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  1. It is not a @<Addon> folder. It is THE Addons folder. If you want to speed up your game get lots of Ram (I have 32GB.), create a 13-14GB Ramdisk, copy the Addons folder to the Ramdrive, make the first selection in the -mod parameter <Ramdrive letter>:\Addons.

    Now you have the whole game in RAM. No more streaming from a Hard Drive or SSD (Yes. RAM is light years faster than your dumb SSD). Increase your view distance to MAX. No stuttering of LOD's. Even when flying. Smooth as silk. 10k view distance.

    If you are not doing this then you aren't really playing ArmA. I have been doing this since ArmA 1.

    You imagine if they switch the engine to 64bit???!!!!!!!!! The more RAM you had the more it could load into!!!!!

    It gave me an error when I tried to pick it using the launcher. I just wanted to pick this folder on my RamDrive as the "First" mod.

  2. Please add the ability to pick non-@ folders. Especially the Addons folder.

    Reason: RAMDRIVE.

    To speed up the game with the RAMDRIVE you copy the Addons folder to your RAMDRIVE and then the add it FIRST to your -mod line. To prove it works do the copy, rename the original Addons folder, change your -mod, start the game. Now all .pbo's load from super-fast ram instead of slow hdd/ssd. (Yes, RAM is light years faster than your SSD.)

    Example .....-mod=g:\Addons;@weapons;....

  3. The DLC strategy outright calls it a trial run for the plans for the Helicopters and Markmen DLC, as Byku said.*cough* More likely because a bunch of the servers are not up to the v1.2 version (of Arma 3) that just came out on this day.Only if you bought the Supporter Edition.

    Anyone know how I can verify that I bought the Supporter Edition?

  4. Stable 30FPS.

    It's as almost as near to slideshow.

    At least from what I can see.

    If I can't get a stable 50-60FPS in the 2013-2014 game with my hardware it's a past tense in my book.

    You're still streaming the game from a Hard Drive. You have to increase that speed either with a fast SSD or utimately a RAM Drive.

    My system has 1600Hz Ram, but I STREAM the Addons directory from a RAM Drive. The game is smooth as silk. I run 10,000 view distance.

    Remember everything is CONSTANTLY streaming from that directory to the CPU. You have to increase that speed. And nothing is faster than RAM.

    *1. Player sees chicken. 2. Goto Addons directory to stream in animals.pbo...........