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  1. McArcher

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    everything mentioned above, plus articulated vehicles physics simulation (PhysX will help), shovels and other ground digging devices:)
  2. McArcher


    Because I still support missions, that I have made, and will update them soon, when I have time. ;)
  3. McArcher


    TechnoTerrorist303, there were lots of problems, that made me delete the game. More than 10, at least. So, don't think that way you have written :) I can even enumerate them, but it's not the right place to do it here, i think ))
  4. McArcher


    I had same problem after some patch for Arma. Nobody could help and then I deleted my Arma :D Actually, game is very unrealistic, though they advertise it like a best game in the world. It is a cut-version from VBS, unfortunately.
  5. great. this patch fixes some old bugs, but many of them still exist and some features are missing... maybe we will be happy to see final 1.96 patch next year? :D
  6. McArcher

    Battle for Ovaron

    armedassault.info and armaholic.com mirrors added.
  7. McArcher

    Battle for Ovaron

    Well, I can cut ACE of course, but Vilas cannot be cut I think... Why don't you like Vilas addon? I mean.. Why you don't like Vilas addons? mistakes in english can make the meaning different :)
  8. McArcher

    Battle for Ovaron

    Muecke, Yes, I like CTI most of all gamestyles and try to make missions in this manner more or less. I know, you are a CTI fan too :) Do you mean making this mission without A.C.E., [R3F] A&L and no Vilas units (just Arma2:CO units) ? ---------- Post added at 20:15 ---------- Previous post was at 20:03 ---------- I think, I can cut ACE from mission and R3F artillery if you wish, but such things as R3F logistics and Vilas units are necessary things (this mission implies transportation of steel hedgehogs, weapon crates and other objects, and Vilas addons are needed for some vehicles which do not exist in bare Arma2 - at least UAZ 451 minivan).
  9. McArcher

    Battle for Ovaron

    Mission updated to version 1.1. Now artillery is working. Thanks to [R3F].
  10. Good news :) Thanks for 1.5 :) sorry for writing about a bug. it works now. my fault.
  11. and one more question, anyone knows how to disable new BIS's artillery computer interface which appeared after 1.54 patch? it makes aiming unrealistic. cool :)
  12. McArcher

    Battle for Ovaron

    Two mirrors added. Armaholic mirror added.
  13. Hello, Vilas! I have two questions. 1. Can I include your addons and re-distribute them with my mission or should I provide users with a link to this page? 2. Can you make russian vehicle UAZ 451/452 van with damagable wheels? They are not damaged after being hit. Thanks.
  14. Battle for Ovaron "Battle for Ovaron" is a non-AI (PvP) multiplayer mission for Arma 2. Gamestyle: PvP without respawn. Playable slots: 64 NATO, 64 Russia and 14 UN units, 142 total. More information in the documentation, which is included into archive. Current version: 1.1 Mission Download links: mirror 1 mirror 2 mirror 3 Links to required Vilas Addons: 1. http://www.armaholic.eu/vilas/vilas_st.7z (or #4 in the list from http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=85067) 2. http://www.armaholic.eu/vilas/vilas_m12.7z (or #5 in the list from http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=85067) Official web page of the mission: http://mcarcher.narod.ru/bfo.html Discussion forum: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=107675 Changelog v1.0 - Initial release with [R3F] script v1.4 v1.1 – [R3F] script for Artillery and Logistics updated to v1.5; – PDF brochure updated. Credits Mission: McArcher; Artillery and Logistics: [R3F] Artillery and Logistic; Battle for Ovaron Copyright © 2010 McArcher