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  1. OkitaMakoto

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    I dont know how to edit pbos or anything and I dont want to have to give them init coding every time, but I see that this is gonna be added in an update, so that's cool
  2. OkitaMakoto

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    Awesome! Great work, Im actually just now reinstalling ArmA and figured Id check the forum for new stuff love mgs4 so this is a great find. You should seriously look into getting them Scars, it'd be a really nice finishing touch and you know you now have to model the Irvings[gekkou], right? :P Hehe, thanks again
  3. OkitaMakoto

    OFM Uhao

    dang, im sad to say i uninstalled ArmA recently, this map looks amazing. That video looks dang near real! :P Great job. If i ever reinstall, ill be sure to check this out!
  4. OkitaMakoto


    This looks awesome mate! I really cant wait to coop this with a friend upon release! Keep it up!
  5. OkitaMakoto

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Any way to easily replace the ACU standard units with the new MARPAT marines camo used in WARFARE 1.0? Probably a simple config replacement addon[that I dont know how to do], but Id appreciate if someone could whip that up for me :P Thanks in advance, hope this was the best place to put it
  6. OkitaMakoto

    El Templato Gigante

    You could put some sort of glass bubble around it or something for a little more protection This is great though hope to see some awesome SciFi updates include things based off of this
  7. OkitaMakoto

    El Templato Gigante

    Hahaha thats AWESOME! Hope some people get on this and make a final textured fun vehicle for Coop play or something Haha, nice!
  8. OkitaMakoto


    I hope this means you'll be making a video that takes place in the air, ArmAVidz! These look awesome! Keep it up!
  9. OkitaMakoto

    1st Infantry Division

    Sorry if this has been said, but I just downloaded these and found a slight bug/problem on my computer... When you make your character look straight down, and then look at his shoulders, his shoulderblades stick far up above his uniform. Now, Im not saying its the addon for sure, it might just be my system[i *think* I have seen this problem on the standard BIS models as well].. Ill get pics in an hour or so and put up a link to an image. if you could let me know if its the animations, my computer , or something else, that would be awesome! Till then, These are AWESOME!
  10. In the format in which it has been distributed, you'd have to replace some of the installed stuff to get it to work. You'd have to un-pbo <ArmA>/AddOns/weapons.pbo, overwrite the "<ArmA>/AddOns/weapons/sound" directory with the new one in this pack then re-pbo to make a new weapons.pbo. Thanks, although, as I said, thats not something Im willing to do when there are easier sound mods to install. Especially since I havent heard any samples or youtube clips containing this one. Look forward to an addon folder release of these so I can check them out and still play online.
  11. What id like to know his how to get it to work...
  12. "Just replace Addons\weapons\sound folder with this folder." Thats all that the readme says.... in the addons folder... there arent folders....what do I do? Im not about to replace the addons folder stuff either, thats ridiculous. Id like to hear these and check them out, but I'm not about to replace the originals or open up .pbo's.
  13. OkitaMakoto

    Autumn (recolored) plants

    Could we see a pic of the plants in the south/desert area? This looks awesome, as I sometimes tire of the palm tree desert look.. Just wouldn't mind seeing how the south part looks, as you said it was a bit "meh" Thanks, looks great!
  14. OkitaMakoto

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    Check your shortcut E:\games\ArmA\beta\arma.exe -mod=beta;dbe1 -nosplash Heh, yeah. Just got help from another. I feel like an idiot... Didnt know it changed exe's Thanks Aside from that, as I said in the other post, this patch has done wonders on my end!
  15. OkitaMakoto

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    Your shortcut is probably pointing to the old 1.08 exe. It should be ArmA\beta\arma.exe, not ArmA\arma.exe. Heh, a very helpful first post if I may say so myself. :doh: Thanks, aside from that, this patch has done wonders.