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  1. Malleus

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 77068

    ^ Same here with HD5770. Grass is popping up as you get close, but not blinking.
  2. Another chance to fill the gaps in your Arma collection: http://www.gamersgate.com/publisher/621/bohemia-interactive
  3. Malleus

    ArmA 2 holiday bargains! Up to 75% off!

    Even with 50% off, it's still more expensive than the boxed version. How do they make money out of that?
  4. Malleus

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 76934

    The grass blinking is gone for me too. The grass elements still pop up out of nowhere amd change lod instantly when close to the player (was it ever better? honestly I don't know :) maybe I keep noticing it because I pay attention now.. :) ), but the blinking is gone.
  5. Cool! Does this invalidate the latest beta?
  6. Malleus

    PMC11: Termination

    It was the same with me - I executed him and the mission completed.
  7. Well in HR, when your teammates got shot, they collapsed into this injured state, and you could still save them, if you patched them up in time. I think they died instantly if they took too much damage though. Still IMO this was a good system, maybe coupled with some extra damage resistance, it would be even better. However, in the PMC campaign, the invulnerability is quite practical, since you're not squad leader, not in control - it's just makes the AI less likely to fail the mission for you.
  8. Malleus

    PMC11: Termination

    Not to rain on your parade, but maybe http://dev-heaven.net/issues/15495 :) (though it still had to be a lucky shot...)
  9. I finished the campaign and ... well I wouldn't say it was horrible, but it was pretty much the worst official campaign I've seen in any RV engine game so far. Oh well, no hard feelings or anything, but IMO this was quite weak.
  10. Hi! After we downed all UAVs, the team just stands there, nothing's happening. Dixon (or whoever) says that he wants to try something, gives the order to move to some location (also the Matilda objective comes up) and after that the whole AI team is just walking up and down in that wrecked building near the fuel station and nothing's happening. Taking the shotgun also doesn't change it. What's going on? ---------- Post added at 05:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:44 PM ---------- Allright, what happens in this mission after that part? I'll skip it with the cheat, but I wish to know what I miss.
  11. This x1000. The PMC campaign is just bad - let's hope it was only a one-time thing.
  12. Swap the video_pmc.pbo in .../PMC/Addons with the one in .../Common. This swaps the videos for the ones in PMC Lite. Low res, but watchable.
  13. How many missions are there in the campaign? I mean exactly. I know the announcement said "more than ten".
  14. IIRC it's either numpad '/' or numpad '*'. It's a toggle between the scope and the backup sight. Haha, I've fantasised about that too. :)
  15. They probably didn't make a low res version of every campaign texture asset (including cutscenes) by accident. :)