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  1. Mattoso

    should i get ArmA 2?

    TBH, I wouldn't buy. The performance is horrible... Don't get me wrong, I loved OPF1 and liked ARMA1. But when I tried ARMA2 demo I found exactly the same development 'misstakes' and even more than what I saw in OPF1. Also, the performance was always a problem in OPF/ARMA series. Still today, we don't have all vehicles cockpit designed (like in some tanks), the animations when firing a weapon/reloading is pretty bad too. Sound is not cool... But... The developers from BIS are very creative, the community is imense, with tons of addons, mod, anything you want... In my opinion, TBH, they just don't have a good tools/engine in their hands... They have the perfect idea, but executed that with a poor tools. There isn't a game so detailed as ARMA1/2 and OPF1 are, but unfortunatelly it have tons of problems... In the end, you can really enjoy the game, if you have time to expend... I say that because you will need more time tweaking and making the broken things to work than effectly playing the game... very frustrating... I decided to not buy the game... But if by any reason they can fix the performance problem, I would buy the game.
  2. I would pay more than 150 per year, if everything works fine, with good performance and in a way I always dreamed about... anyway, this is almost impossible... but would be amazing... I would not play any other game.
  3. I totally agree. I'm an old fan, since OPF, fully decided to leave this series, but every day I get me entering in the forum in the hope to see a miracle patch that would solve the performance problem... Oh man... Why I just can't leave and play other games?! The game's idea is phenomenal, but it is a techinical disaster... backing to my pray...
  4. Mattoso

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    I voted as "Given up will never buy BIS products again" I'm tired of the same performance problems that still exists in OPF, ARMA1 and ARMA2. I'm really an old fan, which always tried to convince the friend to give a try in these BIS's games... but as I said... I'm tired and I gave up. I won't buy ARMA2 and will leave all future games, because it needs tons of tunning to make it at least enjoyable and playable. Other facts I think BIS missed in ARMA2, but was okay in OPF are: - All vehicles should have an interier designed instead of that generic dirt window which we saw in some vehicles inside the driver position. - I was expecting better animations when reloading the weapons. Well... many other things... Good luck BIS...
  5. Mattoso

    Is it me or the game?

    man... it is the game... it runs bad for almost everyone... me included... Lets wait for a fix...
  6. Mattoso

    Arma2 Slow!

    We heard that BIS is working to fix these slow downs. It seems many people, even with high end hardware are having performance problems. Lets wait with the fingers crossed so that the new patch addresses this issue. I'm sure if they can fix the performance, they will sell a lot more the game.
  7. Mattoso

    Terrible Online FPS

    Hey Buddy, I ran at 1280x1024@85hz in Vista 64 SP1 (up to date). Shadows is off Post Processing is off Terrain is High Objects is High Memory is Very High AA @ AF are off what more.... uhmmm I'm playing the demo, not decided yet if I will buy the game. Probably will wait until they fix these issues. Regarding the hardware vs Heavy games, I'm definitivaly in favor. New technologies are always wealcome, I love that, but I would like to be sure that the game can run above consitente 40 FPS at least. But every day I read a new thread from the guys that have super computers and just can run the game like my old Quad Core Q6600 and my almost retired 8800GT. If there is a hardware in the world capable of executing this game with that average performance, then I will consider an upgrade.
  8. Toggle view out do not works for vehicles nor for sniper rifle. AI, can still easily detect me at night when I'm heavily covered by bushes in croshed position. AI, fires those tank machine guns like a high precision sniper, agaist helis.
  9. Mattoso

    Terrible Online FPS

    My eyes, my senses, my computer and my fraps tell me how is horrible the performance of this game... very frustrating... Quad Core Q6600 4GB EVGA 8800 GT 512mb ddr3 @ 675mhz SATA II HDD
  10. Tks for the quick answer, I read that thread about NVidia owners, and tried all that stuff, but it didn't make much effect, just about 3 FPS in gain. What is strange, if everything is very low or very high, the game is still the same, no improvement in the FPS. (Remembered me when I first played ARMA1 demo) Just for confirmation, at night I will try exactly your suggested config, and those two execution parameters. Maybe it is a game to buy in one year and half. Maybe we need to give BIS time to finish/fix everything like what happened in ARMA1. I remembered when I played the demo of ARMA1, I blamed that. Horrible and unacceptable bad performance. Then.... One year later I bought it, it was already in 1.14 patch. I didn't even finished all campaing's missions. Probably I will be playing ARMA1 for while until they finish ARMA2. But you know... ARMA2 is there and I'm crazy to play it, but in its actual state, it is a terrible tentative... Will need a lot of time reading here and there, tweaking things, losing the time that I already don't have... Why can't they just delivery something that we can buy, install and have fun? Oh man... Fingers crossed here for BIS to finish/fix ARMA2 soon...
  11. Just some feelings... I'm a fan since Operation Flash Point, and I bought all games in the serie, but now, with ARMA2 I'm thinking about leave this game, below is just some bad feelings I have, but I consider this is not acceptable now a days. - Performance. OPF had a bad performance, but acceptable in 2001 for our not powered PCs. ARMA1, has the same bad performance no matter what hardware we have and the samething happens to ARMA2. All these games, can't be played in an average frame rate greater than 25fps. This is the main reason why I'm considering in leave this serie, and not buy ARMA2 after playing the ARMA2 demo. - I was expecting better animations when reloading the weapons and entering in a vehicle. There are tons of games, even the ones made by samall companies that care about these small details. These are small details but improves a lot the feeling of the game. - Now something the realy hurt me since ARMA1... Not all the vehicles have a visible interior. Operation Flash Point, as far as I remember, had almost all, if not all interiors designed, I mean, while driving a tank, I would like to see some instruments, be able to look around inside the vehicle and etc. Same for gunner and commander position. Yesterday I was playing ARMA1, doing a mission with the M1A1, which does not have the driver and gunner position designed... Just that generic dirt window for the driver... very frustranting for me... Was really especting to see that in ARMA2... I know and I noticed that there are some vehicles with the interior well designed, but why not make it a standard and do that for all??? Why not? I can't understand... I'm not the ones that consider the visual the most important thing in a game, far from that... I like to play games with an open world, vehicles, multiplayer and good performance... The visuals from ARMA1 is great enough for me, just would like to play that in a beeter frame rate... ARMA2 behaves exactly like ARMA1 and OPF in my computer, the same average 25 fps. I have a Quad Core Q6600, 4GB DDR2 dual channel and an 8800GT. Hope someone from BIS could at least put the eyes in this message. Maybe a next game would cover some of these points, which I'm sure is very important to many people. Of course I will keep looking to the forum and the community feedback, and if BIS makes a miracle solving at least the performance problem, I will buy ARMA2. I wish good luck to BIS solving the problems and improving this game serie, which in my opinion is unique and still inovative.
  12. I agree. This functionality must be revisited.
  13. Same problem here... Was working in 1.14 but in 1.16 beta seems to be broken. Up. Help! :(
  14. Hi there! I love flying in ArmA, but the trees popups really hurts and removes the imersion of the game, in my opinion... My configuration is set almost to the maximum and my view distance is about 3 Km. Even with higher view distance there seems to be a point in which the popups happens. I noticed if I fly in an area in which I passed before, there are no popups. It seems the game engine load some scenario dynamicaly during the game, and my question is: Is there a way so that the engine could load all objects before or together loading the map? I hate popups.... Thanks!
  15. Mattoso

    Better weather in Warfare.

    Hello ArmA brothers! Does anyone knows which script manipulate the weather in Warfare? I'm modifying it for my own usage, but couldn't find where it is defined. I want a blue sky, no fog and no clouds. I've edit the .sqm but that just affects the first minutes of the game.