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  1. Moktar

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Thank you for your reactivity
  2. Moktar

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    Many thanks for this campaign that seems to be really nice, BUT I got two issues on the Owl mission :
  3. Indeed, everybody has their own expect of this type of game/simulation BUT if I have a look to the back of the DVD box I can read 4 different paragraphs to define what is ArmA II : A campaign A lot a real weapons Massive multiplayers conflicts An editor Unfortunately, that's not we got.
  4. Moktar

    Badlands - Guide???

    Got the same behavior except that I can buy a VBS ($400). It's a truck for troups transport ... waooow :rolleyes: You know what ? Put the ArmA DVD in its box and throw all of them in the trash, that's my guide :681:
  5. Moktar

    fixing the bugs yourself

    Archamedes, no there not "only" 3 missions that have bugs. From my point of view, each of them from Manhattan are strongly bugged. I'm still sticked in Badlands without any solution to pass through. Nothing to do and I have been bored for several days :mad: Awaiting for (another) patches ? mmmm why not but I'm pessimistic. Everything have to be fixed, also the "training" is buggy... I'm sooooo disappointed...
  6. You can just ask them "to regroup" or "return in formation" (select all + menu 1-1) Your question makes me wondering how can a leader gives his position ? The AI can do that when the leader ask them (select the AI and then menu 5-5). The leader position may be useful in some veteran situations
  7. I'm exactly in the same case, except that the 4 towns are green :D I do not know the assassination mission you mentionned (??) As I can't do anything but driving an lost UAZ or killing my mates to improve my skills :p or whatever else to avoid an annoying spend of time, I get back to the insertion point and I was surprised to meet some civilians... ohhhhh something will happened !? A civilian spoke to me but immediatly stop. I had to fire on them to unlock the dialog :rolleyes: Ok, lets go guys, I will help you. I drived to the destination told by the civilians and .... and ... I get sticked again.
  8. In an captured town or strongpoint, the action menu (roll the mouse wheel ) let appear some new menus. You can buy weapons, but only for you. Then, have a look to the previous thread of hyperact to have a tip how to transfer your ammos to your mates
  9. Hahaha so simple... :p I made the choice to rearm my mates with russian ammos because every thing else was not possible. Ok thx hyperact for this tips. NOTE: When we just take a town or a strongpoint, in the action menu we can select something like "rearm + heal + repair" ... but nothing seems to happen. What this action is supposed to do ?
  10. Moktar

    Bitter Chill-help!!

    Really strange. I do not encounter this bug (oouffff :D ) to end mission but may be you should try to walk away to see if a trigger raises. I don't think so. THE_REVEREND> This is not the right thread and there is no console as you can expect. Anyway, see the spoiler above ;)
  11. Moktar

    Bitter Chill-help!!

    It worked for me BUT I had to avoid the hostiles at the bottom of the FOB. If I tried to kill them before climbing the hill, I was totally sticked in this position. Each time I tried to go further on, I was "auto killed" (death trigger). So, avoid the hostiles at the bottom of the FOB
  12. Totally agree with you. I'm a fan of Arma series (playing all OFP series too) and I'm also a software engineer (C/C++). The buggy campaign is unacceptable. Nothing have been tested. I don't know how the team can tell us the opposite ? I've NEVER heard about someone that succeed in the campaign (upto to Manhattan). I bought ArmA II (50€ in France) and the campaign is totally unplayable, even after the 1.02 patch. I'm really disappointed with BIS team, only the Engine of ArmA has been tested, not the Campaign. I well know the constraints of deadlines, delivery and so on but I also know that my company would not have accept to deliver this junk campaign. Unacceptable.
  13. I'm still not ready. I still have to check differents scenario
  14. I've never seen before that Empty choice allow the Air selection Thx
  15. Hi all, I wonder if it's possible to insert an UH-60 (for example) without any crew. I insist, I want to do that through the Editing UI I'm really surprised not being able to find out this feature Thx for your help