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  1. Marines

    ArmA 2

    The name is sullied, and there is no getting around that. ArmA was more of the same, at least when it concerned OFP. Well, the same doesn't cut it today, and ArmA 2 better include what is considered the "norm" today, else it'll be a massive failure as was ArmA when it concerns sales. And yes, ArmA was a failure in that aspect.
  2. Marines

    1st Infantry Division

    Oh thank God! It's good too see that you're still working on this, Cam. It's one of the few mods/addons that enables myself to continue enjoying ArmA.
  3. Marines

    ArmA Effects

    Sounds like the mod isn't activating for some reason. Check it's installed properly. The difference to BIS effects should be pretty obvious. If the SIX mods are working, then they will be preventing my tank muzzleflash from showing up. Currently that's the only effect that relies on eventhandlers, but I will be making more in future. This shouldn't be an issue for long though.Thanks to Mr Groch and ArmaVids for the videos. That video by Marines actually shows ver0.2 of my mod. It's still a pretty cool video though. Glad you guys like the mod  Well, I created that video in hopes that it would showcase some of the more exciting aspects of the 6thsense version, notably, this and Chammys sound mod. And too be honest, if it were not for these two modifications, I probably would've thrown ArmA in the trash long ago. For those that haven't seen it, here is a glimpse of what this mod adds too the game... It's the first vid in the featured section, titled ArmA: Effects. http://www.youtube.com/user/USMCG0811
  4. Marines

    Armed Assault videos

    Worthwhile vids, IMHO. At best, these are the very last videos I have before deployment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfIKpoX1c9g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkJeBcK60GE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPON4AccKmw
  5. Marines

    Armed Assault videos

    @ 4 IN 1 & Wika That's a big NO. It's actually from the film, Requiem for a Dream, the original score being by Clint Mansell. It's since been hijacked by various other film makers for use in their own media.
  6. Marines

    Armed Assault videos

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=WvNd_QzWMtg I probably receive more requests for different soundtrack versions than anyone else. Also, this is my last video, or technically speaking, the last one was the last... as I have to deploy to the sandbox toward the end of the month. I'm also working on getting the original version (hi-res) hosted at ACG. I'll keep you all apprised. Cheers!
  7. Marines

    RKSL Studios

    The Tornado with the pilot and weapons officer positions is simply amazing. This will be one hell of a bird too have in MP.
  8. Marines

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    Not entirely sure you'll get your wish. From the info presented in the past, it's somewhere in-between Rahmadi and southern Sahrani. Besides, the new island has a decidedly Middle Eastern flavor. Screenshot
  9. Marines

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    I'm more concerned with the PMC aspects, and I can guarantee that the DC-2 Dakota is likely related to the mercs, and their mission. As if they fell off some retro wagon from Rhodesia during the Bush Wars. It all seems highly lame, tacky, and contrived. As if they said "Hey, I have an idea! PMCs/Mercs are an in-thing right now.", and simply slapped it in there for good measure. Hell, it's fairly obvious from the screens that they conducted no previous research into those roles.
  10. Marines

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    Confirmed features? The last part sounds...well...I don't really know. As if they're attempting to combine elements form BF2, Soldner, Jagged Alliance etc etc, into what is supposed to be as close as you can get to a combat sim. http://petergames.de/Armed-Assault-Queen-s-Gambit.38.0.html
  11. Marines

    Armed Assault videos

    Those explosion effects are from my effects mod by the way, ArmA Effects. The version in the video is the one available here. Future versions will be part of the 6thsense.eu mod pack. The current work-in-progress version on my hard drive has some changes since the video, so the next version in the 6thsense.eu pack will be better. Correct Matt, and I'm sorry if i didn't provide you with a specific "hats-off" so too speak, but there are simply so many excellent addons and mods in that pack, that I felt it a bit unfair to simply include just a few notables. Which is why I used the word compiled in the YouTube description. I'd like too find a way to upload the hi-res version, because the effects are crazy. Awesome work BTW.
  12. Marines

    Armed Assault videos

    I simply bound the mouse to the camera functions, which is found under the "bulldozer" tab. I've also done the same with my joystick, as it allows for some really fluid movement. Cheers!
  13. Marines

    Armed Assault videos

    Footage taken from the 6thsense.eu complication mod (v0.93). Notable features are the improved and enhanced sound and visual effects. FYI - The audio is fairly loud with the cannon fire and explosions etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPON4AccKmw
  14. Marines

    ArmA: Film of the Year

    Quite a few contenders, here. Just thought I'd start a topic concerning those that contribute films worthy of a watch. Of course, I get center stage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfIKpoX1c9g Hi-Res version - http://files.filefront.com//;8231592;;/ My vote goes to "trini", and the Red Dawn video, top-notch IMHO. http://www.gamerztheatre.com/content/blogcategory/86/257/
  15. Marines

    Combat Mission: Shock Force

    Have a look at this thread. My posts can be seen on the second page. http://www.armchairgeneral.com/forums....&page=2