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  1. Just a heads up, it seems like the latest versions of the Chernarus version on Github got an APEX dependency.
  2. I'm also interested in this, especially the pcdf one. :)
  3. mushr00m

    Extra Units

    New version uploaded :) Check first post for link :D
  4. mushr00m

    Extra Units

    Okay, i added a new version. Check first post for link :)
  5. mushr00m

    Extra Units

    Thanks for pointing that out :) I have fixed all those bugs and a few more that i found and will release a new version soon. The new version will also include some more stuff that i added. I also splited the vehicles and infantry to two different pbo's if someone wanted the vehicles but not the infantry and the other way around.
  6. I think this may be what you are looking for :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=73241
  7. New version 1.2 uploaded =) Link at bottom What this mod adds Russia: Rifleman (AK-74) Rifleman (AKS-74 Kobra) BMP-2 BRDM-2 BRDM-2 (ATGM) UAZ (DShKM) UAZ (SPG-9) Ural Ural (Open) Ural (ZU-23) ZSU-23 Shilka BMP-2 Ambulance Insurgents: Rifleman (AKS) Rifleman (AKS-74 Kobra) Guerilla: Rifleman (AK-74) Rifleman (AKS-74 Kobra) CDF: Rifleman (M16A2) Rifleman (AKM) Rifleman (AKS) Rifleman (AKS-74 Kobra) USMC: Rifleman (G36) Rifleman (G36C) Rifleman (G36K) New in v1.1 : USMC: - Force Recon (MP5SD6) - Force Recon (XM8 Compact) - Force Recon (XM8 Carabine) Russia: - BMP-2 (HQ) - Ural Repair - Ural Ammunition - DShKM - DShKM Minitripod - SPG-9 - ZU-23 - Mi-8MT Guerrilla: - Ural - Ural (Open) - BRDM-2 (ATGM) - BMP-2 Ambulance - Ural Ammunition - Ural Repair - DShKM Minitripod - AGS-30 New in v1.2 : CDF: Militia (AK-74) Militia (AKM) UAZ (SPG-9) Russia: Ural (Fuel) Insurgents: Off-road (SPG-9) Civilians: Some new colors for VAZ, Hatchback and Pickup (Most of the textures are from Arma 1) And more changes that i don't remember :/ Install: To install put the modfolder in your arma2 folder and run arma2 with -mod=@extra_units_and_vehicles Hopefully it will be useful for someone :) http://www.filefront.com/15525791/@extra_units_and_vehicles.rar/
  8. mushr00m

    Conquer the island CRCTI

    It seems like the ai squad leaders cant respawn for me   And i also get some weird error a few minutes after the mission has started. I will try to post exactly what the error says later... Edit: Lol i figured out why the ai did not respawn i had the spawn cost option activated and the ai never had enough cash to spawn However the error still comes at random every 2-3 minutes but it dosen't seem to break anything
  9. mushr00m

    Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

    Links not working anymore