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  1. Indeed, Thx Placebo, I know that xp x64 works with 4 gb memory, but the question was: " It will work with arma?" Some one maybe have tried, and probably has the same problem, buy maybe no, who knows.
  2. I've that problem too ( vista x64 ultimate, 4 gb ddr2 ) It will be fixed ? I mean FIXED for good, not this workaround things, by the way the workarounds actually "work" but, I simply doesn't want to boot without 1gb of ram to make Arma ( and ONLY arma run )... the only title indeed that I'd find the problem on. Mah! There is anyone with xp x64 that have tested arma with 4 gigs memory ? (It's worst then vista x64 as driver support, but, man, If Arma work there with 4 gigs, man, lol wtf!, I made another boot only 4 it no problem @ all) Sorry, I'm little exasperated not only by the problem Itself but seeing someone from bis lying about that it's a nvidia problem and, quoting: " I am afraid if you want the problem to be solved, you should perhaps contact the support of nVidia." Man, for crying out loud, theres ATI users Too out there with 4 gigs of memory... I hate this type of things ... before that that guy wrote : "Given how many problems there currently are in Vista with various drivers and games, we are not willing to spend our time debugging the problem." Ok I Understand that u don't give a fuck, ah sorry for the word, But, Please, don't like to us... say it simple: "We are not willing to spend our time debugging the problem." I can understand this .... U are NOT willing to SPEND Ur time Debugging tha game to Sove this problem, man! Crystal Clear. Problems in vista with games? Like arma ? I've no problems with olther games =P Link a page with that typos spammed all around in the forums, maybe in this topic, problem solved ... no more exasperated guys like ME coming here every week searching if u made some progress. jez, Beloved google find the solution I was a Ofp/Arma/GameWhatever bis creations fan from the first demo of Ofp came by... I was pissed off all the way from Ofp to arma by how the things turns out. I probably get a from this, but It's doesn't matter, Cannot play "stupid" anymore, any way.
  3. Hi guys, I've just installer the 1.07 beta patch... When I'll arrive in the menu I see the soldiers of the intro without weapons ...  strange  then  opened the editor to try new stuff of this beta patch and seams that all soldiers (creatures) in the game can't show they primary weapon no more (eg. Rifles),  I've tried to close & reopen arma_beta few times but no effect... If some body from the team needs details 'bout my specs for some reason just ask. I think that's the beta "point" to find out bugs and I've found a nice one too  . Ah the ai fire the primary weapons with no problem but the model is not showed, if they've a pistol the just have it in their hands but fire the rifle... Bye boys and girls!
  4. Ok ... i know lol, sorry guys, mod plz delete.
  5. A player from my clan have exacly the same problem ... no way to run mp games... =/