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  1. I just check E3 insider, trying to find new Arma 3 info, but isntead I found this: http://www.e3insider.com/exhibitor/view/96/arma-2-firing-range/28792/ :D
  2. Mafia101

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    This! While it should be faction vs faction PvP, reality is that everyone shoots every one. It is one of those type of modes where shoot first ask questions later. I never like Free-for-all type of DM. Since it is anyway not serious game mode, they should implement some teammate indicators, which helps bit for team play. ATM, wasteland is nothing more that mindless PvP for better loot with some DayZ features like water and food which seems stupid to me. Only good TvT (team versus team pvp) mode so far seems Blitzkrieg, which is really fun and people there usually do not shoot mindlessly. Territorial control type of game modes are always fun and needs more those. Also CTI type of modes are one of my favorites and can't wait when Benny releases first Arma 3 CTI map :)
  3. Well actually as far as I know ArmA games are never cracked properly because of little system called FADE which will starts to degrade your game if it finds out that you are not using legal copy. I've seen funny videos where people randomly turns birds, got blurry vision, shot with tank 500m other side where they actually wanted to shoot, AI ignore obstacles like buildings, annoying messages etc. So you can't say ArmA games were easily crackable. FADE annoys pirates since 2001 and I was surprised that there is no FADE in alpha. Well I guess BIS will making it to next level for final game ;)
  4. Mafia101

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    Definitely! Doesn't have to be real time fancy stuff, even 3D only for placement is huge help :)
  5. Mafia101

    Arma 3 Performance vs. Arma 2

    Well, I would not see huge performance hit in Arma 3 Alpha and that's simply because we have relatively small map Stratis which is bit comparable to Utes (not really, but still). Utes runs at least 2x better than Chernarussia in Arma 2. So if Chernarussia runs more or less fine then I guess Arma 3 Alpha with Stratis aswell. BUT there is totally different story if we get our hands on Lem... Altis, which is Huge map, high quality terrain, huge urban areas... that's the point where real performance hit will come. Just my guess :) Seems we having A3 vs BF3 stuff too. Oh man, back in a day when there was OFP vs BF2, yeah :)
  6. Mafia101

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    LOL so someone/they just changed website. Before there was like "Altis Geo Inc coming soon". Yeah, trolling or definitely "not releated" to BIS/ARG :) This seems to be MD5 Hash?
  7. Mafia101

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    From reddit : http://www.altisgeoinc.com/ what the hell is this :)
  8. Mafia101

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    Gametrailers video is up! http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/oymbet/arma-iii-gc-2012--tech-demo-walkthrough--cam- Damn those Apache rockets look amazing :O
  9. Mafia101

    Operation E3

    These are new? :D fFJ5b1zn2IY ftbd2D5UsuU
  10. Mafia101

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Amazing! BTW, does i am only one who thinks that new Death / Game Over scene looks best since OFP? :D
  11. They will respawn if you leave that system (island).
  12. Agreed, something needs to be done with that enemy carrier. I actually managed to take one industry enemy island in one time, but I lowered enemy difficulty bit, so maybe it was dumb enough not to throw its carrier near me so quickly. At the moment I think problem is that, enemy trying rush you, its like command rush tactic in 'supream commander 2', where you get your commander unit upgrades fast and then kill everything. I think enemy should need to keep it carrier far away from player carrier until it have good upgrades, and strength etc. It's like other strategy games where you should protect your command structure/unit at any cost not to throw it front line first possible moment. And I think enemy should "spawn" other side of the island, not the same spot...
  13. I think we need auto turrets, because if enemy attacks, it uses all it turrets but when you drive your carrier, none of your turrets attacks and when you control 1 turret then others do nothing, I think it needs to be changed bit...
  14. Mafia101

    Actionmenu too cluttered

    Agree, for weapon and armor customization I'd like to see something similar like they have in concept art... Cool UI like other games have for customization, like when you change something you actually see on preview how it looks etc. Also items you can choose should have some sort of icons so people can see actually what they put there. And so on :D
  15. Mafia101

    BIS at the GC: Very kind!

    We need more info! Thanks to TotalBiscuit showing Arma3 video preview from GC but I'm hunger for more :D I wonder do we see more videos, maybe from gametrailers or maybe Arma3 GC trailer :O And whats up those community previews, i've heard armaholic sent their guys there etc. Need moar! :D
  16. Mafia101

    Graphics Card Question

    Seems kind a BS :j: I've read pretty much articles and I haven't found nothing about it. As I said I did good research for 560Ti and I found that Best card to get is MSI GTX560Ti HAWK edition. Because It have Twin Force III fan and decent factory OC which is near as like stock GTX 570. Also MSI have decent warranty, 3 years maybe? But If you don't like it and It is bit more expensive than other 560Ti versions... Next on the list is ASUS 560Ti DCII TOP or MSI 560Ti Twin Force II OC - both cards are more clockable but ASUS have better factory settings :-P Unfortunately as I said before, that I would get 2Gb version... It's kind a complicated... Only PALIT have one, kind a same price as HAWK but I'm not very keen on PALIT brand :S But still I don't keen on GTX570. Stock 570 is not that good for a price because I can get kind a same result for cheaper OC cards but decent OC edition is very expensive and It does have kind a same power like 580 stock but yeah. I'd rather getting SLI in the future if needed :-P
  17. Mafia101

    Graphics Card Question

    I'm getting GFX 560Ti it's decent card, pretty decent price, good physix :D I think, it's best bang for a buck for Arma3 :) Because GTX570 is way over kill. It's costs 100euros more than 560Ti and only gets 1 - 10 more FPS :D (depends on game). Maybe should get 2Gb version instead of 1 (costs something like 20 euros more) because... it will come handy for very high textures loading ;) But since you have decent ATi card then you can buy some cheap nvidia g8 series card for physix, using modified drivers and it works like that: ATi doing main job and nvidia calculates physix ;) Have fun :)
  18. Mafia101

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Whaat???!??! :eek: No BIS games previews, nothing on major sites with E3 coverage. Day 2 starts soon, fingers crossed! :)
  19. Mafia101

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Holly shite thos new 39 screens :eek::eek:
  20. Mafia101

    E3 - Arma 3?

    HOLY COW :eek::eek::eek:
  21. Mafia101

    When will we see a trailer ?

    My money goes ... not before E3 opens. They probably put this on their booth and maybe even GTTV before :)
  22. Mafia101

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Such a Tease! :butbut:
  23. Mafia101

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    HAHA I Knew it! :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1876405&postcount=17 My 6th sense FTW!!!!!! :D
  24. Mafia101

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Its a time counter, lets wait till it reach 2011 :D