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    MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor

    As that article mentions, you cant put side mounted guns on the Osprey like a normal chopper because of the danger of shooting the engines (or props). Â The only place you will ever see a gun mounted on the Osprey is on the rear ramp, like you currently see on CH-47's and CH-53's. Â They mention that at the bottom of the article but for some reason they say it is too expensive even for the Marine Corp's taste. Either way, I guarantee that when the Osprey starts seeing action, they are gonna want that gun on the rear ramp and crews will retrofit them if they have to. But I think whoever wrote that article doesnt know what they are talking about. Â The USMC has a notoriously low budget for new equipment compared to the other services, so I dont know why they would claim the Marine Corp has expensive tastes. Â Furthermore they say the MV-22 hasn't gotten much media attention. Â Well I hear news about it all the time.
  2. Mr ThunderMakeR

    RHS - FSB Special Forces v1.00

    I guess that means no Su-25?
  3. Mr ThunderMakeR

    RHS release 2

    Great chopper. One small bug: the vertical speed indicator in the cockpit isn't accurate. It is offset a good bit.
  4. Mr ThunderMakeR

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Question: how come it seems like everyone and their mother has a copy of Scar's hind besides me? I know it was released in FFUR but is RHS ever gonna actually release this thing standalone?
  5. Mr ThunderMakeR


    Any chance of this actually happening? I remember you had a lot of good USMC stuff in the pipeline before you joined up with Combat.
  6. Mr ThunderMakeR

    RKSL OFP to ArmA

    Did this thread ever get posted? Ive been wondering what ever happend to this plane. Its a shame that such a beautiful model never got to see the light of day. Sorry for changing the subject.
  7. Mr ThunderMakeR


    My courses: - Aerodynamics - Sensors and Controls - Numerical Methods for Engineers - Structural Mechanics Studying aerospace engineering with 2 years left, including this year, hopefully.
  8. Mr ThunderMakeR

    spinning tanks

    What is the name of the selection?
  9. Mr ThunderMakeR

    spinning tanks

    SEF Lavs have this problem also, still hasnt been fixed either.
  10. Mr ThunderMakeR

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    My script is based off of LSC's, same concept (that's really the only way to do it anyways). Awesome, that script actually makes shotguns worth using in this game. Â Cant wait for this next release. Heres the old M590 I was talking about: LSC's M590
  11. Mr ThunderMakeR

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Do the shotguns work like that old M590 shotgun addon that LSC released? I loved that addon, it used to a script that made it work a lot better than other shotgun addons.
  12. Mr ThunderMakeR


    Any chance you could implement this on a zodiac? Maybe ask Swedish Forces Mod to use theirs?
  13. Mr ThunderMakeR

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Since you are doing different versions of the m24, is there any possiblity you could do some versions of the USMC M40 sniper rifle? Not much different fromt he M24, just a slightly different stock and a different scope.
  14. Mr ThunderMakeR

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    My comp is ancient and I really dont have much of a problem with running OFP with 2-4 of these on a map. Well at least no more problem than I using any other modern addons. And Im not kidding about ancient, I bought it in 1999: 950Mhz processor with 384GB of ram and 64MB Geforce 4MX. If Im not having major problems with it I dont see how others can, I doubt many of you can possibly have a crappier computer than me. @Actionman, please dont post anymore, your posts hurt my brain.
  15. Mr ThunderMakeR

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    WARNING, WARNING, WARNING This thread is devolving into another stupid east vs west debate.
  16. Mr ThunderMakeR

    Brand Spanking New Interview!!!!

    Where does this interview talk about 'player switching'?
  17. Mr ThunderMakeR

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    Like others, I felt the Abrams was way too overpowered. So Ive been doing a lot of testing with this addon on desert island to try to determine what makes this so imcompatible with other addons. My conclusion: it really isnt that powerful after all. The M829A3 destroys pretty much everything I have with one hit. The best I can do against the Abrams is destroy it two hits with RHS T80UM1 and 2 hits with various ATGMs I tried. But it gets a lot worse with weaker rounds, such as the RHS T80B's, T62's and T55's. They pretty much bounce off it with no effect. The same happens with most RPG addons I tried, even the advanced ones. I think the problem here is with this addons survivability. Ultimately this is probably due to the game engine limitations and the way it simulates damage. The Abrams can take a lot of punishment, and Im sure it would take several rounds to completely destroy the most modern versions of it, in the same manner that we destroy tanks in OFP. The problem is that this addon cant be disabled by lesser punishment. With OFP its either black or white: you either hit it 4-5 times and completely destroy it, or you hit it 1-3 times and it trounces around the battlefield completely unphased. And getting in 4-5 hits with any weapon, without being hit once by the Abrams is nearly impossible in OFP. There needs to be some grey area in the damage here: where you hit the Abrams with an ATGM or a decent armor penetrating round, it isn't destroyed but its operational capability is severely hampered i.e. losing different components or just being completely disabled, without being destroyed. I understand that OFP's engine is limited in this respect, but maybe ways could be found to at least simulate some form of disabling the tank? A good example of this would be the way some helicopter addons simulates losing engines, or the tail rotor, or weapon systems. I dont think reverting the M829A3 to the previous version is the real solution to balancing the playability/realism for this addon. Maybe add the M829A2 as a weapon option that is a little bit weaker and would be better for playability? On a sidenote, the biggest problem with RHS T80's versus this is the detection ranges. The Abrams can detect a T80 at roughly 2000+ meters, while the T80, and most other addons I tried can only detect the Abrams at around 900m, which is more in line with the viewdistance I use. However for most other addons I tried, and even the BIS tanks, the Abrams could only detect them at around 1400m, leading me to belive the T80 might have too high of an IR signature. Still, the detection range of the Abrams seems like it might be a little to high compared to the viewdistances we use in OFP, even if it is realistic. It would be better for playability to reduce this some.
  18. Anyone have a working link to the final release of Satchel's sound mod? Or could anyone recommend any comparable sound mods that work with OFP 1.91? Thanks
  19. Mr ThunderMakeR

    Satchel's Dynamic Range Soundpack?

    Thanks Avonlady
  20. Mr ThunderMakeR

    Satchel's Dynamic Range Soundpack?

    I cant use ECP, my PC is old and cant really handle it. And I meant 1.96, sorry. Doesnt anyone use soundpacks anymore without using ECP?
  21. Mr ThunderMakeR

    Little bird sniper

    The OH-6 Cayuse in the old SEB Nam Pack had a machine gunner sitting on the side. Â However it works like any other crew served weapon on helicopters and ony his gun moves. Edit: It works the same as the MP5 gunner in the MH6 that you already have. However the gunner is sitting in the back with his legs dangling out the side instead of up front.
  22. Mr ThunderMakeR

    Chechnyan conflict mod?

    A long time ago someone release an extremely good Chechnya map that went fairly unnoticed. Â Im not sure how accurate it is though. Â The map never got finished though and most of it is blank land. Â However the part that is finished is incredible. Â It seems like the creator carefully placed every single thing and it gives the island an incredible atmosphere. Â Its still my favorite woodland map to play on. Â Maybe someone could finish this up or at least clear out all the blank space and use it as a basis for a Chechnya mod. Its the 8th island down in this list:Ofp.info Islands I just realised that Ofp.info hasn't updated all their links yet, and I dont know where else to get it from. Â I could send it to someone if you want.
  23. Mr ThunderMakeR

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    I got mine from FFuR2006 pack Is there anywhere else I can get it, where did it originally come from? My ancient pc cant run FFUR.
  24. Mr ThunderMakeR

    Typhoon Class

    Here a crazy scripting idea for working internals for the sub: 1. Have the normal crew positions i.e. driver, gunner, various cargo positions in the normal OFP setup inside the sub. 2. Make a second object representing only the internals, but in more detail, of the sub that is placed somewhere on the map where it will never be seen such as a far corner. This object will automatically be created and positioned when the sub is placed in the editor, sort of like Hawks Nimitz. 3. Use a scripting function to add an action to the action menu called "Leave Post" or something like that, that will setpos you from the normal crew positions inside the actual sub to the 2nd internals-only object. Now I dont know exactly what this would add to playability, but I guess you could at least walk around the inside of the 'sub'.
  25. Mr ThunderMakeR

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Where can I get that fighter pilot in Nightkiller[orcs]'s F16 pic?