I have searched and found other threads discussing this, but none of them seemed to have a way to solve my problem, as I tried them. I'm trying to create a convoy that will race to the destination at breakneck speeds without stopping even if fired upon. I of course want the gunners of the vehicles to engage as they can, but the drivers will continue on without stopping... pulling the vehicle off the road... whatever. I can seem to get this to work when I am on foot and are firing at the vehicle... but anytime I have myself in a vehicle along the path of the convoy and fire(not hitting, but near)... the convoy always stops and tries to circumvent me. Not what I want. Anybody had much luck doing something like this? This convoy is under strict orders not to stop or slow down... and is tasked with getting to its destination as quickly and safely as possible... thus I don't want it stopping when under small arms fire. EDIT: It seems like whenever I get into an armored vehicle like a Stryker or something that the enemy just stops when they see it... or when I fire near them. regular humvees and stuff with machine guns it doesn't stop. I want it to not stop for ANYTHING. I don't even have to fire in it... as soon as it sees that Stryker... it stops in its tracks... then tries to run away in another direction. Very annoying. EDIT: I seem to have fixed it for now... setting allowFleeing to 0. I didn't notice this command before. ANother problem I am having though, is when I have two groups in the same vehicle... the vehicle doesn't move. In addition if any of the leading vehicles get damaged/killed... the whole convoy stops and just fools around doing nothing.
  13. I'm wondering if there will be an ArmA 2 sale anywhere this Christmas. Whether it be on Steam or somewhere else. Wish there was some way I could be notified... there was a steam sale for it back on October and I completely missed out on it. GRRRR. On a completely unrelated note, does Steam version of ArmA 2 allow the same potential for modifying game files to make mods? Like extracting PBOs and stuff. Their games have always been in weird steam cache files so I'm not sure.
  14. Alright, that's cool. Thanks again for all of your help, you have been a godsend.
  15. Ah, thank you so much. It does appear now that it's working. For some reason I wasn't getting it before... or maybe I was simply looking too much at my hint as debugging and not realizing that it was taking up the value of the other format variable. Thank you again for all of your help. I've certainly learned a lot from spending so many hours messing with this and trying other things as well. It's kind of weird when they do their animation... they sort of bounce their gun up and down a couple times, then salute, then bounce their gun up and down a couple of other times and then they are finished. Any idea what that is about?