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    Problem mount P:

    What is the Error Message your getting? You check out https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Work_Drive
  2. Try checking your "DLL Folder" path in Object Builder "Options",


    5-12-11 M1151+M-ATV Here is an updated M1151 HMWWV for those interested in the addon. I've also included a very early stage WIP of the M-ATV that I have been messing around with. Its not really useable at the moment. Needs just about everything done to it. Its mostly just 1 visual lod an nothing more. But give it a try an let me know what you think about. Vehicles: WEST M1151 M2 Woodland = US Army/USMC M1151 M2 Desert = US Army/USMC MATV M2 Desert - Early Alpha = US Army M1151 M2 = UN M1151 M2 = PMC Variants EAST M1151 M2 = Taki Military Police Requirements: ARMA:2 Combined Operations PMC Lite or Full for M1151_Misc1.pbo Vehicles Discussion Area: -=/UP-ARMORED Vehicles\=- WIP Notes: The class name has changed "NZX_M1151D_M2" to "NZX_M1151D_M2_US_Army" "NZX_M1151W_M2" to NZX_M1151W_M2_US_ARMY". This will be perm. It will not change again. Needed USMC class names for these Vehicles. Credits: BIS - Model/Everything NZX - This an That... Ebolax - Reference DOWNLOAD File Size: 40.71 MB Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Modify Permission Granted to: ShOcKeRoS = Retexture Sakowski = Retexture
  4. Have you looked at Resin Kits for some reference? They can be handy at times.

    Whats happened to this community


    Whats happened to this community

    Nobody likes commitment.

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Thanks for the news.

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Looks interesting for sure.
  9. Excitement is brewing. Looking forward to these assets.

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    Yes, I would purchase more then 3 copies minimum of these Bi products. The Pros over run the Cons.

    MRAP MaxxPro Modification - Release

    Thanks for the addon RichardsD. Looking forward to the updates an what ever else comes along. :p


    True that. You can already see content being ripped from other game titles. But they did have a map editor for the Dev edition.
  13. Its odd that starting some tools from different locations have a different effect. I have to start Object Builder from its P: drive installation path or buldozer wont find viewer when started. It just wont work when trying to start it from steam or the tools gui. Now the Addon Builder is the complete opposite. An once I got everything working. I did a reboot an I started the tools like normal an now they are not working properly after that last update. Oh well.

    List Of Files To Copy Directly

    lol whats the point anymore you get everything working an then you reboot an poof its all jacked up.
  15. Unlink your "gunnerview" memory point from the barrel/animated memory points. I dunno what they are to name them correctly. But look in your Memory Lod. Maybe select the the gunnerview mem point an copy then delete it an paste it in a new lod an delete all the names but gunnerview an copy paste it back into your memory lod?

    Problems with Resolution LOD

    Wrong engine. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Oxygen_2_-_Manual#Resolution_LODs. Well its more like what ever model is next it will use with what ever video setting you have selected. Makes no difference what number you use for the lod.
  17. An what did you use for your "Addon Source Directory" path?. If your "Addon Source Directory" is set to where your tools are installed for example "I:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Addon Folder" You should be ok. An set your "Path to project folder" to P:\Addon Folder. I dont know if this is the offical way to point to directory's but it makes sense to me that this is the way the tool needs setup.
  18. In your options tab try pointing the "Path to project folder" to you P:\Drive addon location path. an on the main menu point the Addon Source Directory to your real addon directory not the P:\ path. It should pack with out an issue. but again im still messing around with the settings. My issue is getting buldozer to convert my .tga's to .paa's.
  19. What method are you guys using to setup your addon builder. Currently this is my setup. Works fine for me.
  20. Did you start each tool individually from the steam menu? It was mentioned on the TechRep Notes "You will probably need to start the primary tool once to add all needed registry entries for the rest of tools." Just a guess.
  21. For some reason i was under the impression that I needed to use the Addon Builder with the P:\ drive. But Ive found out that it doesn't work that way. Everything links to the actual steam/tools dir. Only path used from P drive was for the "Path to project folder".