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  1. Sinistercr0c

    AMD 3800 and 6000 X2 CPU

    For anyone interested, I'm running reasonable FPS (like most other players its around 25 fps in most areas dropping in big cities) on an AMD Athlon 64 3800 x2 OC'd @ 2.5Ghz. This is on Vista 64 ultimate with 4gb of DDR400 RAM running at DDR456 (due to the cpu oc) and an ATI 4870x2 on cat 9.6 BUT only using one GPU as I get no gains running the -winxp handle or messing with the arma2.exe name. It appears to me at least that what BIS meant when they said the 'optimum' system specs were (for AMD at least) a 4400 CPU, you would see no improvement if you had a faster CPU than this. This is based on the huge volume of posters complaining they've got uber rigs and still only get 25 - 30 FPS in game.
  2. @159th - I get very similar results @ 1440 x 900 (tho for some reason I can't post 'em up). I agree with twisted tho, with fillrate set up above 100% your pushing the single GPU hard. I assume you meant Aniso Filtering (AF) is set Highnot Anti Alaising) (AA)? as AA is disabled by default (unless your changing your arma2.cfg file?) in which case you really are pushing that single GPU to the max. I suspect thats why your memio and dispio temps are so high....mine are disp - 63, mem 74....
  3. Sorry to sound like a doubting Thomas, but it all seems a little subjective IMO. I would have expected fraps to show reasonable framerates on this type of card anyway (and/or a single 4870 1Gb). Can anyone actually confirm using GPUZ that their 2nd GPU core temp runs similar to the first and show an average framerate a decent amount above 25 FPS via fraps, because if not I'd be tempted to suggest your just getting one core's worth of grafix power, and just assuming the second core is working. (as per Twisted's post above) I'll try to post screenies etc. (I also have a G15 keyboard so will try to get a digital camera shot of the fraps graph. If people could do the same?
  4. I have the same issue (tho a much inferior CPU - AMD Athlon 64 3800 x2 OC'd @ 2.5Ghz) and a Powercolor 4870x2. Similar framerates. IF you are running vista then try putting -winxp at the end of the target field in the properties of the arma2 shortcut. -nosplash also stops the needless loading of the BIS splashscreens. Other than this try setting filrate to 100% texture detail - high vid memory - very high anisotropic filter - high terrain detail - low object detail - low shadows - normal Postprocessing - disabled Its about the best compromise I've found and nets me approx 20/25 FPS which is livable I've tried GPUZ to check GPU core temps and see if both cards are working in xfire but not yet convinced they are....temp on first GPU seems very low @ 48 compared to 2nd GPU @ 60+.... this is what the -winxp handle is supposed to achieve (i.e xfire support) , but personally I thinks its b*ll**ks as the GPU temps say otherwise. Other than waiting for BIS or ATI/AMD to formally support crossfire in game I think we're goosed....:(
  5. Sinistercr0c

    Who's going to resist buying on the 19th?

    Pre-ordered yonks ago.....wouldn't matter if it were a bug ridden pile of pants (which I don't believe it is), it'll still kick ***:** arse, as (in the words of Bart Simpson) that 'sim' will both suck and blow at the same time.... No Leaning....err......yeah....right?
  6. Sinistercr0c

    patch 1.02 suggestions

    @ Hell Toupee, in a manner of speaking your head is attached to the gun (and yes I shoot in real life). When looking down the iron sights of a rifle, the stock is held tighly into the crook of the shoulder and the cheek rests firmly against the comb (top edge) of the butt. In this way, when fired from the standing or kneeling position, the entire top half of your body helps to absorb the recoil of the shot. The recoil of most high calibre/velocity rounds will move our head/body backwards. If not, (and depending on the calibre of the weapon being shot) you can end up being knocked backwards or having you cheekbone shattered. Similar principles apply on scoped weapons, except you keep your eye away from the scope in order to compensate for the recoil. http://www.rgbrowne.co.uk/storage/forumpics/0004.jpg Sorry about the size of the image...couldn't seem to scale it down....
  7. I suppose its a subjective thing on my part...with the limitations of my rig, I'd rather try to get more FPS (even if its only a perceived few) than have everything looking great but being a bit 'slow', especially in built up or heavily wooded areas....
  8. @Yapa, Potatomasher.... Thanks for the replies....must admit I'd not really considered my PSU as an issue given nothing has ever shut down on me..... Using the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite v2.5 (http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine) It calculates I need a 750W PSU (given the plethora of fans, HDD's etc etc.) for peak load usage.....Ho hum...time to dig out the credit card. On a side note, the reason I only run ArmA at low/medium settings is that it makes no difference if I have the settings on high/low/disabled as the FPS is always around 30FPS, therefore I've reasoned that I might as well squeeze as many FPS as I can by not having the GPU bother calculating high AA and extra textures/shadows....does this make sense?
  9. Interesting.....I might just look at an interim upgrade then... My ideal system would have been based around DDR3 and the new i7, but that needs a mobo thats just a ridiculous price... thanks for the opinion....tis appreciated.
  10. @ch 123.... I got lucky on the GPU, the retailer replaced my RMA'd 4870 with it by mistake....:D, and the raptors were a another lucky spot on Ebay. As you say the original FX-60 was hugely expensive when it was first released (rare but cheapish nowadays), but upgrading mobo, CPU and RAM is just not an option at the moment....tho I wish it were.
  11. Hi all, cheeky question coming up..... Currently my rig consists of: OS: Vista 64 Ultimate Mobo: Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe CPU: Socket 939 Athlon 64 3800 x2 (OC'd to 2.5Ghz) RAM: 4 x 1Gb DDR400 Crucial (running 427Mhz OC) GPU: PowerColor 4870 x2 (2Gb GDDR5) PSU: Hiper Type R 580W Disc: 2 x 300Gb Velociraptor in RAID 0 Currently I'm running ARMA at medium to low settings (No AA) due to only getting 20 - 30 FPS average. I know my limitation is my CPU, and given I have very little spare cash to upgrade, I'm after an Athlon 64 FX60 CPU (2.6Ghz stock hoping to OC to 3.2Ghz) in order to run ARMAII Does anyone on the UK side of the pond/community have one they'd consider selling....? As I said, cheeky question, but hey we're in a credit crunch don'cha know!!
  12. Err, isn't the thread originator just guilty of believing something someone else wrote and presenting the original article as a translation to back up his view that the AI aspect of the game 'might' not be as great as he'd thought/hoped?... not sure it neccessitated the vitriol spewed forth in some of the responses to be honest....
  13. Sinistercr0c

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    The clue as to what the 'mystery project' Dslyecxi is working on, is bound up in his first comment on the matter I would suggest....'more than just a video'.....hhmm what could be more than just a video....by jiminy jingo chaps, he's making a full pre-release TV/Film trailer!!! Tell me I'm right :D
  14. Sinistercr0c

    Too much for my PC to handle?

    I run a similar rig, same ram, screen res etc. but an AMD 3800 and an x1900xtx. I run most settings on Normal/low, deffo low on AA. Post process and texture to low too and I get 30 - 35fps across the board with maybe 40 - 60 in open areas. View distance anywhere upto 3000m isn't problematic for me. No matter how much you tinker gfx wise you won't get much more than 30 - 40fps aversage I suspect, but the above should help. I presume your using fraps to measure?
  15. Sinistercr0c

    ATI Catalyst 7.5 hotfix for ArmA leak

    Err, really happy for all those that have benefitted from the hotfix and thanks to ATI for releasing it, but as 7.5's kill my 1440 x 900 monitor resolution (and this still happens using the hotfix) then its back to 7.4's for me......