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    Yup got it. Still not 100% but i was able to land. Thanks
  2. This might be because it is a preview version. Is anyone else having an issue with the throttle? I am using an X52 and it seems the throttle is either on or off there is no fine ajustments which makes it hard to land etc. I noticed that power is not applied until the throttle is beyone the halfway point then it goes all the way to 100% and goes to zero when I reduce it.
  3. Mobious

    Take on Heli Crash Plz help

    Same here. I am using Steam on Win7 64bit. tried running as admin also. I get the error then the game tries to start but ends up crashing. ---------- Post added at 12:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:00 AM ---------- Got it working. In the shortcut make sure you make the start dir to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead"
  4. Mobious

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    I am starting to receive reports of a new hack that this will not stop. Some of my admins have reported a "Script" like message saying everyone will be kicked in say 10 seconds. Then everyone is kicked except the admin that is logged in. After everyone is gone the server needs to be restarted.
  5. Mobious

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    I put this on the =IMO= servers and I have to say I have noticed a 50% decrease in server population. In the evenings we would have a full server now I havent seen more than 16-20 people on. But... We havent had any hacking incidents since we started using it so that is a plus.
  6. just curious but what type of router are you using?
  7. Mobious

    Food for thought

    Are you kidding dude? Try taking your time in a game I bet with some practice you could get that kinda skill...
  8. Mobious

    Remote Admin

    The Net.log does capture the IP address.
  9. Mobious

    a-10 feels weird

    I think it flys just fine... You have to remember not to dive to 30 feet at full speed and expect to pull out of it. The GAU can be hard to line up because I cant see its tracers or even the gun smoke.
  10. Mobious


    That is cool... I didnt know the exec ban added their real pid to the list.. and here I am exec banning them then looking through the net.log for their pid and adding it to the ban.txt.. lol
  11. Mobious


    Your post confuses me a bit.. When you type #exec ban (server number) it will ban that person but you have to go back and add their player id to the ban.txt?
  12. Mobious

    Multiplayer unplayable

    Have you ever been on our server? and are you sure its the server crawling?
  13. Mobious

    Terrible Load Times with 1.08

    The game loads quicker for me since 1.05. Athlon FX60 2.5gig DDR400 GF 7800gt 2x 200gb sata (Raid 0)
  14. Mobious

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    I just installed the 1.08 international patch to the Sprocket download EU version and now it is asking me to re-activate it and of course it failed.
  15. Mobious

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Cant reload your weapon on the run.