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  1. Potatomasher

    New Beta Build 71726 is up

    Performance is greatly improved since i last time tested. :eek: I haven't had time for testing in recent months and today i checked the state of the game and i was stunned how much the devs have been able to improve performance. Textures load super fast and not much stuttering. Thank you BIS. Now i'm ready for OA without upgrading my rig
  2. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    There is two "reward" endings. It's just that the ending trigger is broken in one of them where you ended up. That will remain to be seen. Maybe someday i will continue to do something when i get my interest back. We'll see. ;)
  3. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    Yeah i was afraid of this when i changed the mission that it may feel too easy for others. :rolleyes:
  4. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    It seems something is wrong with the end trigger in the base. The mission should end after you get there. Another way to end mission is kill all enemies near evac zone. (hardest) And lastly the third and easiest way to end this mission is to die. Yes you heard it right. :rolleyes: So at this point i just recommend to load save before entering chopper and let yourself die. Just remember to call the evac chopper before dying. Otherwise the end trigger isn't activated if i remember correctly. At least you get through the mission that way. I always wanted to make mission that has shitty ending and not like usual hollywood style happy ending. Everybody survives and gets a big hooray party back home. I wanted to make something different for a change like in some good movies like in Cross of Iron from Sam Peckinpah. Now i know at least two guys have managed to survive the russian onslaught i put in the end. I need to make it even harder. :D Congrats to all of you who made it to the base. It surely isn't the easiest battle to win. Even i haven't got to the base ever. One time i was close, but the infantry killed me after i had taken out the tanks.
  5. Thanks for the update Protegimus. Have been using this sound mod since the first release and continue to do so.
  6. -exThreads=0 Bench 1: 19 -exThreads=1 Bench 1: 18 -exThreads=3 Bench 1: 19 I played a little with - exThread=3 option on and it really felt smoother than ever. But it may very well be just my "ass feel" and in reality it performed as before. ;) But anyway i'm just happy to know that something is done to engine code and devs are trying the best they can. Thanks BIS. :)
  7. Potatomasher

    Trees killing performance

    I noticed this trees killing fps too. I'm pretty sure that in 1.5 there was no fps hit by trees. Only in these recent beta patches. Lag starts suddenly and is very severe and suddenly it may disappear and fps increases.
  8. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    Yes they bail out for a reason. There's lot's of infantry with rpgs near drop off point and when i beta tested, lot's of times we got hit by a rpg very soon. So i thought this way the enemies don't destroy the APC and you may use it yourself later when you have secured the area. Though now in version 1.9 when you have artillery available and also one tank that comes with the support convoy this mission is walk in the park if you just drive around with that APC. :) And thanks to all who gave feedback. Much appreciated.
  9. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    No i didn't bother to change it in anyway compared to SP. Basicly you can just have your friend playing with you and cause havoc. Primarily this campaign is for single players. As i know there are guys who only play SP and don't hardly ever play MP. Just like myself.
  10. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    Ok. I decided to change just this one mission. I still have enormous motivation problems. Maybe OA will get my interest back. Or i hope so. Changelog V. 1.9 - Added friendly artillery to mission Village Sweep - Added one M1A1 to support convoy
  11. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    I'll see what i can do when i have time. There are couple of other missions too that are too hard for some of you so i might change them some way.
  12. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

  13. Potatomasher

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    There is trigger in the airport that should activate second ending. Though i didn't make alternative mission for this so the next mission is same as you would have died. Yes i didn't bothered to put life in the airport because i thought no one will ever get there. You are pretty tough guy i have to say that. How you did it if i may ask ? :)
  14. Potatomasher

    Arma2 beta builds 1.05.6xxxx

    I'm pretty sure all devs are aware of this and what the most of the community thinks about it by now. It's just that OA takes all their time now so all this crying is waste of time.
  15. Potatomasher

    Zipper5's Missions

    Your campaign looks very nice so far. I'm eagerly waiting here.