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  1. The last update was in March, so I'm not sure if you are still updating this game or not. If there will be no more updates maybe the latest beta patch on Steam should become the official patch? Not everyone knows they need to enable the beta opt-in on Steam to get the latest patch.
  2. 920 views of this thread already and climbing, so there definitely is interest by those who own this game. I hope we get an official response someday.
  3. ModaFlanker

    xr server

    So what has Benny been up to? [Revellion has not played ArmA in a long time, is AWOL, so RBT will become BE (Benny Edition)]. As it turns out, Benny's been busy on the game as always! After people complained that the game can really lag badly in framerate the longer the game goes on, Benny has been hard at work at building it up from Warfare 1.1 again, streamlining everything. I think thats fantastic news! This is the thread where Benny explains his new BE edition he is building from the ground up. http://www.hotshots.folkersma.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1516
  4. ModaFlanker

    Warfare v1.1 RBT

    So what has Benny been up to? [Revellion has not played ArmA in a long time, is AWOL, so RBT will become BE (Benny Edition)]. As it turns out, Benny's been busy on the game as always! After people complained that the game can really lag badly in framerate the longer the game goes on, Benny has been hard at work at building it up from Warfare 1.1 again, streamlining everything. I think thats fantastic news! This is the thread where Benny explains his new BE edition he is building from the ground up. http://www.hotshots.folkersma.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1516
  5. ModaFlanker

    Warfare RBT and WACO

    So what has Benny been up to? Â [Revellion has not played ArmA in a long time, is AWOL, so RBT will become BE (Benny Edition)]. As it turns out, Benny's been busy on the game as always! After people complained that the game can really lag badly in framerate the longer the game goes on, Benny has been hard at work at building it up from Warfare 1.1 again, streamlining everything. Â I think thats fantastic news! This is the Hotshots forum where you can talk directly to Benny yourself if you wish to collaborate on something. http://www.hotshots.folkersma.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=39 This is the thread where Benny explains his new BE edition he is building from the ground up. http://www.hotshots.folkersma.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1516 Edit/Added: Boshart, because all 3 are related to the same server or mod (XR Server/RBT). Weeks from now, these 3 threads will be scattered around this forum. Â I just want to leave these links for anyone who wants to come to the forum to actually talk to Benny, the guy behind the RBT (and now called BE) versions. I'm not going to be posting here very much...
  6. Yes, the reason why the Ti-200 failed is because it is a DirectX 8.1 card, and ArmA requires DirectX 9. As for the CPU - if you can, get a Quad Core. If you like ArmA and then decide you'd want to play ArmA 2, ArmA 2 will use multiple cores where ArmA only uses one... ArmA does seem to love CPU strength. Â ArmA 2 will use a core exclusively for AI, so I presume that with Quad core you could then use the other three for the game. Doubling the number of cores for only a few more bucks=worth it. You don't need to splurge on the i7 while prices are high... any Core 2 Quad is worth the low price point it is at today.
  7. ModaFlanker

    Big problems

    Whenever I have video card issues I like to use ATITool. It has that graphics benchmark that runs up to 1000 FPS to maximize the heat on your videocard. If the system crashes within an hour theres definitely a problem. [A problem I had back then turned out to be unstable memory settings... every time I'd use ATITool it'd crash which led me to more carefully test my system for the cause]
  8. ModaFlanker

    xr server

    Agreed, its a great server. Many thanks to Brit for the server, and Benny for all the insane coding! I wish 1.15 would come out before ArmA 2 does... because honestly, if ArmA 2 comes out first, its going to suck so much of the online playerbase over there that 1.15 would not be as appreciated as much as it could be. It would fix the Join in Progress lag, which some people find too annoying to tolerate...
  9. ModaFlanker

    Warfare v1.1 RBT

    Clearly, as it said, someone is trying to teamkill the MHQ. Thats why what you typed in "......" is very important... be sure to recognize the name of the person trying to teamkill it, and let server admins know to PERMABAN that person. If someone manages to get around this protection and destroys MHQ without the game revealing who it really is, what I suggest is to stay within visual range of the MHQ the next time, act like youre doing something else, and checking map to know who is in area... and watch to catch who is doing it (use sniper zoom or something). If you can figure out who is doing it then a BAN would go a long way to stopping that from happening again.
  10. ModaFlanker

    Warfare v1.1 RBT

    I've been able to move south with the mouse, but only by having the cursor in the center of the screen then moving it to the south without lingering over anything in the way. Of course, using the keyboard is much easier and faster...
  11. ModaFlanker

    Graphic tears with Javelin?

    Seems to be a nVidia issue. Never saw it on my ATI card, but am seeing it once in a while with my 8800GT, and thats not just Javelin related. I can be in a camp trying to cap it on Warfare and something in the camp messes up my graphics (explodes into a mess of triangles when I look a certain way). The latest drivers from nVidia seem to help though... its been a long time since I've run into the problem.
  12. ModaFlanker

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    Sorry, I'm not a scripter.... I know that it is done in the RBT Warfare on the XR Server, you may want to download and open it and see how it is done, if you can find where it is. [AI in towns once supply is raised].
  13. ModaFlanker

    Of AI that spawn in cities taken

    Are you asking how to script that into your own version of Warfare? Or are you asking how to do it as a player? Players can't do that, at least in the versions I have played. On the XR Server, the RBT mod, when you increase the supply of a town, the town then spawns its own AI that patrols the city on foot. So beyond increasing the supply there is nothing else you can do to have them spawn.
  14. ModaFlanker

    Hello and Introduction

    I've definitely had a lot of fun on the TG servers. Really gives you the feel of being on an actual mission where your goal is to return home from a successful mission alive. Creeping up to an enemy location with multiple flanks, having multiple targets selected and aimed at, and then simultaneously launching the attack can be quite a sight to behold. On the downside, the server does sometimes have to be careful to stay efficient enough to keep things moving. It's not so great when you end up standing around for several hours or taking forever to advance, all just to take out some inept AI infantry soldiers that 2/3 of the team doesn't even get to engage. Some missions are really creative and challenging, this is where the server shines... some are just too slow or bugged, or there are those playing Domination! that makes me stay away.
  15. ModaFlanker

    Arma Vs Ofp

    ArmA uses waypoints and scripting for AI. It seems to be a system that cannot be 'fixed' despite much tweaking... so this appears to be why they abandoned this approach and picked a new one for ArmA II. The new AI system is apparently so CPU intensive it will require its own core to run properly, so you will be REQUIRED to have at least a dual core CPU to be able to run ArmA II. The AI will be in constant communication with each other as they move in military fashion, covering each other.
  16. ModaFlanker

    xr server

    Nope, all the aircraft prototypes are all dumb drops, you cant laser a target for them... can't pickle the bombs either... so you drop your entire load at once. Â The upside is that as you land back at base, you dont have to sit right next to an ammo truck [and risk getting stuck on it] to get it to work. Â You only merely have to be within range of an ammo truck and select "Rearm Bombs Bay" and wait for it to say you have rearmed, and then be back in the sky to drop again. WARNING: Â The command "Open Bay Doors" WILL drop the bombs. Â So don't open it early thinking you'll get a "Drop Bombs" command after that. ------------------------------------------------------------ More info: Paratroopers = You can call in paratroops anywhere, so if you are deep in enemy territory it can be useful. Â The downside is that ArmA bugs with the parachutes makes some of the soldiers die. Â You receive a full complement of infantry (riflemen, machinegunner, grenadier, medic, AT, AA)... about nine or ten of them. APC Paradrop = For Opfor, you get a BMP. Â I forget what BLUFOR gets (M113? Stryker?). Â Very nice if you need an offensive vehicle deep in enemy territory. Satellite Cam = You now can scan the entire battlefield and search for where the enemy is and have realtime data to relay to your teammates. Â It can be fun watching where the enemy MHQ is... and sometimes you lose track of the MHQ because it used fast travel, so you frantically search nearby towns in the hope of finding where it is again [sometimes you get lucky, a lot of times not]. Aircraft and Tank Countermeasures = Adds a probability that a missile fired at you will miss. Â I find the Tank Countermeasure far more effective, espeically with a T72 or M1A1... it allows you to run away to repair yourself and then continue on. Â Very useful when clearing town of RACS, as it deflects missiles from AA soldiers [not sure if it does AT, although it does seem to kick in there too]. Human Player Roles You Choose From the Lobby Medic= Can heal self and others and your AI soldiers [order them to heal while being the closest medic to them]. Engineer = Can repair any vehicle, you will repair 25% of it each time, takes 2-3 mins before you can repair again. Â Very useful when using captured RACS vehicles to clear towns with, such as the T72. Special Forces/Spetnatz = You can lockpick any vehicle in version 00083, as version 00083 has vehicles with locks (keys to unlock them are owned by those who bought the vehicle, they always spawn locked but can be left unlocked by owner). Â You can also place a bomb in a vehicle to convert it into an IED that is overlooked by enemy [instead of satchel on ground giving away your intent to blow someone up]. Â Currently, lockpick is bugged in that you can't get out of the vehicle once you get in it, should be fixed later this month. Officer = The last role in the list, is the ONLY player on the team that can build a FARP for $5000. Â This allows you to respawn at it if you are within 1500m of it, so if you place this in a hidden spot near the enemy HQ you can cause a lot of chaos, respawning constantly. Â Has many uses for the battlefield. Â FARP can easily be destroyed by running it over (When it is flattened, it is dead) or using grenades or AT rocket or satchel on it.
  17. ModaFlanker

    xr server

    I phrased it in a bad way, then... which would have implied the bombs race ahead of the plane, lol Most people tend to drop too late, so the bombs overshoot... even if you think you're being generous you might find you still have to release a bit earlier.
  18. ModaFlanker

    xr server

    Nope... we've had to rely on word of mouth to explain what is new. For example: Â Aircraft Prototype upgrade. BLU-3 Aircraft = Cluster Bombs. Â This is like a plane dropping 100,000 grenades like it were a pepper shaker... and for a very long time! Â It will terminate any infantry you lay this down on. FAB-100 Aircraft = HEAT Shells. Â When I tried it, it created a square of explosions similar to an arty strike, in an area 1/4 the size of the Paraiso runway. Â Tightly grouped. Â Very good for taking out a mix of infantry and light vehicles. GBU-24 E/F Aircraft = GBU bombs. Â Drops two rows of GBU bombs, 24 of them in total (12 in each row). Â When looking behind after dropping the bombs [with the . key on keypad] the explosions look awesome. Â DO NOT drop bombs while diving or pulling up. Â Stay straight and level as you drop... [you can of course dive hard to the floor before the target, fly level, and then start releasing, and dont pull up until all bombs are out]. If you are at high speed, especially with the SU aircraft, you need to practice this to discover how far ahead of the plane the bombs hit when you release, which can be very far. Edit/Added: The names are different on Blufor... I forget their exact names... it should be in the same order though... Cluster Bomb/Heat Shells/24 GBU bombs.
  19. ModaFlanker

    Never had so much trouble in my life.

    Any overclocking? If so, go back to more generous/stable settings and see if that works. ArmA will crash easily if there is any memory instability. I've heard about the blackscreen with Vista x64 with too much memory... do a search for it... cant remember if its resolved yet or if they'll have more work done on it for the next patch. Its 100% stable on my system... only problem I have is my finicky powersupply shuts my computer down at random times when I play intense 3d games
  20. ModaFlanker

    Would Arma Run on a....

    Turion is AMD version of Celeron... with small caches. ArmA likes a fast CPU... So you may need to keep many settings as low as possible.. and see what you can bump up that doesn't slow you down. If playing multiplayer it would most likely run better on small servers as opposed to the bigger ones...
  21. ModaFlanker

    Help on Understanding the CTD

    When I had overclocked my system and it seemed stable and I left it alone for a while, I was running into problems like CTD and frequent graphical freezes with my 8800GT video card. Taking a closer look at the problem, I tested with ATITool (works on nvidia cards too) where it has a program for stressing the video card to see how the cooling performs and whether there are artifacts (or whether there are lockups). Â After running into problems with my video card through this [to the point where it made windows BSOD], it led me back to my memory not being as stable as I thought it was, especially in the summertime heat. (whoops, had wrong link, this is right link now) http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/ Videocards nowadays can climb up to 75c, especially on the smaller stock cooling... anything beyond that however is cause for concern, so if the video card is running that hot you want to stop running it like that and to improve its cooling if possible. I was finally able to get some rock solid memory settings on my computer and that fixed all those CTDs and video freezes... I haven't had a freeze lately [maybe the latest nVidia WHQL that comes with PhysX helped, not sure... but its been behaving better]. That problem solved, my last problem was my computer shutting off when playing 3d games [been annoying me for almost 3 years]. Â I had bought an expensive power supply to ensure clean power for my system (and help stability), but it apparently was so protective that the overvoltage protection circuits shut the system down anytime my house voltage fluctuated too much. Â I finally decided to buy a $25 OptiUPS Voltage Stabilizer and so far for three days it hasn't shut off unexpectedly! Â So thus ends my ArmA woes... [knock on wood!] So, yeah, if your motherboard allows you to adjust memory settings, try overgenerous settings to see if its worth the time trying to find that one setting that doesn't impact performance but gives you full stability.
  22. ModaFlanker

    Warfare v1.1 RBT

    Yeah, its a good idea, especially for those who want to lonewolf. It's not perfect though. If RACS players save up for T72 they can go straight to the OPFOR or BLUFOR base and destroy their bases before they're strong enough... so maps sometimes end within 15 minutes. So it'll probably have to go through some revisions until its more popular to play more often on the server. Benny's the one behind all the new scripting... he has said he is under a lot of stress this month so he's taking a bit of time off, to be back later in October.
  23. ModaFlanker

    Cant get my download back.

    Whats the problem you are having in connecting the second hard drive? Is the hardware part done [ie: you have connected it with cable and power connection successfully]? If so then in the BIOS [which you enter after booting your computer after the 3 keyboard lights flash, such as hitting DEL key or F2 on some machines] you would want to enable it searching for the second harddrive you connected. Sometimes when theres only one harddrive connected, the BIOS is set not to search for any additional drives so as not to slow down booting up.
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    3-Sided Warfare?

    Guess what? Benny of the XR Server, who makes the RBT mods, is working on one! 16 OPFOR, 16 BLUFOR, and 8 RACS! Racs cannot win the game however. Â They're more suited to lonewolves who just want to jump in the game and play/fight. They'll certainly make RACS more unpredictable! Â "Is it human or is it AI?" Edit: Latest post seems to show we can have 16 RACS... a 48 player server on XR soon!
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    ArmA and CPU power

    I've noticed a difference between 3d shooters and when you make a war simulation/battlefield over vast distances. Â You aren't going to get the same kind of scaling as with the 3d shooters. This was most evident to me when I played World War 2 online, which has a persistent battlefield (you can fly in a plane for hours from end to end and there are zero loading zones). Â It didn't yield FPS increases easily, and seemed to prefer more CPU power. ArmA 2 will make use of multiple processors [ArmA is only singlethreaded], so dual core or quad cores are going to shine here. Â I hope it will turn out to be a breakthrough rather than yet another tiny/insignificant speed boost. Edit/Added: OMG. ArmA 2 may REQUIRE dual core!!!. Â They need one core to focus on AI decisions while the other focuses on the game, because they are stepping up the AI in the game. http://www.bistudio.com/arma2ne....en.html Click on the ArmA 2 Preview page and read the ArmA 2 First Look Preview article. Â WOW. Quote: Â "Losing a battle may now be a likely scenario, due to the fact that BIS has significantly increased the amount of attention paid to AI. The game no longer uses scripts or waypoints to dictate enemy movement, but rather lets units "make decisions" based on information they gather from their environment. "We're now at the stage where your team-mates can hear which direction gunfire is coming from, and use that to take appropriate cover," a BIS representative told us. "Dual core processors will now be a requirement, because one core will be exclusively used to handle AI."