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  1. Q1184

    Craig's Normal Hat Madness

    I take my hat off to you, good sir!
  2. This collection is glorious. How about an 18th century wig: http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-16383186999789_2258_451012951 And what's this? http://image.toutlecine.com/photos/z/o/r/zorro-serie-tv--1957-08-g.jpg
  3. Q1184

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Apparently they also wouldn't mind installing CCTV in everyone's apartment.
  4. Q1184

    ACE for OA 1.13

    This might work: class Extended_Killed_EventHandlers { class Your_T72-based_class { class your_addon { killed = "_this setfuel 0"; }; }; }; This will exploit the fuel check at the beginning of the destruction script and will make it abort.
  5. Q1184

    War with Facebook

    Is it so strange that one should feel uncomfortable knowing his pictures taken in a private environment are near-instantly made available to everyone in the world willing to look? How about someone's notes on what you do or how you feel about something? But the fact is, with the technical progress, more and more of our activities are being registered somewhere beyond our will, be it CCTV or a search engine requests log. FB is just another way this tendency manifests, this time with people willingly making pieces of their (and not only) lives public. The uncontrolled footprint of every person tends to increase, making individual or group profiling much easier, for better or for worse. Sure looks handy in cop shows.
  6. if (isServer) then { _chute = "ParachuteMediumWest_EP1" createvehicle [getpos _plane select 0,getpos _plane select 1,3000]; _chute setpos [getpos _plane select 0,(getpos _plane select 1)+10,(getpos _plane select 2)]; };
  7. You get 2 vehicles because the script is run on both the server and the client. With 20 clients you'll get 21 parachutes. Just add isServer check before spawning to make sure it only spawns once.
  8. Q1184

    Aiming Guide

    There used to be an explanatory picture, but the hosting site pulled it for some reason. Here it is again:
  9. On line 6, instead of if (isNil (_man getVariable "UnlockTime")) then { Use if (isNil {(_man getVariable "UnlockTime")}) then { You need the {} brackets for isNil to evaluate a piece of code.
  10. Camera shake should be enabled in difficulty options for the shake commands to work, maybe that's why it doesn't work for you.
  11. It wasn't meant to be snotty or personal in any way. If you want a translation, here goes: "We can't do anything about it, so just leave it off". And lighten up.
  12. Kronzky's Target Range conKord's Proving Ground
  13. If you want units to fire it from the shoulder, you'll have to stick to simulation "shotrocket" or "shotmissile". Smoke effects can be assigned through the 'explosioneffects' entry. You'll have to look for a suitable smoke effects class that is already configured (maybe tank smoke grenades or arty smoke shell), or cook one up yourself. There's also a scripted way - using fired EH follow the rocket until it impacts and createvehicle a smoke grenade kind of ammo at that position.