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    Gun Porn! Drool

    A recent purchase of mine and a weapon that is famous in the OFP community. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a248/Autozam/RightSideStockExtended2.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a248/Autozam/LeftSideLongMag2.jpg
  2. Nice work Vilas, glad to see you're still pumping out mods.
  3. rescuedUnit is the name I gave the unit, correct?
  4. The problem is I have 3 different 5 man fireteams operating. If the group I name first dies than the mission will be unplayable. Can I set the trigger's on activation so that it also assigns a name to whatever group is present first then the captive joins that group?
  5. Hi, I'm working on a co-op mission where you have to rescue a captured friendly soldier but I'm not sure of how to go about adding him to a group. I can't add him to one specific group because if that group is dead at the time of rescue he wont go anywhere. Is there a way that on a triggers activation I can get it to check which group is nearest him and add him to that one, or add him to whichever group enters a trigger first?
  6. How do I call these scripts properly on a server? When I call it normally it spawns it for every client and causes massive stress on the dedi.
  7. A pretty common mission objective, and I had the scripting info saved somewhere but lost it in a reformat. I want a trigger to activate when a bridge has been completely destroyed, the bridge in question being the rail bridge at 131-081 near the Factory near Solnichny. Thanks.
  8. mechastalin

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    I still think it could use some more brown dirt/dust/mud on the vehicle from what I can see.
  9. mechastalin

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    Its hard to make out in the picture because of all the bloom, but it does look like the texture could use a bit more dirt etc, and when you say proper operation of the missile launcher, does this mean it acts like a proper joystick guided missile? Where you literally have to fly the thing in instead of wire guidance?
  10. mechastalin


    Glad to see VME is continuing work in ArmA 2, this was one of my favorite mods in OFP and was disappointed that we didn't get a release in ArmA 1.
  11. I'm not as mod happy as I was before, but I'm be willing to throw together some missions to ship with the pack once its ready.
  12. Hi, in my current mission I'd like to set it up so that if the current squad leader, whoever he may be in the squad, fires a flare into the sky, this will activate a trigger which a waiting chopper is synced to, and it when then move to the squad leaders position.
  13. mechastalin

    MechaStalin's Missions

    CO 18 Air Calvary A CO-OP mission played from the USMC side, objective is to secure one of four towns which is randomly selected, OPFOR is also randomly generated using CO-OP Essential Pack scripts. http://files.filefront.com/CO201820Air20CavalryChersrar/;13900971;/fileinfo.html
  14. mechastalin

    What exactly is this game?

    ArmA 2 is like a triple whopper, it seems like a good idea at the start, its amazing when you're hammered, but 10 minutes into the ordeal you realize what a horrible choice you've made.