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  1. Is the SP mission incompatible with ACE3? I got shot and couldn't respawn :/
  2. profe

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Sorry if this has been answered, I searched the thread to no success, but the hinds at missles have no effect on bluefor armor. I disabled extended armor and still slammers just keep rolling and firing their mgs.
  3. I think my question is along the lines of Yupi's, I tried adding the RHS hinds and frogfoot to the Bluefor side, but when I call for their support, the frogfoot is marked as enemy and destroys all my vehicles :p. The hinds on the other hand are marked as civilian and for the most part just hover overhead and occasionally attack targets. Is this a bug or is it just crazy to add redfor units to bluefor side? Haven't tested infantry or armor.
  4. Sorry if this has been asnwered before, what is the range for antenae and transmission tower discounts?
  5. This is some really quality work Saok. Best single player experience I've had on any modern shooter. I few things I noticed, I don't know if they've been adressed: When I paradrop teammated they fall to the ground detached from their parachute, which floats to the ground by itself. Sometimes when I order paradrop vehicles they won't arrive at all. Amazing mission!
  6. Thanks man Just so you know I still think the mission is damn awesome. I don't know if it's been recommended but I think you could emphasise certain areas of the map more In my experience most of the fighting takes place around hills. For example I think the research facilities and cities are underused and are some of the most intense and interesting locations for battles IMO. Maybe make fighting for control of cities as tasks, or capturing research facilities give prestige boost.
  7. I really did enjoy the old VAS system much more than the current gear system. It was real easy to setup your squad with saved custom loadouts before going out to your next objective. I honestly don't like the new system at all, it's just too much of a hassle to be driving around to dead bodies and dropped crates to gather stuff, wastes too much time, it's very restrictive, distracts from the action, and is just no fun at all. Anyways, that's just my opinion, but I did try to reinstall the old version of the mission I got from armaholic, yet for some reasons it keeps loading as the new one. I deleted my saved games and all traces I could find related to the mission and tried again but to no avail. Any help here?
  8. I have the same problem. Also apparently I was using a very old version before, but is there a way access VAS like the old version where you had almost every piece of gear to choose from or has that been completely removed?
  9. I'm sorry if this have been answered before, I used the search thread option and couldn't find the answers I was looking for. 1. How do I deal with prisoners?(besides just executing them) 2. Is there a way to finish the mission? I took over all camps, outposts, all resource points, and eliminated enemy groups, still I get the randomly spawning infantry squads and random attacks. Is there a way to achieve a total victory?
  10. all glory to the hind and the people who are working to bring it into arma.
  11. profe

    SLX Vehicles

    Solus marry me!
  12. profe


    Great stuff guys, this looks like one hell of a mod.
  13. profe

    Hind wip

    Maybe you can get some help from the RHS guys
  14. that t-90 indeed looks nice. It would be awesome to see it released in cooperation with RHS.
  15. They definately don't look as bad as symbiot makes them out to be, I think they look pretty good considering how much work it is to make real good textures.
  16. it happened like 3 times but has stopped happening. Guess it might have been an issue with the gpu, but it's still pretty weird that only the textures from the addon where the only ones affected. Still, since I haven't been able to recreate it I can't be more specific.
  17. profe

    Music player - HULK_OggPlayer

    Does this support units from other addons? I'm ussing the russian federation units and I don't get the play music dialog.
  18. Maybe it is some problem with the normals, also note it doesn't seem to affect the helmet textures. I do have the latest drivers unless they released new ones in sept, but I don't think it's the drivers. I'll do some more troubleshooting.
  19. Help! Help! Textures gone array!! Everything was working fine but today the textures went crazy. It seems to depend on the detail, if I lower texture detail to low they don't look mmessed up, also as the units are farther the effect goes away. SLA and other textures are normal, only the RFU seems affected.
  20. profe

    RKSL Studios

    awesome work. Love the detail on the cockpit.
  21. I just want to say I really appreciate all the work you put into these units. I'm eagerly waiting to see what you guys will bring to ArmA in a future version with new models for LBVs and other gear. Big fan of RHS stuff, and bigger fan of your arma work. BTW one thing I think would be great for a future release would be to include russian voices for the units, like the ones from ffur(!?) for ofp.
  22. profe

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    of course it helps, it's exactly where the abreviation spetsnaz comes from I even bolded it
  23. profe

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Translit: Spetsnaz Voyska spetsialnogo naznacheniya cyrillic alphabet lol well apparently the forum can't handle cyrillic characters. but I'm pretty sure it's spetsnaz
  24. profe

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    nice, can't wait to see what you guys will have for v.3