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    How to improve FPS in game

    How to improve FPS: 0. add -cpucount=x to you shortcut target line, where x is the physical core count on your CPU, and -exthreads=x 1. Reduce or disable antialiasing 2. Insert other settings you're going to toy with anyway here As you can see here -world=empty will only disallow stratis from being loaded into memory at launch and will do nothing to change FPS performance once you're actually playing on the island.
  2. Jack

    Organized Alpha Coop

    If the OP decides to go forward with this I'd suggest creating a steam group for it.
  3. Jack

    System Requirements

    If you're looking for a laptop that can run ArmA2 or Carrier Command: Gaea Mission that laptop would be a good choice based solely on the hardware. I'm not a huge fan of the bloatware that comes on HP laptops though. Sager is a great choice too. http://www.pctorque.com/sager-laptops.php
  4. Jack

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    Unfortunately you still wasted your time by not providing insight or thoughts on specifically why that is happening. Saying "I receive poor performance in this beta compared to other versions" is not going to help other people verify your claims or fix what may be a significant problem in future betas. Providing your example mission and empirical evidence will.
  5. If it's going around in circles, go to the driver position and sit there for 10-30 seconds without touching anything. You'll notice the steering wheel returning to center in first person mode and after it does the vehicle will then be drivable again.
  6. Jack

    Next DLC: PMCs

    A new island would be preferable to PMCs for the focus of a new DLC. Something at least half the size of Takistan.
  7. Sounds like the BMP-2 and T-55s are seeing the turned out loader first and targeting him. If you put down an empty M1A2 and have all slots filled except for the loader they will engage with their main armaments.
  8. Jack

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    Ambient Civilians is what is killing your performance. I doubt it would be any different in 1.54 with that same mission
  9. TS3 and ACRE are great. I would still like to see mumble support added to arma 2 though, simply because it wouldn't be terribly difficult and mumble is open source.
  10. May want to fix the link the original post.
  11. Earplugs have to be in your inventory. You also need to edit ace_clientside_config.hpp with your in-game nick which is a file in your userconfig\ACE directory. For example mine is located at: E:\Bohemia Interactive\userconfig\ACE Once you find the file open it with a text editor program like notepad and edit line 121 with your in-game nick.
  12. Thanks. I think for now I'll just use ACE without ace_c_ai_rof, ace_c_ai_skill, and ace_c_ai_sensors pbos. Pretty sure thats whats causing the AI to fire at nothing and waste magazine after magazine.
  13. Is there any way to make the AI more accurate? As it stands when they see an enemy they fire in almost every other direction but at the actual target they are attempting to hit. It's really absurd how completely inaccurate and wasteful of ammunition the AI can be at times. For example in many instances with a couple AI attacking you if they are bunched together they will actually friendly fire each other since they are shooting like crazed lunatics in all directions. Automatic Rifleman and Machine Gunners are the worst because they have the most ammunition to waste before reload and will typically be responsible for these types of FF incidents. I realize this was probably done to make firefights longer and/or more intense but in the end I think all it really does is make the AI less of a challenge compared to what they're capable of in stock ArmA 2/OA. Based on my observations: At 15-100m an enemy AI needs ~50 rounds to hit you. At 15-300m an enemy AI needs 100-200 rounds to kill you. At 400m+ distance an enemy AI will in most cases be unable to hit you.
  14. Would be cool if this was an Open Source project, people with delphi skills could help you create this much faster and more efficiently. Best of luck zvukoper.
  15. Not sure if this has been mentioned or addressed already, but I get the following script error when play Takistan Force missions: Error in expression <ilian: {"CIV"};}; _trgname="KRON_Trig_"+_trgside+"_"+_areamarker; _flgname="KRO> Error position: <+_trgside+"_"+_areamarker; _flgname="KRO> Error +: Type Bool, expected Number,Array,String File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Takistan\upsmon\UPSMON.sqf, line 594
  16. Takistan Force - ACE2 Edition Changed All Strykers to ACE_Stryker variants Changed M1A2 Tusk to ACE M1A1HA Tusk CSAMM variants All players have earplugs Added LOTS of ACE weapons to the crates Added various RuckSacks for East and West Crates http://www.filefront.com/17202171/TFOR_ACE_Edition.zip
  17. Have to agree with Abs on this one. The destruction of the WTC by terrorists is a very sensitive issue for many people, not the least of which myself, and I can't see a reason not to build a religious center near ground zero. It's a big fuck you to terrorists that think they can alter our way of life or instill a xenophobia of Islamic people who are just trying to get by like the rest of us.
  18. http://prsoundtrip.blogspot.com/ YN1qEirC714
  19. Jack

    Operation Poppy Flower

    You can either use cpbo (recommended) or export it to multiplayer missions when you save it in the editor.
  20. There may be a problem with this and OA/CO+ACE2 1.5 builds. As evidenced by kill4eva's post.
  21. ---- The last Beta build for OA/CO is 72418.
  22. Jack

    Stryker MGS

    That's probably the most significant issue with the BIS Stryker MGS, IMO. SABOT type ammunition for the main gun would be excellent as well.