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  1. No terrain changes are planned.

    Both the Do 28 D-2 and L-410 UVP are STOL capable aircraft and can take off using 500m of any cleared surface. The roads and fields are perfectly suitable for this. Where there are power poles on the side, you can either clear them in the editor using the "Hide Object" module or give players a task to clear them away with the right engineering equipment (either flatten them with a truck/tank or apply explosive charges.) The highway is wide enough to comfortably accommodate either aircraft.

    So far I have not had troubles landing these birds in the countryside and taking off again. That was exactly their design purpose and why they are still today popular with emergency relief organizations.

    Regarding the terrain:
    We did indeed choose to keep the terrain as historically accurate as possible. Two reasons led us to make this decision:

    - The Inner German Border has never been accurately depicted in any game before.

    - We do not miss airports/runways, since the aircraft that would require them are - in our opinion - misplaced in Arma, since the game does not provide the necessary scale to give them meaningful purpose.


    The nearest West German jets that would reach Weferlingen at that time were F-104G. These were stationed just 8 minutes travel time away in the West. At Mach 2 (which they were capable of) it would take them 29.85 seconds to cross the map entirely from west to east. The trusty old prop planes here zoom along at about 300km/h. 🙂

    Regarding other military installations:
    Mariental-Horst was in fact an Airfield, but only in WW2 and afterwards disbanded early on. The remaining military structures there were then converted into public housing.

    There is a small installation south of Volkmarsdorf that was occupied by the mobile early warning system of the Luftwaffe, and a listening post at Bahrdorf that was at the time operated by the French.

    Further, the Bundeswehr was prohibited from approaching the border any closer than 5km. (Some sources claim 3km, but my source who served with the West German Bundesgrenzschutz said it was 5km). The closest combat unit to that area was stationed in Braunschweig at the time, some 30 kilometres West of Weferlingen.


    I hope this provides some context and insight into the route and decisions we took.

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  2. Heya, I've done a quick test:
    Firing KBA 25mm APDS-T at a sideways parked BMP-1 at 550m.

    It took 15 rounds (aimed at the center of the vehicle) to force the crew to eject. Shortly after the BMP-1 exploded from an internal fire in the ammo compartment, wrecking the entire vehicle.
    Same result after 11 rounds at 375m. A bit of randomness factors into this, so I'd have to up the sample size by an order of magnitude at least to have some average values to report. But in no cases did the BMP-1 fail to be destroyed after just a few rounds on target.

    Can you describe the situation and setup where you encountered a BMP-1 that survives 25mm hits? This would help us taking a closer look at what could possibly be happening.

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  3. 19-12-2019

    Global Mobilization v1.1.3844

    Content Changes

    Changed: Dispersion of G3 and variants increased to 0.0007994
    Changed: Dispersion of AK47 and variants increased to 0.0014992
    Changed: Dispersion of M16 and variants increased to 0.0010996
    Changed: Dispersion of AK74 and variants increased to 0.0010181
    Changed: Dispersion of SVD decreased to 0.0006429
    Changed: Dispersion of MG3 decreased to 0.0009599
    Changed: Dispersion of PKM decreased to 0.0010193
    Changed: Dispersion of RPK increased to 0.0013090
    Changed: Dispersion of RPK74 increased to 0.0008727
    Changed: Dispersion of MP2 increased to 0.0034907
    Changed: Dispersion of P1 decreased to 0.0066323
    Changed: Dispersion of PM decreased to 0.0064054
    Changed: Ai Dispersion multipliers added to all Handguns
    Changed: Removed indirectHit damage from 23mm API ammo
    Changed: Reverted church tower change, re-added roadway. This will block grenades, but allows you to climb the ladder again

    Content Fixes
    Fixed: PNMK gunner when turned out sees special periscope lod of Commander
    Fixed: Missing texture Popups upon placement of some ammoboxes
    Fixed: PL MG/AT/ATGM group have wrong side configured
    Fixed: SKOT/OT64 Crew unkillable
    Fixed: 76mm Shells no longer overpenetrate
    Fixed: PL Army Cap no longer provides armor protection

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  4. The GM 1.1 Update is now released!
    Find the full change log here.

    We have also prepared a dedicated game server where a GM specific CTI (Capture The Island) mission runs 24/7. It's a quick and easy way to get into some MP action with GM assets, and your progress and gear is saved between sessions until the mission is completed.

    Global Mobilization Public Server
    No password

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  5. Indeed, our research indicated that the PSO-1 is only compatible with the SVD mount. Accordingly it is in GM not possible for it to be mounted on the AKMN/KM-72. We did introduce the ZFK-4x25, which is made for the AK-74N.

    Regarding the RPK: It was very easy for us to provide an RPK with a wooden furniture, so we did. You will notice that in the Polish squad templates (Groups) that none of them come equipped with a RPK to correctly represent their equipment of the time.

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  6. 29-11-2019


    Global Mobilization v1.1.3738


    New Content:

    Added: KPz1A1 (Only Olive, Winter, Mud variants)
    Added: KPz1A5
    Added: M113A1DK APC
    Added: M113A1DK Command
    Added: M113A1DK Engineering
    Added: M113A1DK Medic
    Added: M113A2DK PNMK
    Added: PT76B Light Tank
    Added: SKOT-2A/OT-64A APC
    Added: T55
    Added: T55A with Dshk Heavy Machinegun
    Added: T55AM2
    Added: T55AM2B
    Added: DK Army Infantry '90
    Added: DK M/00 fragmentation vest and variants
    Added: DK M/96 helmet and variants
    Added: Poland as new faction
    Added: PL Army Infantry '80
    Added: PL Army Backpack "Kostka"
    Added: PL Army Field Cap wz. 0433
    Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652
    Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652 (Rolled)
    Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652 (Autumn)
    Added: PL Army Field Suit wz. 4652 (Winter)
    Added: PL Army Helmet wz. 67 and variants
    Added: PL Army Vests and variants
    Added: C7A1 Assault Rifle
    Added: GV M/95 Assault Rifle
    Added: M16A1 Assault Rifle
    Added: M16A2 Assault Rifle
    Added: SVD Designated Marksman Rifle
    Added: C79A1 scope
    Added: PSO-1 scope
    Added: ZFK 4x25 scope

    New Variants:

    Added: Wooden furniture texture for RPG7
    Added: Wooden furniture texture for RPK
    Added: AKM Assault Rifle
    Added: AKMN Assault Rifle
    Added: PL P2A1 flare gun clone (wz. 78)
    Added: 6x3 Bayonet (Cosmetic Muzzle Attachment)
    Added: DK Army display-name variants for G3A3, G3A4, MG3 ("GV M/75", "GV M/75 Carbine", "LMG M/62")
    Added: 21 unique camo faces
    Added: New music track "GM: Instigators"
    Added: Beacon system for vehicles
    Added: DK Army tactical signs
    Added: DK Army textures for 2t truck (They had exactly one: 98.130)
    Added: DK Army textures for all DK Vehicles (Desert, Tan)
    Added: DK Army textures for recon KPz1 camo pattern (Black)
    Added: DK Army textures for Type 1200 (Only Olive, Winter)
    Added: GE Army textures for Type 1200 (Only Olive, Winter, Mud)
    Added: PL Army license plate template
    Added: PL Army specific display-names for T55A, T55AK (T55L, T55LK)
    Added: PL Army textures for BRDM2 (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)
    Added: PL Army textures for BWP-1 (BMP-1SP2) (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)
    Added: PL Army textures for T55, T55A, T55AK (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)
    Added: PL Army textures for Ural 375d variants (Olive, Winter, Mud)
    Added: PL Army textures for Ural 4320 variants (Olive, Winter, Mud)
    Added: PL Army textures for ZSU-23-4V1 (Olive, Winter, Mud, Invasion)

    Content Changes:

    Changed: Adjusted fence type #10 to allow vaulting over when partially destroyed
    Changed: Default fog base and decay values for Weferlingen
    Changed: Antenna Mast animation is now toggleable in the customization screen for the BTR-60PU12
    Changed: Antenna Mast animation is now toggleable in the customization screen for the M113A1G Command
    Changed: Antenna Mast animation is now toggleable in the customization screen for the TPz1A0 Command
    Changed: BMP-1 texture update
    Changed: BPz2 texture update
    Changed: BRDM2 texture update
    Changed: BTR-60 texture update
    Changed: FlakPz1  texture update
    Changed: Lkw 0.5t texture update
    Changed: KAT1 texture update
    Changed: KPz1 texture update
    Changed: M113 texture update
    Changed: TPz1 texture update
    Changed: Typ1200 texture update
    Changed: U1300L texture update
    Changed: Ural357d texture update
    Changed: Ural4320 texture update
    Changed: ZSU-23-4 texture update
    Changed: Darkening bullet casing textures
    Changed: MPiKM-72 texture update
    Changed: Removed shininess of LATGM launcher and tube
    Changed: Data optimization to reduce build size
    Changed: Weapon direction memorypoint to follow Arma3 naming, for compatibility with community made weapon attachments
    Changed: MBT Damage system balancing
    Changed: Reworked group classifications to distinguish between '80 and '90
    Changed: Former T55A adjusted to resemble early Czechoslovak T55, New T-55A model to resemble late Czechoslovak T-55A added, see Added section
    Changed: Reduced general range and force of explosive damage for all HE and HEI ammunition

    Content Fixes:

    Fixed: 23mm 2A7 sounds
    Fixed: 35mm L90 sounds
    Fixed: AI firing modes for scoped G3
    Fixed: AI View from BT-11 tower
    Fixed: Church tower ladder opening no longer blocks grenades
    Fixed: Clock on West German GL trucks being mirrored
    Fixed: Default ammo in LP1 changed to eastern ammo
    Fixed: Duplicate cap in inventory for DDR Borderguards
    Fixed: Flipped fuel indicator on Typ1200 car
    Fixed: Inverted right antenna mount on FlkPz1
    Fixed: Loadout in backpack for East German PKM assistant
    Fixed: Locality issue with West German vehicle smoke screen
    Fixed: Missing bounding box memorypoints for ACEI and ACEII containers, now supports Vehicle in Vehicle (as cargo)
    Fixed: Missing insignias in second lod of Type 1200
    Fixed: Odometer counting the wrong way on TPz1
    Fixed: Odometer not working on M113
    Fixed: Outro "Tagesblick" Audio is now in German for German users
    Fixed: Removed extra Gasmask from East German Borderguard, Police and Dress Uniform Officer
    Fixed: Shadow artifact on BT-6
    Fixed: Spelling error on M113A1G Dashboard
    Fixed: Spelling error on MG3 Ammobox "Leutsput" to Leuchtspur
    Fixed: Wrong rotation of squad.xml symbol on GE Tank Crew uniform.
    Fixed: Wrong winter destruct variant in config for Office 1
    Fixed: rpt error regarding gm_sound_spatial_Rain_vehicle_02, *_03 and *_04.
    Fixed: Various loadorder issues

    Campaign Fixes

    Fixed: Campaign "First Impressions Matter" : Adjusted Enemy AI placement
    Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" : End trigger logic changed to sustain through long playtimes
    Fixed: Campaign "Tit for Tat" : Gate changed to let AI deal with it

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  7. Heya, thanks for the feedback:

    1. Can you be more precise? The uniforms do carry rank patches on the shoulders for all combat suits.
    2. That could be a very easy fix.
    3. There are versions of the M56 with and without net in the arsenal available. There is no gameplay feature that lets you change this other than changing helmets entirely.
    4. Deliberately done since the snorkel would deform very badly during any sort of character movement, especially when prone.
    5. We're saving the Chemical Suits for a future update to both sides of the Bloc.
    6. There is a Seitengewehr attached to the belt. Maybe you mean something more specific here?
    7. Thats again a deliberate choice. We'd rather have the backpacks available than not. You can, as player, of course leave the backpacks back in the vehicles before disembarking, or equip the AI accordingly.
    8. Yes? Whats the issue to be precise? No default units from GM are issued with the Drum Mag other than the RPK Gunner.

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  8. Heya Formtapez!

    Once the AWOL is triggered, this ends the campaign.
    I think the problem lies somewhere else: In order to redo the mission, you'll have to use the "Revert" button to set the Campaign's progress back to before that mission. Currently it thinks that mission was completed with the AWOL ending, and thus terminates fully. The "Replay" button simply replays the mission without changing the outcome of the campaign's next step.


    So I suspect you're attempting to fix the outcome of the campaign by using the Replay button. Try using the Revert button instead.

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  9. 06-06-2019


    Global Mobilization v1.3151


    Content Fixes

    • Added: 100m grid to 2D map of Weferlingen.
    • Added: Adding animation for doors on 2t medical truck
    • Added: Door step animation for door on 2t medical truck
    • Added: East German Medic unit.
    • Added: Empty License Plate preset
    • Added: Zeus Game Mode East and West, summer and winter.
    • Added: Civilian variants of 2t truck
    • Added: Version number now visible in main menu (GM icon tooltip)
    • Changed: Adding tracer ammunition to PKT on all east german vehicles
    • Changed: Penetration values of all hand weapon ammunition adjusted
    • Changed: Removing top 2 stretchers on the Medical Ural 375D
    • Changed: 30 round magazines for 105mm L7 tobe used in campaign
    • Changed: 762 ammo update part 1
    • Changed: Added gloves to danish winter uniform.
    • Changed: Adding Vehicle in Vehicle capabilities for 10t mil gl truck
    • Changed: Adjusting civilian 2t truck tires
    • Changed: Adjusting FFV limits for cargo positions on M113
    • Changed: Adjusting Pzf84 Illum trigger time
    • Changed: Adjusting viewlimits of BMP1 commander's turret
    • Changed: AI-Assist in tank missions
    • Changed: Attribute option to select License Plate type
    • Changed: Border Fence Gate's resistance to vehicles
    • Changed: Border Gates are now unlocked by default. (setVariable ["locked",True] to lock gate again)
    • Changed: Concussion Grenade and Fragmentation Grenade to behave different
    • Changed: DF7X40 and FeroD16 sizes.
    • Changed: Doubled Air Raid Siren audible distance.
    • Changed: Enemy distribution in "All Cats Are Grey by Night"
    • Changed: Increased structural integrity of border fences.
    • Changed: Increasing accuracy of P1 and PM (just a bit)
    • Changed: Increasing MP2 rate of fire (just a bit)
    • Changed: Lowered M35/53 Helmet's position on head.
    • Changed: Missile Safari Coop mission - Some enemy AI paths redesigned.
    • Changed: Moved eye memorypoint of P1 and PM further back
    • Changed: Reducing Armor of TPz1
    • Changed: Reducing IndirectHit and indirectHitRange of the PKM API round
    • Changed: Reducing IndirectHit damage and IndirectHitRange of HEAT rounds
    • Changed: Reducing Supply range of support vehicles
    • Changed: Reducing T55 rotation and elevation speed
    • Changed: Removing Digital GPS and Crew Manifest (right and left display) from driver and all turrets
    • Changed: Removing UN from T55 UN turret texture
    • Changed: Rifle ammunition adjusted to better represent reality
    • Changed: Setting KPz1 XSW Spotlight doors to open by default instead of closed
    • Changed: Storing Turreted weapons now also works when player is under AI command
    • Changed: Structural integrity of structures and small objects increased by 160%.
    • Changed: TvT missions's respawn at MHQ
    • Changed: Uniform-Updates are now fully local, no longer needlessly global.
    • Fixed: Floating branch on Summer picea 03
    • Fixed: Explosives and mines no longer have a muzzle to be switched into
    • Fixed: Mirrored mirror on type 1200
    • Fixed: Adding exhaust effect to second exhaust pipe of Type 1200
    • Fixed: Adding medical capabilities to ACEI and ACEII containers
    • Fixed: Adding missing placeable objects for Binoculars
    • Fixed: Adding missing Repair ability to BPz2
    • Fixed: Adding showWindow = 0; to all Take and Store weapon useractions
    • Fixed: Advanced Turret Eden editor turret double occupation issue
    • Fixed: Ai Driving component
    • Fixed: Bad PhysX Geometry Lod on railroad objects.
    • Fixed: BMP1 commanders hands not following the optics when rotating
    • Fixed: BMP1 gunner and commander get in animation issue
    • Fixed: BMP1 Maljutka disappearing when gunner is turned out
    • Fixed: BMP1 rear left foor opening the wrong way
    • Fixed: Boardwall animations not working in lower lods on 2t truck
    • Fixed: Boardwall animations not working in lower lods on 5t trucks and 10t truck
    • Fixed: Borderfence when destroyed removes SM70 along with it.
    • Fixed: BPz2 Commander Hands not following MG3 movements
    • Fixed: BPz2 commander proxy position is too low
    • Fixed: Branches and Tree Stump clutter objects now render correctly in foggy weather
    • Fixed: Bridges had wrong Z-Bias.
    • Fixed: Broken Nation Insignia in lower lods of BRDM2UM
    • Fixed: BT11 and BT6 rooftop collision issues.
    • Fixed: Bumpy bicycle ride (Thanks Lexx!)
    • Fixed: Cargo animation issue for 3rd passenger on Post p601
    • Fixed: Church Door Opening wrong way
    • Fixed: Commander RTT view not following the rotation on BMP1
    • Fixed: Damper compression on type 1200
    • Fixed: DDR Crew was unable to throw grenades or place mines.
    • Fixed: DK infantry groups factionclass
    • Fixed: Dozer blade named selections in lower lods and shadowlod
    • Fixed: Driving behaviour of zsu234 to avoid locking up of tracks
    • Fixed: Engine getting turned on when loader turret is moving
    • Fixed: FlakPz1 Groups faction class fixed
    • Fixed: Floating wooden boards in lower lods on Ural Transport and Ural Ammo Truck
    • Fixed: Friendly AI "All Cats Are Grey by Night" not reacting to commands.
    • Fixed: Grenades bounced off an invisible window glass on gm_euro_office_01 and _win
    • Fixed: Hatch closing logic ignoring if the cargo seats
    • Fixed: Indirect hit calculation
    • Fixed: InitSpeed for MP2A1 magazines is configured too high
    • Fixed: Issues with some weapons having laser range finders enabled
    • Fixed: K125 Speedometer needle animation
    • Fixed: Launcher + Binocular in IWP had wrong IK mode enabled.
    • Fixed: M113 cargo would not seat back down correctly.
    • Fixed: M113 Command Antenna Mast not animating
    • Fixed: M35 Helmet Netting always visible on last lod.
    • Fixed: Mass of PKM
    • Fixed: MG3 belt not being present in 1st person view on KPz 1a1a1
    • Fixed: Minor terrain object placement adjustments.
    • Fixed: Misaligned Geo Lod for big steel frame mining tower.
    • Fixed: Missing author for GC insignia.
    • Fixed: Missing Author for GE voices.
    • Fixed: Missing shadow lod for optics holder on Pzf44
    • Fixed: Missing smokeshell effect classname
    • Fixed: Misplaced exhaust smoke effect on the p601
    • Fixed: Misplaced particle effects on BPZ2 front machine gun
    • Fixed: Badly positioned P1 pistol
    • Fixed: Mixed up animation names in the customization dialog on the KPz1a1a1 and 1a1a2
    • Fixed: P1 and PM having cartridge ejection on the wrong side
    • Fixed: Practice grenade no longer behaves like a normal grenade
    • Fixed: Propellers on TPz not rotating to the back when in swimming
    • Fixed: Rifle animation for when magazine is shot empty
    • Fixed: Script error when undo button is used after replacing a gm vehicle with another gm vehicle
    • Fixed: Second fuel pump indicator on the 5t fuel truck not having its indicator
    • Fixed: Skeleton mismatch for winter DEST building. Thanks Dahlgren.
    • Fixed: Smoother reload anims for MP2 and G3 when running.
    • Fixed: Some bridges no longer slow down bikes.
    • Fixed: T55 commander clipping through hull when turret is at 10
    • Fixed: Terrain issues with bridges
    • Fixed: Terrain issues with rails
    • Fixed: Terrain issues with rivers
    • Fixed: Texture of 5t refuel truck fuel tank
    • Fixed: Texture underside of FlkPz1 turret hatch
    • Fixed: Towing hooks not being in ramp named selection on m113 versions
    • Fixed: Turret Switching system no longer working after respawn
    • Fixed: Unit remains prone when exiting LATGM and Fagot launchers
    • Fixed: Weapon mass macro producing proper results
    • Fixed: West German Field Cap had minor head-clipping.
    • Fixed: Weird glass issues with East German grocery shop.
    • Fixed: Winter church using wrong replace-damage model.
    • Fixed: Winter Highway Bridges used non-winter textures.
    • Fixed: Wrong flag for German voice in virtual arsenal.
    • Fixed: Wrong getin/getOut position for TPz1
    • Fixed: Wrong isEmpty animation on PM pistol
    • Fixed: Wrong number of doors displayed in 3Den for office_01.
    • Fixed: Wrong proxy indexes for cargo position in fireGeometry and wreck lod for 2t truck
    • Fixed: Wrong smoke effect direction on all mounted MG3
    • Fixed: Wrong speed indicator indication of URAL 375D
    • Fixed: Wrong speed indicator indication of URAL 4320
    • Fixed: Wrong user action in stables building


    Campaign Fixes

    • Fixed: Campaign "Never Say Never" : Return-To-Group Warning disabled for cutscene
    • Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" - Added more equipment to military bases
    • Fixed: Campaign "Republikflucht" - Carrying over persistent bridge damage
    • Fixed: Campaign - No more Frozen AI units in Papenrode
    • Fixed: Campaign - Player no longer has duplicate compass and watch
    • Fixed: Campaign mission "All Cats" - Enemy Movement patterns
    • Fixed: Campaign mission "All Cats" - Second Infantry Platoon no longer required to end mission
    • Fixed: Campaign mission "First Impressions" - Black Screen bug after loading autosave.
    • Fixed: Campaign mission "First Impressions" - Reworked M113 behaviour entirely. May that driver someday pass his driving test...
    • Fixed: Campaign mission "No Smoke" - Extra Autosave at beginning.
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