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  1. Hi mmarques, the proman works fine with ACE & ACRE but I didnt test ACRE for a long time. Some ACE features like stamina or wounds are disabled in proman. The mission detects automatically both ACE&ACRE and starts it. You will get the ACRE_PRC148 as standard radio. I dont know if this is what you looking for but if like to play with your mates proman will serve you. Just check the parameters and play it as a coop with auto controled AI commander. Also there will be a update of the proman mod soon with hopefully extra designed ACE missions. Link to Proman is in signature...
  2. Beagle dont get angry please. I just misunderstood Iam fine with all improvements just wanted to know. Iam not against changes or fixes wich are taking us closer to the real thing. I was asking also for the Stinger cause of the Linebacker.
  3. Thanx Qazdar & Beagle Mission makers for MP missions must change some things then like lower the prices in a CTI. Getting that close with a Su25-34 could end up in a stinger friendship. Also has anyone tested the stinger ?
  4. How does it look if the car is surrounded by buildings ? Will the camera show the car through the building ? Anyway this looks cool !
  5. Hi, can someone confirm a change in the behaviour of the CH29L rockets in Su25 & Su34 ? As far as I can see they arent that reliable anymore as they hit often 1-5m on side of the target. Tested with the latest beta #101747.
  6. Muecke

    CRcti Proman

    Dedicated server is a must otherwise there is no garante ! Its written in the first post and of course in the readme file. The red circle is the radar range if a radarstation is placed and upgraded. Aircraftradar or Detectionradar for artilerie or mortar. Support trucks will spawn as long as you have activated towngroups in parameters. If this is deactivated there will not spawn a truck.
  7. Muecke

    CRcti Proman

    Bigshot it dont like your idea but i can try to give you a little help. Put this in the initstructuretypes.sqf structDefs set [_type, ["Spawntent", 2000, siBoth, false, false, 2, 10, 20, [["Land_A_tent", 90, []]], [["Land_A_tent", 90, []]], [], [],_type,0,0]]; stSpawnTent = _type; _type = _type + 1; Then add stSpawnTent at the bottom like this: structsRespawn = [stBarracks, stLight, stHeavy, stAirsmall, [color="#008000"]stSpawnTent[/color]]; Iam not sure if it will work proper but its at least worth a try. If this works you can set 2 tents for spawning anywhere. It should be possible to load the tent in any vehicle for transport. Thats all i can do for you as you said its for private usage. Good luck. ps. The yellow text are orders from the commander to the leaders. Its important to know who is doing what...
  8. Thanks for sharing Iceman77. I like the health feature and the direction control. What would be awesome is to have showing type of weapon and ammostatus instead of the map. but great work in any case..
  9. Muecke

    CRcti Proman

    Thanks for the props Bigshot. Well you know this is the one of the oldschool version of CTI. We want it to stay like this caus its a prooven concept. We just develop things wich dont change the main style. But I know some of you guys play this in LAN session or on closed servers in coop mode or holiday wars. So it would be tricky to make a spawn at captured flags but its possible to spawn at buildings. You can have a look at the structuretypes.sqf in "common" folder. You could build a tent somewhere and make it able to spawn at it (as it was in MFCTI). Thats your business if you like this kind of features. I was wondering if you allready explore the unitswitch feature wich is a pretty much cooler respawn feature for my taste.
  10. Muecke

    CRcti Proman

    @Law-Giver Thanks for the props. Development is allways going on. This is cause we play it. Our aim is not to be the most popular around its to play it and share with guys like you. The flight height option needs a provement same as some cti ai orders. This will be done in future. When you disband an unit they will not be deleted they will die so that you have to pay for it. To know wich unit is alive press F2(unitnumber) then 5 5. After disband you need to do this its arma ;). Its not delayed its an arma feature i guess. Other units report "oh no 2 is down" or you do. In Kb Edition not implemented. There are no marks in configs for wood or desert asaik. And dont worry we wont stop working and improving this it will be present in A3 too. @JuggernautOfWar First post is updated. Download the mod again and have fun with many missions on many islands. New supported islands like Lingor,Panthera,Reeshman and Napf are included. Missions are in up to date status.
  11. What about declaration ? We can discuss about it instead of two sides weeping all the time. Iam not a military expert with all the weaponsystems and technics, me is just a player. Can you declare in examples when the TAB function ist realistic and with wich weapons. Like a T90 comes around and 2km far gets two Strykers TOW as red dots on the radar. I would press TAB as driver then ctrl+lmb and thos strykers were gone. I know that i can do it but i dont know why is that realistic or not. To me its just a bit boring this way. Please give some examples and declare it to us.
  12. Hi this latest version is awesome. We played many hours crCTI on it and it rocks. No problems with the AI only on the big bridge. We will try the pantera island soon if its also cool as lingor we will port a crCTI mission on it too. Thanks for the extremly great work IB.
  13. Muecke

    User mission requests!

    Well, CTI (I think you mean warfare) is a team based mode. So your team can buy stuff as you have enough money. The problem could be that the scores are to high and that links into everybody plays for itself. No more teamplay then. I dont know if the warfare version has the possibility for the commander to control the moneyflow. If so the commander could give money only to good pilots. Your suggestion leads to more lonewolf behave. But thats the wrong mission for it. Seems that you are annoyed from noobish players. The key to win in warfare is how good the players can unite into a team. You should try out the crCTI. Here the commander is fixed from start and only he can give the commanding to another player. The commander controls the money and what you get from the income. Every player can send and get money to/from everyone. Scoremoney can be setted in parameters. Usually players asking for help as the money is mostly barely. You cant spawn in towns (camps) only in bases. Bases are limeted in only 2. You spawn with regular gear. There is no fastravel you need to get connected with other players to get to the towns. There are two airfacs a big and a small one. The small one has only transports the big one has fightwings. Tactics are the most important tool to win this. But it gets hardly boring if you dont know what to do or dont want to teamplay. Its hardcore by default.
  14. I dont know why, was just asking. Iam a Player not a military expert. I saw this clip on YT http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HGZyvqBuVMw looks like the wall completly was gone....
  15. Well thank you Rydygier for your effort. I downloaded it and installed it. Forgive me for asking but whats the main aim for this ? Make tanks stronger or make them more realistic? And is there a list of what is changed and why ? This would help out to explain to others. Has someone any information on lags for MP or any performance issues ? If this addon makes no problems this could be something very special. Thank you guys for not letting it die.
  16. Guys this sounds complex but interesting. Can we expect any update release ?
  17. Yes correct but i said "To me its important". So i can benefit from some changes of A2CCP for my personal use. I was wondering about those Hesco walls in ArmA. Last night they could eat 4 sabots. Dont they break down anyhow if they get heavy fire ?
  18. @Beagle Ok but its fantasy to make arma2 a realistic game too. Its a game and game means also fun. The best middle is to be found here. I dont think a3 will be more arcade than older BI games but thats not the point here anyway. To me its important that we have a good balance between the factions. So the SMAW seems to be a problem then. Let them change it and see what we got then.
  19. I don´t like in what direction this seems to be growing. :(
  20. I can understand completly what you mean Vipera. When AutoGuideAT Off is active you have to switch your behave. Maybe its better to shoot by yourself then. The diamond was nearly a 100% hitchance but if you have a human gunner and you ask him for if he has the target locked. He would presumably say "i guess so". Thats why we let ai shoot all the time they are better and we dont need skills at all. You will need more time now and drive slower need report of targets from other ai or players. Same as your enemy but now it depends on who has the higher skill and not who tabs first and ctrl+LMB.
  21. Wich ones are they ? In a tank vs tank fight the one wich has engine off will not show up on enemies radar. This could be a problem. I miss the order engine off this would help much more. Maybe in A3 ;)
  22. seany I think you overreact ? Thats not a feature just a solution for BI. Its ok but it sucks in expertmode. And btw you can still pick up your target over key2. So calm down...
  23. Muecke

    Why do most people prefer coop, not cti?

    Yes both true words but thats not the topic. Some dudes would like to know why some other dudes prefer coop over cti.