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  1. Hi, I was really enjoying various elements of this mod while playing Pilgrimage. However, I am currently unable to launch the game with TPW enabled, as it gives me a crash. The details for this are as follows: A box comes up, saying 'Config : some input after EndOfFile.' Another box then appears, with the message: 'The encryption unknown software exception (0x0000dead) occurred in the application at location 0x76eec54f.' Then a box comes up stating that ArmA 3 has exited in an unusual manner, with various options plus an exit code, which is as follows: 0x0000DEAD. The only launch option parameter that I have been using is the -filePatching one, but the crash still occurs, even after I remove this. So, does anyone have any idea why this is happening, or how I can fix it, while still using TPW Mods?
  2. robert(uk)

    African conflict a3

    Hi Massi, Just lately, I have started having an issue while trying to use the African Conflict mod with Pilgrimage. When I try to start a game I get this message 'Cannot Open Object mas_vehicle\spg9\og9.p3d' I did a search with Google, and it seems some other mods get this error as well. After this, my game won't go any further and I have to press ESC and then exit the game. Any ideas about why this is happening? I'm not sure if it has anything to do with ArmA3 now starting through the launcher, as I've been doing it that way ever since I started using your mods. Hope you (or someone) can help... :)
  3. robert(uk)

    African conflict a3

    True. Anyway, thanks for explaining this stuff to me. Now that you mention it, I have been killed by AC-type units at least once while searching for my brother's body, so I guess they are in my game! :D
  4. robert(uk)

    African conflict a3

    Thanks for your reply. Custom content is mixed with vanilla? Oh, I didn't realise this. I thought that no 'original' gear would spawn. What about the AI enemies though? Shouldn't they all be Africans now in my game, or will there still be some CSAT and stuff? PS - Yeah, I have loot set to normal. I play on insane difficulty though, as I like the challenge of having to find stuff to begin with. I take it my choice of options shouldn't mess anything up? Edit - Sorry, but what do you mean by the 'groups are configured'? Is this something I have to do manually, or should the files work just as I download them?
  5. robert(uk)

    African conflict a3

    Hi Massi, thanks for making your awesome mod. However, no matter what I have tried, I cannot seem to get your African units to appear in place of the standard, in-game units while playing the Pilgrimage mission. I have followed all the instructions for using the @modname method, and I have even tried activating your mod through the BI Launcher. Other mods, like bCombat, work absolutely fine, so I am at a total loss as to why your African Conflict mod will not work. I have tried putting the necessary vehicle and weapons mods in various places in the modlist, but still the enemies in the game are just the standard ones and I can't find any of the weapons in crates either. I can, however, access your units in the editor and play around with them there, so I'm just wondering if I might be forgetting something. I hope someone can help... :)
  6. robert(uk)

    Real life fire mission request.

    Ah cool. Thanks for mentioning that book! I will have to give that a read, I'm really into WW2 artillery and stuff...
  7. robert(uk)

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    As far as I know, Queen's Gambit will work with all versions of ArmA that are up to 1.8...
  8. robert(uk)

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    I pre-ordered my QG from play.com yesterday, for 11.99 pounds (stupid pound sign goes FUBAR for me on here for some reason). Â Not bad at all if you ask me... Â
  9. robert(uk)

    KnowsAbout bug or feature?

    Hehe this shows how cool and dedicated our community here is. They find a really, really obscure bug, and then create a mission to test it! How many other games could you do that in?
  10. robert(uk)

    Intruders at Sahrani Studio's

    Hmmmmm Yes, that's right! It was me...
  11. robert(uk)

    Intruders at Sahrani Studio's

    ROFL... Good one!
  12. robert(uk)

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    Wow, RTS4 is indeed really cool. I do have one request though. I like spectating in these sort of games, and right now the 'Soldier Cam' thingy has a couple of bugs. Could you make it so that we can switch between soldiers? As far as I can tell, you can't do this at the moment. There is also an annoying feature when, if the guy you are watching dies, and then you press a certain key, the camera goes back to somewhere in the middle of the ocean, and you can't really find your way back from there. Pressing space doesn't fix it either. Thanks...
  13. robert(uk)


    Before this gets locked, no...
  14. robert(uk)

    Suitable Photoshop version?

    Some useful information here. I have been wondering for a while which version of PS is the best...