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  1. As it says the AACF sound mod was released recently I would like to say thanks to several people for thier help with the mod BlackKnight (Sound Design and Configs) Fromz (Sound Design and Configs) Sgt_Savage (Sound Design and Configs) pingu (configs) This mod is a combination of Fromz's original work in the FFAM mod (was editted with his permission and help) ,many hours of pouring over sound banks and many hours of editing and testing All Sounds in the mod either came from the original FFAM mod sound pack (this mod uses it as its base) or were outsourced from outside the ArmA community from sound banks and recordings some of which i aquired myself i hope you all enjoy the efforts we have gone to to make this our best work yet downloads available here signed version 2.2 Â mediafire.com GamingSA mirror here Armaholic mirror here
  2. it doesnt that was just an example of my shortcut
  3. just so everyone knows there isnt any change to the sound mod itself just that the BI-key was fixed anyways all questions concerning the mod can be directed to trooper ryan till i get back from my hiatus all the best ONI
  4. ok here we go....personally i would like to see if  someone could do a  realistic version of the jav  because the current one continues to block your line of sight 1 while moving 2 while trying to take a sight picture standing ,kneeling and prone now in real life a soldier doesnt run around with the CLU (firing device) attached to the javelin the javelin is loaded onto the CLU prior to firing and only takes a second or two to do so maybe somone can model up a javelin where the CLU is not on the javelin only the tube till it has to be used and then the sequence would go from the load then fire this would reduce blocking of lines of sight and also would be a more realistic javelin imho edit: also another nice adition would be to add in the alternate fire type (top ) as this would allow the javelin to do what its designed to do and thats attack the weakest armor of tanks and thats always on top
  5. ONI.au


    after many hours of going over models and working with the design team on these babies im proud to show you guys work in progress of buggies we are working on for a mod my team are putting together now there is going to be a chinese version and a US version for the mod  we are doing but we will be releasing them as separate addons for those that want to use them in mods however they wont be manned they will be empty vehicles meant for mutliplayer at this stage we are however having a few issues and if anyone can help us with the configs then it would be very appreciated anyways here are some images please remember these are a WIP and not complete (btw thx to johnny for the use of his buggies as a base for the FAV's and also to jantemplar and choib for thier fantastic work getting these to look as close to the real deal as possible)
  6. it never used to discard the effect in fact we had a hard time with every version of the beta's trying to modulate the sound mod against them as they changed the way sounds affect in game each one however....at this time it isnt pheasable to change any of the vehicle sounds to suit the current beta as we dont know as to when the next beta will be out or if a definite patch will be released soon( i hope so ) as each time we have fixed it for the previous beta they released a new beta and we were back at square one again so i hope you can all understand why we havent changed any of the vehicle sound settings at this time once we have a definite controlled circumstance then i think we will rectify the issue but with each edition that comes out it just becomes pointless unless its a long standing update as to the other sounds i am glad that ppl like the imersion and feel that our sound mod gives as it took us a good 12 months to get the feel we wanted in our mod Sav and BK are currently looking at differing aspects of the mod and i am taking a small hiatus due to rl interferances im involved in but i support the work they are doing to improve on our work 110% and if we can improve on it in the areas we want to then it will take sound modding to an all new level anyways thats all i have for you all at this time all the best ONI
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    i just got my pc back from repairs i will be looking into what has been done on the vehiclkes in my abscence and letting you know as soon as i have information as to how far from completion these babies are all the best ONI
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    yeah atm im stepping back on the project as my pc had a brain fart(psu fan died and it being a 600 watt cooked my pc memory and god knows what else)but my moddeling team with AACF is continuing on reguardless they have thier objectives and requirements and know what to do( im just the brains behind it anyways jan and choib have the knowhow lol) so hopefully i will be back on track as soon as my pc is repaired ......waiting.....but we will see how things go lol i will be keeping track of the projects im involved with but my hands on has stopped in its tracks (bloody fan &%***!!!!!!! anyways all the best ONI
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    mate the wheels are where they are simply due to the position on the real thing but repositioning can be done on the side to remove it from view but as far as los is concerned the guns only have a 90' arc to the front (for both) as its just not phisically capable in real life to stretch outside the canopy and rotate the m2 or mk19 further if you are strapped into that chassis plus the driver and secondary gunner have all the veiw in the world (when you sit in this thing you will see what i mean) and wont need to worry about the gunner up to seeing the target due to as soon as the targets are detected it doesnt take that much for the driver to whip the steering wheel and have the gun facing down range but be warned these things cant take much fire but can be rolled safely due to the roll cage but dont do it too often lol(things have a habit of going boom lol) all the best ONI
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    sorry about that franz the images i created were only 100kb but when i transfered them to storage they somehow blew out of proportion .....going to have to check the sizes on the hosting site from now on i think
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    updated by the team just now M2 variant and the Mk19 variant only a few slight issues and some beta testing and these beauties will be off the production line guys will let you know when they are ready all the best ONI
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    here is a current screenshot(m249 is in proxy till pintle mount and ammo box is modelled also still working out how to man the guns (its not allowing us to mount them still)should be putting a spare tire on the chassis also anyways here is the current version http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/9461/arma2008031619044408zl8.jpg
  13. ONI.au

    RH weapons

    i hope you can fix the groza's RH the hand positionings just ruin it for me (AAW fixed thier bullpups by repositioning the model i believe best to talk to them to find out how) but once that is fixed i would be proud to put them in the mod im working on with my team(little bit of china vs US with a resitance force thrown in for good flavour) anyways thats my only complaint mate other than that these weapons float my boat all the best ONI
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    the recoiless rifle was dropped from the program as they were finding it shook the body of the buggies too much to the point of near flipping the things as far as alternate loadouts we will be placing the Mk19's and the AGS30 on both the variants and we will also be doing a desert and black version of them aswell as far as an iron clad i dont know if that was ever thought of at this stage i would have to talk to some of my buddies in the states and see what i can find out lol
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    there already is they are made by JOHNsArT and are available on Armaholic or Armedassault.info as well as many other arma sites just got to look
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    we will fix the rear wheels (used the originals) and as was said in my first post these are a work in progress not a finnished product so lets keep that in mind when finished we will have a chinese variant and a US variant available as separate pbo's we are making a chinese variant to accompany fromz's chinese special forces aswell as a US version for a mod we are working on
  17. ONI.au

    Australians At War Mod

    AAW guys wont touch the ADF mod if you want to know why ask them in pm but they will go into extreme detail in explanation lol
  18. ONI.au


    as far as i know these arent port overs but recent models but same principle as the ofp models(person to ask would be johny)
  19. ONI.au


    we have a rather ful group of betatesters at this point mate (we all use voice coms as testing is being done so things can be fixed on the spot) and as you know too many voices drowns out the room lol but we are looking for experienced configgers to help with a couple of the issues we have with the models one of which is setting up the gunners to work the way we want (same principle as the gunners from the blackhawks is what we have in mind) and also we plan to add a second gun to the passenger seat (in the chinese version the weapon would be thier lmg created by fromz with the US the m249) these are things we want to fix gunners cant access the gunners seat invisible wall in the model inside the rollcage and a few lod issues once these issues are rectified and the textures finalised we will put out a beta to our team and wont be long after that that the public beta will be available
  20. Sick man you have made our modding team very happy these will be going in our US/China mod for definite you and your team are gods amongst modders we from AACF salute you
  21. no probs mate if you want contact me via pm we use teamspeak to do most of our work together if you want i will give you ts details and you can come in and help us with it as i noticed that with your config the sounds were different than our config i dont know if you had changed any variables on the way so if we can get you to help us to keep the 'feel' we have then by all means mate we would appreciate the help also we also use the six sense mod on one of our servers and havent seen any errors that you speak of and replacement mods are all around in the mods we are working on and havent seen any errors in the time we have been working with it(also can you tell us what you used to edit the config as its madness trying to edit yours without what your using) lol all the best ONI
  22. gleek the sounds are actually taken from the real thing so if you dont like the sounds i suggest you go out and record some for youself and tell us they dont sound right the unfortunate thing is the game engine alters the the rpm of the sounds to the point that we have to either speed the sounds up or slow them down to suit
  23. ONI.au

    RH Aks pack 1.5

    would love to see a mosin-nagant with equivalent sight to the m24 if you have the time there RH that would top off your pack nicely (not everyone is a fan of the SVD i prefer the mosin) Â
  24. ONI.au

    Vilas' addons

    guys what you are discussing is actually against the agreements with BI in the moddeling programs released by BI and also in the rules for the forums no moddeler is to recieve payment on any works done for mods to be released to the public