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  1. Maverick806

    Mission Editor + TrackIR + SLI = Graphical Weirdness

    Yeah it happens when your frame rate goes over 120FPS. The TrackIR is only running at 120FPS itself so when you get more than 120FPS it jumps back to center for some of the extra frames. Just use v-sync to fix the problem
  2. Maverick806

    STEAM version - Aim is off?

    I'm sure it's been covered before and it's still not a bug... The round originates from the rifles barrel not the center of the screen
  3. Maybe try right clicking on ArmAII in steam, hit properties, hit Local Files and then select verify integrity of game cache?
  4. Maverick806

    Game crashes to Desktop

    Well I tried it myself and I got the same bug. To be able to host missions you can find and delete .pbo the file under in your ArmA2\MPMissions directory. No reinstall required... If that doesnt work, go into your MyDocuments\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\<USERNAME>\missions and delete the files the editor created folder matching your mission name aswell.
  5. Make sure you have vsynch enabled... I ran into this a long time ago and discovered getting more than 120 fps will result in this effect. Trying to record it fixed the problem because it lowered your fps.
  6. I have to disagree with you on the stamina system being so bad. You can easily run 3KM in ACE with no equipment in under 15 minutes. Just to test, I ran well over 4KM in under 17 minutes without collapsing or even any blinking. Just don't sprint and you'll be fine.
  7. You can rebind another key instead of right windows in the ace_keys file
  8. Maverick806

    TV wont run Arma2

    What resolution do you normally run ArmA at?
  9. Maverick806

    Track IR - Binding

    Those are only 3DOF (ArmA supports 4/6) The 6Degrees of freedom are: Yaw - rotating about the x axis (looking side to side) Pitch - rotating about the y axis (looking up and down) Roll - rotating about the z axis (not used by default in ArmA) X - moving along the x axis (lean) Y - moving along the y axis (not used by default in ArmA) Z - moving along the z axis (zoom) As for why binding the y axis to stand up or go prone doesn't work, my guess is that it's because the expected input is a keystroke not a scaled amount.
  10. Are you using the TrackIR5 software? The old TrackIR(V4) software will not work with ArmA2 as far as i know.
  11. Maverick806

    game is choppy after patch installs

    Which version were you using before the patches and which patches did you use?
  12. Maverick806

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.15

    Great job BIS! Thank you for the great patch
  13. Maverick806

    Animation suggestions thread

    59. Fluid stance like Raven shield would be nice.... Theres such a large difference between standing and prone, taking proper cover can get to be annoying. Its probably too late for that though.
  14. Maverick806

    NVIDIA GeForce 175.16 WHQL drivers

    I'm testing them right now. They seem quite good...so far
  15. Maverick806

    nv4_disp error

    I used to have these problems myself all the time. By any chance are you using fraps? Somehow that was my problem. Other than that, yeah, update to 174.74 and that should help