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  1. matt714

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I'm not that aware of the situation, except the paid sub thing. Getting back into Arma 1 / series after a decade or so. [EDIT] And he's actually asking for money. 😕
  2. matt714

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Wow they actually pulled the plug but didn't archive the stuff??
  3. matt714

    OFP Addon request thread

    Anyone got a working link for this: http://arma-cwa.ru/2008-georgien-konflikt-mod.html ? The downloaded archive is corrupted.
  4. Hi, Back from a long term hibernation. OFP Gamepark seems to have stopped posting news about new mods, is there a way to find the ones that have been released since without having to dig into all the updated threads in here? (some are tech support relevant, than about patches and updates - or necro posting)
  5. I haven't played any BI games in a while, I'd say a few years. However, back in the days, I was a huge OFP fan, mostly due to its heavy modding community. You could literally play with any military vehicle that was ever designed, due to the abundance of addons. Even today stuff is still being released. How does AA2 or even the original AA fare when compared to OFP? From what I've seen, from a quick glimpse of modding sites, is that there is not a lot of content. (BI now releasing games in a rather quick succession probably does not help) Have many people ditched OFP for AA 2, or it's mostly a new community? I know the game is prettier, but wise how is it, comparatively? Sorry if it's the wrong section, did know where to ask.
  6. matt714

    Vilaspack download locations

    I will upload the file on Filefront for a second time as soon as possible. The file is currently available on Rapidshare at the following download URL: http://rs100.rapidshare.com/files/46507394/vilaspack2.rar
  7. matt714

    Aurora & cold war 2

    Eight Russian Tupolev Tu-95 bombers were flying in Artic airspace today before they were intercepted by Norwegian and British fighters. I fail to understand why these were not shot down. Russia has no allies except a few ex-Warsaw Pact Bananakistan republics, and cannot support a war against the West because of an half-arsed economical infrastructure. Basically we either starve them to submission, give a Stalingrad-esque touche to a few major cities, and wait for them to sue for peace. ICBMs wouldn't be a bad idea either, considering it would justify all the taxpayers' hard earned money with awesome FX special effects. Chenyan terro.... freedom fighters might be of help too. Get an Ayatollah to "Derka Derka Jihad" the Russian government and there would be optimistically a few hundred thousands of Mujahiddens joining in the following weeks.
  8. matt714

    ArmA2 Discount

    I'm hoping the community will save Armed Assault... but since the release of the sequel is not really that far, I seriously doubt it will reach the state of the OFP.
  9. matt714

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Because obviously all European countries are humanistic in nature and don't have any economical interests. Out of the six biggest worldwide petroleum corporations, three are European. AFAIK military intervention has never resulted in cheaper fuel prices. The cost-efficiency ratio of a pen and paper is more advantageous.
  10. matt714


    Filefront mirror.
  11. matt714

    COD like combat in Arma 2

    Nor is Armed Assault. The latter is highly more realistic though. I'm assuming that new players can't get used to having to run for a few minutes before having to shoot anything because they come from games similar to Battlefield 2.
  12. matt714

    Low Performance, where am I going wrong?

    3000 view distance is quite asking a little (see a lot) too much. Have you been using DXDLL ? I've had major performance issues with it. With an AMD64 3500+, 1gb DDR400, and G6800GT PCI-E [EDIT] Didn't see the dates... damn.
  13. matt714

    Another "FRIENDLY" fire incident

    Did Switzerland wage war against Germany because Luftwaffe aircraft would involuntary randomly cross the border ? Syria has been at war with Israel since 1973, South Korea and North Korea since 1953, Iraq and Israel since 1959... declarations of war are formalities. Ok, a highly sensationalistic image showing five physically unharmed at first sight crying kiddies (who were on a BATTLEFIELD) makes the U.S armed forces responsible for 100% of Vietnamese civilian deaths ? You are aware that that the Tet offensive massacres perpetrated by the NVA claimed around 5,800 (of which we have documentation) non-combattants and prisoners of war ? http://www.olive-drab.com/od_history_vietnam_atrocities.php http://www.rfa.org/english/news/2006/06/08/vietnam_landreform/ http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/SOD.CHAP6.HTM The Iraqi situation is a shithole because of Democrats, and sunday jihadists which are the main cause of Iraqi civilian deaths.Dems (antonym of neocons it seems - I miss intelligent leftists such as John Steinbeck, George Orwell, etc) cannot grasp the following concept and instead vote to withdraw more and more troops. Attaboy.
  14. matt714

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    What I'm thinking: A sovereign and independant nation of Mabool (Meaning Flood /Deluge in Hebrew and continuing the biblical names of the original OFP islands - Abel, Eden, Cain, Noe (Noah) - Also would be a reference to OFP2's Lifeless, Israeli prog death/doom metallers ) is invaded by either China/Russia.China/Russia feels threatened, sends in the armed forces. Shit happens. Exiled president of the free country requests assistance at the United Nations, two hundred pages of bureaucratic formalities later the U.S decides to send in an expeditionary force. France surrenders to Germany for some reason. Victor Troska Jr. asks his father's old mate (Gatovski) to help him infiltrate undercover the aforementioned island in a civilian aircraft (Cessna obviously) to settle a score with a Russian officer previously under Guba that was cleared of all charges for the execution of his mother (Liz), other Novogan civilians, and SUPPOSEDLY responsible (Trotska Sr. was nearly as strong than Chuck Norris - would Chuck Norris die after being shot at by T-80s ? No.) for the death of his father. U.S forces under General David Armstrong land on the island. First missions consists of the player in the squad of Sergeant Robert Hammer (was demoted and sent to infantry after inadvertly crushing with his tank a general's dog in Desert Storm) being inserted by Blackhawk (checking in over the radio by pilot a la Black Hawk Down reveals that his name is Sam Nichols) on the island. Lots, lots, lots of Ruskie and Chinese commies die. After accomplishing one of his main objectives against Chinese installations, Dmitri Lukin's Spetsnaz squad is ordered to conduct another operation but this time against civilians of which he does not concur with [insert moral though bandwagon b-s here]. You know how it ends. Last mission involves everyone in a limousine (Luckin, Nichols, Jesus, Armstrong, Trostka Jr, Elvis, Trostka Sr, Hammer, Player, Guba's mum, Gatovski, Angelina's ghost, Marek Spanel's illegitimate siamese twin sisters, Benedict XVI, and 36 illegal Mexican immigrants) heading to the pub. However they all die en route in a car crash (Hammer was the one driving). OK maybe some things could be left out, but the remaining cheese would correlate with OFP's previous campaigns.