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  1. @...Syn... So he will guarantied get 100mbit network? I have never seen a 100mbit get 100mbit all the time. I know my guesstimate for 40mbit is low, but then again, is just for A2 to calculate whatever it calculates. I think your values are far off, but you may be more correct than me. Since I only have 12-18 people and only 26mbit network. And of course 100mbit ain't 100000000 bits, since its 1k ain't 1000, but 1024. I see I have written 4MB, but I mean 4GB of memory. But you guys got that one. Then he has 12 GB RAM left to play with. And the explanation for MaxMsgSend was good. But I doubt you're numbers will hold on "da intanet". But if he get's those values you say, it would be awesome.
  2. This is just to "clean up" Server.cfg motd[] = { "", "", "", "Benvenuto nel server BDR", .......... "", <- not the last "," }; It's in bits pr second. An of course it's a guesstimate Basic.cfg MinBandwidth=41943040; (40 mbps) MaxBandwidth=104857600; (100 mbps) and the ones to play with is these three I think MaxMsgSend = 1024; MaxSizeGuaranteed = 1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 64; And why do you don't use default in v1.60 instead of:MinErrorToSend = 0.0040000002; But the server probably won't use more than 4MB RAM. You could set up the server with RAMDISK and put the most used addons in that RAMDISK. Also you could use "mklink" to make links to the addons in RAMDISK. After that you probably have to consider the mission.
  3. nobrainer

    Version Clarification

    The server don't have to be the same build as all the other files. As long as it's 1.60.
  4. nobrainer

    ShackTac Movement addons

    ok, will check again. Got the last download from DevHeaven and it did not work, but maybe I did something wrong. Thats why I used SU version. But I will check and report back. Thanks for reply.
  5. nobrainer

    ShackTac Movement addons

    hihi thanks. Went to Six Updater to get a V2 signed version. It would be great if you guys could sign it with V2 and release it again for others that might not use Six Updater.
  6. dedicated server v1.60, with hotfix 4 - build 87662. verifySignatures = 2; When people connect with V1 signatures, why don't the RPT show this? Or the console? It makes it hard to know what went wrong and to help the ones with problems. Or do I have to do something special for these messages to show in ether console or RPT or both?
  7. nobrainer

    ShackTac Movement addons

    oh this is old.... But, is this addon still usefull after v1.60? I use it, but have not tested without it. Just want to know from you leet guys? btw: kane_WWE_07, only dedicated servers need the *.bikey.
  8. nobrainer

    help with cfg file

    That message has nothing to do with the cfg. But it might have something to do with A2 and A2:OA. Seems like an error I have seen a lot of people complain about when they don't get A2:CO working correct. Ether -mod="" is wrong or patching / registry is wrong I think
  9. nobrainer

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I think Jarhead should wait until next official patch comes out, then do some testing and see that nothing is broken. Then release JSRS. Then he don't have to do things twice. He might not have to do things twice, but you never know with all the fixes that comes out with patch v1.60.
  10. They have already answered... But if you are planning to have A2:CO, Install A2 first and start A2. This is to get registry, files and folder created. Then install A2:OA. Start up A2:OA to fix registry, files and folders. Then you can patch it to the latest level. Then you should be fine to start A2:CO... I use -profiles to get all these server spesific files into one folder. I don't use folders for A2 with special characters or spaces and as short as possible. Just because I'm lazy. Something like this "-profiles=C:\A2F" I also specify -cfg and -config so I know what I use.
  11. Install you're copy of the game on the server. Patch it up. Start it up once, just so you get the config-files. Then you can use the dedicated-exe file and play. You won't get fade or anything. If you just copy ..\Arma2\, then you have to fix registry and such when patching or you have to copy it again. The dedicated-exe won't work without every file, so no, you can't just use 1.59 exe. There is a dedicated exe for A2 and one for A2:OA. But if you got A2:OA, combine the folders or install in the same folder and just start the A2:OA dedicated.
  12. I uses -profiles=*** -cfg=*** and -config=*** with my server, so my RPT-files is placed where my config files are. Might start looking there at least.
  13. I would say yes, but then again, test it. You need a good uplink and a really good host. I don't think CTI or Warfare is the kind of missions you want to test and not too many AI.
  14. nobrainer

    Patrol Operations 2

    Hi Could you please test you're missions on a dedicated server and take a look at the RPT file afterwards? Some of these missions stops my A2CO server, but can't seems to find the answer to exactly whats killing my server. We run a lot of addons and maybe it's something wrong with one of them.