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  1. BIS is in need of cash. They are a small company. They do not have a big game/sim portfolio to bring in the cash, say like EA. They had to release ArmA in it's bug ridden state just to pay the electrical bills. But ArmA/OFP is such a niche game/sim they will have to keep doing these "expansions" to keep from going under. Fine by me. If I have to pay to keep this excellent game/sim going by buying "expansions" so be it. But they better deliver bug fixes/additional content in these "expansions" and not just some stinking missions. I get those for free.

  2. Same here Mr_Tea. I have a similar setup only with 2GB of RAM and dual 3.4Ghz Xeons. I think it is the 7600 GS 512Mb card we are using. I run everything on High. My ArmA runs silky smooth. No CTD's or texture problems.

    My rig (HP xw8200):

    Dual 3.4Ghz Xeons.

    2Gb RAM dual channel

    Four 70Gb 10,000 RPM Ultra-SCSI in RAID 10

    evga 7600GS 512Mb PCIe (no fan version)

    WinXP SP2 (always up to date with latest certified drivers,etc..)

  3. Think I got that mission set off of armaholic. I was playing the 3rd mission where you take out the D-30's/AA on top of the mountains. The second mission is a SEAL beach mission.

    BTW, I have never had any problems with ArmA. CTD's/graphics, etc... Game runs smooth as silk with everything on High. I run it on 1024x768 with 16:4 widescreen on a 22 in flat screen.

    My specs:

    HP xw8200=

    two 3.4Ghz 64bit Xeons

    2Gbyte DDR2 RAM

    four 70Gbyte 10,000 RPM Ultrawide SCSI hard drives in RAID 10.

    evga PCI-e 7600 GS 512Mbyte (no fan version)

    MERC keyboard (awesome for ArmA)

    Microsoft wireless mouse

    Saitek x52 full setup Stick/throttle/pedals

    Windows XP SP2 32bit version

  4. As a former Army helicopter pilot I have been watching this thread and laughing the whole time. Would it not be easy just for you to google the answer? BIS has done a ok job. But it is just a game and it would take a super computer to correctly sim a helicopter. No game/sim has ever come close to the real thing. I will give you one example: ETL (Effective Translational Lift). Look it up. No game/sim has ever modeled that and that is a basic helicopter flight principle. BIS has done a ok job with using the pedals at slow speeds and using them to trim at high speeds.