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    Do/will AI in Arma have unlimited ammo?

    I really hope that the AI will react on the situation at the time. IE. Inform you (the SL) that they are running out of ammo. The reaction should be 1. that he is given another mag from another AI or even you without any interaction. 2. He automatically loots a nearby corpse or injured soldier for weapons / ammo This also goes for like medics, whenever a team is injured he should automatically start treatment without the need for you to give the order

    What do you think off the "future" setting

    I would love to see BI redo the eighties era. Basically because: 1. The Cold War 2. All the data is available on the equipment. We know almost everything about that era weapons and should be fairly easy to simulate 3. No hyper advanced equipment, and equipment still on the drawing board 4. No Arma-verse fantasy or never gonna be created weapons (like the comanche)

    Helicopter flight model from TakeOnHelis

    Yes I agree! Flight model, driving model should be as realistic as possible. If BI were to implement a realistic flight model into Arma3 (even Arma 2 in next patch (hopeful)) I would be overjoyed! Think of the possibilities when wrecking havoc online compared to current flight model: A blackhawk, or littlebird with a skilled pilot would be able to go from full speed to a dead stop, land, unload a platoon of players and get out of there within a few seconds. With the current flight model this isn't possible (or at least I've never managed to do this). Edit: This should of course be a serverside optional setting

    Helicopter flight model from TakeOnHelis

    Realistic flight model please! The main reason for this, there wouldn't be to many "wanna-be-pilots" wrecking havoc with Kamovs online, as well as the few that actually are able to handle the heli would become demigoods in the game, as the really good pilots are IRL. realistic flight model with realistic avionics would be totally awesome in Arma 3.

    E3 - Arma 3?

    I see that my text could be misinterpreted, what I meant was that you serverside could decide that clients wont be able to turn off grass.

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Yes, looks very promising. Hopefully you can serverside for MP decide whether grass should be on or off.

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    While I'm just as excited as the next arma fanatic about Arma 3, screenshots look awesome, but I still feel all this high-tech crap kind of makes Arma like nerfed Star Wars game. I would love to see BI redo OPF and a timeline between 1975 and 1990.
  8. Edit: Sorry... no discussions.. pasted into another thread
  9. Hello, Is there a way to force the AI to use secondary weapon as "default weapon", meaning keeping it raised and ready to use? I play a lot of Warfare (Benny), and I like to create "tank killing squads", hence I equip some of my AI soldiers with the following loadout / or similar to this: 1x 84mm Carl Gustaf 3x HEAT rounds 1x High Explosive round 1x G17 Glock with magazines 1x Binocular / Range finder I put my squad on "hold fire" and wait in a seemingly perfect ambush position. I put my AI team in "stop mode" and then switches to "danger mode", the AT equipped AI is in crouch mode, while the rifle, sniper, MG AI is proned. The AI now keep switching between secondary and main weapon, instead of having the 84mm ready to fire. When the enemy tanks / APCs close in I order the AI to open fire, they still keep switching between secondary / main weapon. I feel overjoyed if, when ever the AI actually manage to fire. Even if I equip the AI with only secondary weapon (AT Launcher) the AI switches between no weapon and secondary weapon at his own digression. This also applies when I create squads to battle airunits.
  10. PASTOR

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    My few wishes: On AI: 1. Being able to tell the AI that his main weapon should be that Javelin / 84mm RFK, instead of a pistol / rifle. 2. AI to react on orders, even under fire... Example a tank is approaching, the AI switches to Danger mode, you order AI to board car, he runs around the car three times, going down to prone, standing up, looks through his iron sights, laying down again, running a few meters west, the south. Tank is now visible, AI has been retarded for at least 30 seconds, now he boards but all to late, you are blown out of the sky. 3. AI Should react to type of class. Medics should start heal team members without the need for SL to order healing. Anyone shouting out "Wounded" or "I'm hit" should get medics attention automatically. 4. When AI is spotting something, he should say "unkown spottet North, close, medium or far" instead of "unkown spottet 11 o clock...." On gameplay: 1. Less bugs. Arma 2 is pretty close to perhaps the best game I have ever played (I have played CG since the early 80is). The only flaw is the countless annoyances found in the game in form of bugs. 2. Make the perfect driving / flight simulator. Flying helos and planes in ARMA is not "the real deal". Flight in Arma should be less arcade and more real life simulators. Flight today is almost to easy and to hard. 3. Netcode need some redoing, warping should not be an issue with todays broadband connections, computers and servers. 4. Voice activated orders. Instead of pressing 3 different buttons, scrolling the mouse AI should react voice activated orders: "Disembark, board car, suppressive fire front, Team with flank left etc."
  11. PASTOR

    Why should I buy your game ?

    Next we get to hear "will my computer run this game"... My question why do people even bother to answer these kind of questions?
  12. PASTOR

    Electronic warfare in Arma2?

    Exactly the one you mentioned. Thanks!
  13. I did a search for "radar" on the forum, but didn't get any relevant hits. If you watch the video for Russia, almost at the beginning of the video there is a radar spinning around. (anyone know what the designation for that radar is?) I guess it's only eyecandy for the vid, but how cool wouldn't it be if there were an actual working EWS system in the game.
  14. PASTOR

    Vehicles and micro-AI?

    I reckon I will play a few missions singleplayer to get familiar with the controls and the game basics before concentrating 100% on online gaming. IMO, advanced AI shouldn't be a topic for a game like this. This is exactly the type of game you are to play online against as many HUMAN players as possible, the more the merrier. Hopefully a human tank crew know the importance of using the terrain to their own advantage. Resulting that there should not be any needs for singleplayer and advanced AI soldiers....
  15. Nice eyecandy Maruk! Graphic vise I think that Arma was just about there, Arma II certainly is there if the screen caps show the end product. What worries me is the way the game handles flying. Let's face it, neither Arma nor OFP would never be classified as good flight simulators. Jerky controls, the obvious lack of flight dynamics and countless other design flaws made sure of that fact. I really hope that BI have had flight simulator enthusiasts in mind when creating Arma II.