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  1. Mr ThunderMakeR

    MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor

    As that article mentions, you cant put side mounted guns on the Osprey like a normal chopper because of the danger of shooting the engines (or props). Â The only place you will ever see a gun mounted on the Osprey is on the rear ramp, like you currently see on CH-47's and CH-53's. Â They mention that at the bottom of the article but for some reason they say it is too expensive even for the Marine Corp's taste. Either way, I guarantee that when the Osprey starts seeing action, they are gonna want that gun on the rear ramp and crews will retrofit them if they have to. But I think whoever wrote that article doesnt know what they are talking about. Â The USMC has a notoriously low budget for new equipment compared to the other services, so I dont know why they would claim the Marine Corp has expensive tastes. Â Furthermore they say the MV-22 hasn't gotten much media attention. Â Well I hear news about it all the time.
  2. Mr ThunderMakeR

    RHS - FSB Special Forces v1.00

    I guess that means no Su-25?
  3. Mr ThunderMakeR

    RHS release 2

    Great chopper. One small bug: the vertical speed indicator in the cockpit isn't accurate. It is offset a good bit.
  4. Mr ThunderMakeR

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    Question: how come it seems like everyone and their mother has a copy of Scar's hind besides me? I know it was released in FFUR but is RHS ever gonna actually release this thing standalone?
  5. Mr ThunderMakeR


    Any chance of this actually happening? I remember you had a lot of good USMC stuff in the pipeline before you joined up with Combat.
  6. Mr ThunderMakeR

    RKSL OFP to ArmA

    Did this thread ever get posted? Ive been wondering what ever happend to this plane. Its a shame that such a beautiful model never got to see the light of day. Sorry for changing the subject.
  7. Mr ThunderMakeR


    My courses: - Aerodynamics - Sensors and Controls - Numerical Methods for Engineers - Structural Mechanics Studying aerospace engineering with 2 years left, including this year, hopefully.
  8. Mr ThunderMakeR

    spinning tanks

    What is the name of the selection?
  9. Mr ThunderMakeR

    spinning tanks

    SEF Lavs have this problem also, still hasnt been fixed either.
  10. Mr ThunderMakeR

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    My script is based off of LSC's, same concept (that's really the only way to do it anyways). Awesome, that script actually makes shotguns worth using in this game. Â Cant wait for this next release. Heres the old M590 I was talking about: LSC's M590
  11. Mr ThunderMakeR

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Do the shotguns work like that old M590 shotgun addon that LSC released? I loved that addon, it used to a script that made it work a lot better than other shotgun addons.
  12. Mr ThunderMakeR


    Any chance you could implement this on a zodiac? Maybe ask Swedish Forces Mod to use theirs?
  13. Mr ThunderMakeR

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Since you are doing different versions of the m24, is there any possiblity you could do some versions of the USMC M40 sniper rifle? Not much different fromt he M24, just a slightly different stock and a different scope.
  14. Mr ThunderMakeR

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    My comp is ancient and I really dont have much of a problem with running OFP with 2-4 of these on a map. Well at least no more problem than I using any other modern addons. And Im not kidding about ancient, I bought it in 1999: 950Mhz processor with 384GB of ram and 64MB Geforce 4MX. If Im not having major problems with it I dont see how others can, I doubt many of you can possibly have a crappier computer than me. @Actionman, please dont post anymore, your posts hurt my brain.
  15. Mr ThunderMakeR

    M1A2 SEP 3.0

    WARNING, WARNING, WARNING This thread is devolving into another stupid east vs west debate.