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    Arma 3 on MAC OSX 10.10.5 wont start

    Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for the Mac port listed here - especially the GPU (opengl version available: 3.3 - required: 4.1).
  2. I think the problem is a file created at '/dev/shm/sem.Statistics config file mutex' when running multiple servers by different users the file gets created by the first server instance. server instances created by different users fail to access this file ( because of file permissions) and therefore fail to start.
  3. Master85

    PG Services (PMC)

    the bisign files included in the download are too small (only 294 bytes) and are probably v1 bisign files i.e. most likely you've used really old tools for signing
  4. Try to enter the object itself (and not its position) as destination for BIS_fnc_taskCreate. If I remember correctly BIS_fnc_taskCreate is using - depending on the type of the destination argument - setSimpleTaskTarget (object) or setSimpleTaskDestination (position) internally. i.e. [ player, _taskID, [ "Get in the MRAP", "Get in", "GET IN" ], B_MRAP_1, true ] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate;
  5. Master85

    No Entry '.model'

    You are missing a ; (semicolon) in the "displayName" line of quite a few classes (UFFA_Fighter4, ..., UFFA_Fighter13, UFFA_Leader1, UFFA_Leader2)
  6. Master85

    Spawned AI Refuse all commands?

    use createUnit instead of createVehicle to create ai units
  7. in the picture you've got gunF_end and gunF_beg but in the config: gunBeg = "gunF_start"; gunEnd = "gunF_end";
  8. switch (_unit) do { case unit1; case unit2: { // Code here }; case unit3; case unit4: { // Code here }; default { // Code here }; };
  9. Master85

    Displayname issue

    check the accuracy-value in your config https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#accuracy
  10. Master85

    Error in expression!

    _unitsArray has (count _unitsArray) elements but its last index is (count _unitsArray - 1) i.e. for "_c" from 0 to (count _unitsArray - 1) do ...
  11. Master85


    it's not yet available on the stable branch - only on the dev branch.
  12. Master85

    Server doesn't show

    @Bojingles: the arma 3 server you've posted isn't answering queries on its steamQueryPort 2303 - make sure that port is reachable from outside
  13. region isn't used by the steam browser anymore - so it's deprecated most likely https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sv_region
  14. when on a 64-bit linux make sure to compile it as 32-bit gets the shared library loaded by the server? (check with lsof, strace, ...)
  15. added to a display "MouseMoving" will return delta positions - i.e. the difference to the last position when added to a control it will return the position relative to the control - i.e. no delta positions so just add the eventhandler with ctrlAddEventHandler to the map control itself: openMap [true, false]; waitUntil {!(isNull (findDisplay 12))}; _index = ((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 51) ctrlAddEventHandler [ "MouseMoving", { _WorldCoord = (_this select 0) ctrlMapScreenToWorld [_this select 1,_this select 2]; _WorldCoord = round(_WorldCoord distance player); hintSilent str _WorldCoord; } ];
  16. happened to me when I accidentally started multiple servers on the same gameport (2302) - the 2nd one started automatically switched its gameport to 2314 use netstat -ab or a tool as TCPView (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897437.aspx) to check what's listening on local port 2302
  17. Are you sure that's the correct server - i.e. the one you've started? Its gameport is 2314 (not the 2302 as in your startup line) and its steamQueryPort is 10522.
  18. no, that's server side, with the server behind a NAT or firewall the inbounding udp traffic on the steamQueryPort has to be forwarded/allowed there can be problems on client side, too, but I think mostly the problem is that the servers aren't answering the clients' requests on the steamQueryPort
  19. the server in your steam api reply has 27016 as steamQueryPort (which is the default one if it wasn't changed in the server.cfg) and its gameport is 2314 - not the 2302 you've set in your batch-script so it looks like the server.cfg isn't loaded at all by your server and the "-port="-switch isn't recognized (or there was another server running on that port and the 2nd server automatically changed the gameport to 2314) if that's not a copy&paste error you're missing a whitespace between -port=2302" and -config=arma3server_Memphis.cfg"
  20. In Arma 2 OA I've divided the font size by (getResolution select 5) e.g. sizeEx = "0.2 / (getResolution select 5)"; to get a fixed font size (independent of the current UI scale). But I don't know whether it's still working in Arma 3.
  21. to show up on steam a server has to: 1. be known to the steam master server 2. answer requests by all the steam clients 1. to check whether your server is known to the steam master you can visit (replace EnterYourServerIpHere with the IP of your server) (instead of EnterYourServerIpHere you can use EnterYourServerIpHere:steamQueryPort to filter for a specific steamQueryPort on that IP) http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetServersAtAddress/v0001?addr=EnterYourServerIpHere you should get something like: { "response": { "success": true, "servers": [ { "addr": "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2301", "gmsindex": 65534, "appid": 107410, "gamedir": "Arma3", "region": -1, "secure": false, "lan": false, "gameport": 2302, "specport": 0 } ] } } with multiple servers on the same ip you should get multiple servers in the response 2. make sure that inbounding udp traffic on the steamQueryPort (default is 27016 - or the one you've definded in the server.cfg) can reach your server e.g. when sitting behind a NAT forward udp traffic on the steamQueryPort to your server when behind a firewall allow in/outbounding udp traffic on the steamQueryPort
  22. haven't tested it myself in arma 3, but my understanding so far: turret: gunEnd/gunBeg is used for defining the barrel of the weapon of a turret. memorypointgun([]) is for defining different source point(s) for e.g. coaxial mounted weapons they use the direction vector of gunBeg - > gunEnd but memorypointgun as source weapon: with shotFromTurret = 1 in the config of the weapon gunBeg gets used as source with shotFromTurret = 0 memorypointgun is the source
  23. to keep it centered: x + 0.5 * w == safezoneX + 0.5 * safezoneW y + 0.5 * h == safezoneY + 0.5 * safezoneH <=> x == safezoneX + 0.5 * safezoneW - 0.5 * w y == safezoneY + 0.5 * safezoneH - 0.5 * h e.g. for 30% width & height: x = safezoneX + 0.35 * safezoneW; y = safezoneY + 0.35 * safezoneH; w = safezoneW * 0.3; h = safezoneH * 0.3;
  24. it's working fine for me, I've tried a few different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10) just make sure that x + w == safezoneW + safezoneX then the control should stick to the right edge of the middle screen
  25. e.g. class RscDisplayCommon which inherits from class RscGUIEditor it has many different controls defined createDialog "RscDisplayCommon"; disableSerialization; _ctrl = (findDisplay 999) displayCtrl 1001; _ctrlb = (findDisplay 999) displayCtrl 1000; _button = (findDisplay 999) displayCtrl 1600; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition [0.4,0.4,0.2,0.2]; _ctrl ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,1,0,1]; _ctrl ctrlsetText "test"; _ctrlb ctrlSetPosition [0,0,1,1]; _ctrlb ctrlSetBackgroundColor [1,0,0,1]; _button ctrlSetPosition [0.1,0.8,0.2,0.1]; _button buttonSetAction "closeDialog 1600"; _button ctrlsetText "close"; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; _ctrlb ctrlCommit 0; _button ctrlCommit 0;