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  1. Spartan 163

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Can't see unit emblem. Tried redoing 15 different times and still cant see it in game or on vehicles. https://units.arma3.com/unit/spartan163 Of the other 2 units I am part of I only one works.
  2. A new Army is always welcomed. Anything new to shoot at is always welcomed.
  3. Downloading and testing now. Been waiting for this. Cool Beans!
  4. Spartan 163

    JNF Ace Config Addon

    Nice. Will check this out. Looks cool so far.
  5. Nice. This fits so well with some of the other stuff released so far.
  6. Verry nice. Looking forward to seeing more of this. Good luck to you.
  7. Spartan 163

    Hazmat Units (OA)

    Very nice. Thanks for this. THis will be put to good use.
  8. Spartan 163

    JTK HALO Script by Kempco

    Thanks for this. Will test asap.
  9. Verry cool. Love your base setups. Please keep up the great work.
  10. Spartan 163

    Tactical Flashlight

    Thank you. Like you said simple but needed.
  11. Not a problem. Small engine parts are cool. cant see you running around with a V8 block on your back alone. Keep it up. This is turning out to be a fave mod for me.
  12. Can you add MRE packs and maybe other type of food drink items? That would fill the scavenger part. Some other things like gun parts and maybe engine parts for the mechanics.
  13. Spartan 163

    [WIP] OFrL Survivor

    Good luck with this. There can never be to many zombie missions. Like the new objects. Will there be a food water system? Also will this be compatible with other mod?
  14. LOL! Such a small but cool idea. Next step make some of the items actually useful thru scripts would be cool. Thanks for making this.
  15. Spartan 163

    SU-24MK for CDF

    Verry nice. This will be a nice addition to my aircraft folder.