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  1. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    Ok, if i miss any addon i made to farmland project, someone might remember, here it goes: US NBC Units Civilian Units Trap Animal Pack Horror Pack: vampires Bat Addon I think there are a few more, but i can't remember. This last farmland release includes all the addons required for Farmland island i've made.
  2. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    I'll place screens as soon as i get some time. Not big download M8, just 14 Megas
  3. MiG

    High Detail Texture Project

    It looks very promising, but i can't find any download link
  4. MiG

    first user Island for ArmA

    You have Islands with lakes and swamps since old OFP
  5. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    Thank you! Farmland is one of the best ofp unofficial islands but i'm suspicious person to talk about it About the things you are asking i can speak only for myself cause i haven't talk with any Farmland mod member for months. All the stuff that was my responsability is available right now. Zombie 1 was improving our zombies and leading the campain with D@ve, ask them. Cheers
  6. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    What to you mean m8? You have a direct download link in my post! The download isn't available yet on Farmland web page.
  7. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    As i promised here is the final version of Farmland Island (version 2.0) and Mod folder with nice Gui. Just follow the instructions to install it, i do not like executable files If you prefer play with this island using ECP. It is fully compatible and all ECP features will be displayed. For that just need to replace the ECP Island Settings using the included file. Have fun! Farmland Island version 2.0
  8. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    Some news, finnally, sorry for my delay Farmland will release next week, the stuff i've promised a few months ago: -The final version of Farmland Island -Farmland Gui, Mod folder & required addons @Dave & @Trapper I do not know if Scott is planning new zombies for ArmA. I haven't been in touch with scott recently, either.
  9. MiG

    BushWars Mod

    You are right, i've said that after playing the demo mission. There are a few remaining bugs, already pointed i've noticed too (tracers, low sounds) and there are get in problems for player in alouette III but i believe this small bugs should be easy to fix.
  10. MiG

    BushWars Mod

    I know that Ebud has this idea long ago, almost since OFP beggining (for me, old times of Colonial Wars Mod). Go ahead, it is a great ideia. Just tested the choppers and units released so far and they are great, no bugs found
  11. MiG

    What New Features are in O2?

    and the textures can be renamed in O2
  12. MiG

    Operation Farmland Mod

    It will be released in a few days. Sorry for the delay, i've been playing with O2
  13. MiG

    Textures path problem

    More screenshots of the O2 config and O2 folder items. Hope it help you folks!
  14. MiG

    Textures path problem

    Probably the path to the texture folder is wrong. Check it on options menu. In my case, Paa and Pac textures were not displayed cause the DLL files were missing on O2 folder. Now everything is working, including Bulldozer.
  15. MiG

    Textures path problem

    Copy all DLL's from O2 light and not only Pal2Pac.dll...