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  1. I'm trying... but now working not correctly problem with axis Missing namedproperties in some LODs maybe? You bring up namedproperties window via Window menu in O2 (or Ctrl+1), there should be one property called autocenter with value 0 in Geometry lod and perhabs also in first resolution LOD.
  2. Press any of the movement keys (W S A D) as you turn, or perform a roll.
  3. Panda-PL-

    ArmA II too Good to believe!

    The biggest and instant dissapointment so far is the M4 you can see on Arma2 videos. Â What happened Bis? Since you are stuck with this weapon for most missions (it seems) the AR-15 familly should be absolute priority. I also dislike the design of your team and characters. You gotta make up your mind: they are either marines or merceneries, cannot make them look loike both. This reminds me of shooters like BlackSite Area 51 or some console games (you know, where soldiers don't wear helmets... and have cocky nicknames). The East aircrafts look great, which suggest they bought them from a real fanatic. The quality of eastern tanks is not up to that standard sadely but it is still avarage or little above what you see in other games. The cupola MG could get updated. I am most glad because of new AI. From what was shown they are about the intelligence of FC2. Use cover and move tactically.
  4. You can have your own addon in another mod folder and make it load before ACE (add it after ACE in shortcut I think, I'm not 100% sure thou).
  5. Been there, done that. Won't work. Effect was terrible. :/ The rendered normal map is stretched to all sides due to the fact the ray casting was made allong the lowpoly normals. And lowpoly normals were meesed up by setting whole thing to smooth so ray casting went horribly wrong as a result. Furthermore I am not certain but it appears the method of interpolation of normal within faces is inconsistent between O2 and other apps, so it's better to keep the normal map blue and differences of normals allong edges of polies low. This is just suspicion, but a strong one due to the fact that this stretched and deformed normal map I got by using all-smooth lowpoly had uneven surface (triangle-shaped artifacts) even thou it should not. You didn't understand me I think, or I described it incorrectly. Object-space normal map is the rainbow one, it contains no information about the lowpoly mesh normals. So it doesn't matter the two lowpoly have different normals. Then you use the fact the UVs are the same between the two lowpolies and you simply apply the "rainbow" normal map to the new, hard-edge lowpoly. The third step is to change the "rainbow" normal map to tangent-space normal map using normals of this hard-edged lopoly. The effect is the normals from hipoly are transferred to ingame, hard-edge lowpoly, however the ray casting is done using normals from the other, subdivided lowpoly. Thus avoiding the distorsion. Noweher in the process is there any baking between the two lowpolies, the correspondence of UV is enougth.
  6. The welds look like mesh, or really good displacement map. I'm also intrested in the hatching on this thing, how was this done. I know a fairly simple method of making them in modo, but these things are really hipoly :O. Is this mesh or did you make a displacement map? I am in the same department, thus my intrest. BTW: someone hinted me about how to get a good bake of normal map (without the problems with ray casting over hard edges): use subdivided (not smoothed. Just Shift+D in modo) lowpoly (set edges to smooth to get smooth normals for baking) to render object-space normal map, then bake it onto a not-subdivided lowpoly (ingame model) to get the final tangent-space normal map.
  7. Perhabs some peopel removed Stamina. It should not be possible to "run around" with two primary weapons just like that, unless people are cheating or the stamina system is not restrictive enougth. The weight of second weapon is counted into stamina system, so people should be able to carry two weapons if and only if they could do the same IRL in this situation.
  8. Will think wbout it in the future. Problem is that would require redesign of the weapon itself, since there is literally no rail under the attachments. The M4 also has no full length rail guards. This makes it more work than you assume it is. Needs new textures and maps aswell.
  9. Great indeed. The problem with pattern being too obvious is gone now. As allways it's 10x better to render than to hand draw textures. These beat Bi texture hands down. Good work.
  10. <ul>[*]reason is you can now carry TWO primary weapons and switch between them. [*]nope. You need to unload greanades from backpacks once you run out of those readilly accesable. No need to introduce a separate system (that could only make hte whole thing more buggy.) [*]There are only smoke rounds and HEDP rounds for M203 in service (and a less-then leathal one, but...). The buckshot round used in M79 cannot be used in M203 (M79 can use M203 rounds IRL, but M203 cannot use any M79 round). There is no buckshot round for M203, even thou it was requested years ago. Ever thought that not all ACE Members are scripting specialists? It would be very bad to tell the modelers or else to "stop developing" until some scripts are fixed.... Â Specialisation. With some little exceptions the script and config writers within ACE have little clue about modelling. Scripting people and modelling people are two separate teams. Makes sense if you think about it, since you cannot model with one hansd and script with the other hand it's better to specialize only in one and just have general idea about the other, so that you can consult your ideas. Another thing is that the russian infantry models were donated to the mod.
  11. If by grenadier you men M4 with M203: there is one (actually, two). Anyone who ever played games like Ghost Reacon or Vietcong will know the feature. I think it is awesome.Increase your free float zone in controls and see what it does, perhabs you find it too restrictive because you have the slider all the way to the left. OR: Hold down Alt.
  12. Is the time of day the same? I have noticed on latest generation of vid cards the flash won't appear at all durring full daylight. There are many alpha channel inconsistencies in general :/. Were you using the exact same rifle?
  13. I think a simple Ambient Occlusion would solve it. If not, just make the texture darker around the door manually (thou, AO is the preffered method).
  14. Everything else working perfect, but O2 itself laggs a lot. I switched from Sapphire Radeon X800 (O2 working smooth) to ASUS EAH4670 (O2 laggy).
  15. @plantiff: this is getting really good. @godhammer: could use specular... And I think this is allready a fetish. NOw my stuff... I know ever since ArmA was made people were having wet dreams about these. Even thou they do not look as good in ArmA as in other apps (for some reason) I think they will do: (Original FN, Colt and other markings and trademarks included )